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Opposition witch-hunt turns paradise into hell.

Salem Victoria Seychelles 

A true story of political revenge, social hysteria and abused justice by overzealous self proclaimed experts, accusers and bigots, in the name of truth and accountability.

Salem/Victoria, the persecution, condemnation, victimisation of dozens of innocent citizens is unfolding with the blessings of President Faure and the new cohabitation LDS.

The United Nations declares that racism is still igniting and fuelling violence and conflict throughout the world and that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance are among the root causes of internal conflict.

Seychelles is a party to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination :1969

Hate crimes and hate speeches are often rooted in xenophobia and all relevant actors should pay attention to the early signs of warnings including marginalisation and social exclusion.

During the last presidential and legislative elections the opposition LDS hav…

A dictator in the making

As the saying goes, charity begins at home. Someone who does not believe in justice within his own family, surely, cannot be relied upon to bring justice within a country. We all know about the case of Wavel Ramkalawan v/s his sister and half- brother, so there is no need to dwell on it any further…

But the point is that, this same man is today posing himself as the person most qualified to judge everyone else in the country on the alleged wrong doings committed in the past. This boils down to the fact that he is the “Chairman of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee” (FPAC) in the National Assembly.  What will Wavel do if he becomes President of the country one day? May the Lord never allow it to happen! Based on what we are seeing already, the man is a fierce dictator with an appetite for vengeance.

We are not saying that it is not important to correct mistakes of the past where there might have been, but it should not be treated as the only priority. What the country desperat…

An election with nothing to gain for Seychelles

A faction from the opposition in Seychelles is presently pressing for a fresh Presidential Election in the country. If it so happens that they succeed, then it will be the first election in which Seychelles stands to gain nothing out of it. It would be simply a waste of time and taxpayers money. Ironically those calling for the futile election are the same ones who keep saying that the government should stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Now they want to waste some of it themselves.

In the event that a fresh Presidential Election takes place anytime soon and a candidate from the ruling Parti Lepep wins, then we will remain in the same situation of co-habitation as we are in today. We will have a Parti Lepep government and the National Assembly will still be controlled by the opposition. Therefore the country would have gained nothing.

If an opposition candidate wins, then we would return back to the same old days when the ruling party controlled everything. It was a situation the opposit…

FPAC Chairman is now frustrated

The Honorable Leader of Opposition Father Wavel Ramkalawan is frustrated over the fact that Mrs. Lise Bastienne didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. Wavel had brought Mrs. Bastienne before the committee to answer questions on the financial scandal in regards to a contract between the Irish and State House, which Mrs. Bastienne had signed in her capacity as Secretary of State in the office of the President; surely on the instruction of the Head of State at the time. The contract we believe covered only the nature of the work that the Irish company would carry out for the Seychelles Government. The FPAC had a copy of that contract and they could have easily looked it up and found that what they were looking for was not in that contract and they would not have wasted valu-
able time questioning Mrs. Lise Bastienne. The exercise was very political in character to quench the thirst of those asking for blood in the LDS, it is not a healthy situation for a nation with reconciliation on the…

The Corrupt Politics of Outrage

Cohabitation is Cowardice and a Dereliction of Duty

Seychelles politics is currently at a complete impasse. Fake news has overwhelmed rational debate. Our national politics is divided between two parties neither of which are fulfilling its duty to the people.  Parti Lepep has two separate electoral mandates. The first is to govern based on their victory in the Presidential elections. The second is to provide opposition in the Assembly based on their defeat in the Assembly elections. They are failing in both. They have allowed the National Assembly to emasculate their will to govern and have failed abysmally to provide any credible opposition in the Assembly. The first duty of an Opposition is opposition. Cohabitation is simply cowardice, a dereliction of duty. Parti Lepep has abdicated its duty to provide effective government. Appeasement does not work and can never deliver “Peace in our Time”.

The second party was elected by a narrow majority to the legislature and seems to believe …

Stella Afif playing victim

Stella Afif is a devious woman on a mission to try and get her husband off the hook for his contribution in corruption for the many years – when he was a top civil servant in the SPPF Government. She made a post on Facebook this week to try and distance Ahmed Afif from the role he played in the FIU scandal. This newspaper has already printed documentation to show that Afif also participated and knew everything that went on, but had stayed silent for many years. Her post gives the impression that her husband had told her a lot; ‘Mon ti dir zot I annan ankor sok sa bann zafer koripsyon’.

Her frustration with this newspaper for exposing her and her husband is clear. We have also printed documentation to show that Stella and Ahmed contrary to government policy have acquired at least two plots of land from the State. The ACCS should take note of this situation to initiate an investigation in the matter as they did to former Minister Dolor Ernesta. We would like to remind Stella of the fac…

Honorable Father Wavel Ramkalawan getting away with murder

The Honorable Father is now a man of great power and most people are afraid of him; even institution like the Appeals Court of Seychelles is scared of the leader of opposition. Last year we wrote about an inheritance case that Wavel lost in the Supreme Court of Seychelles. The Judge had ordered him to pay his sister and brother their share of inheritance, which Wavel had denied them by transferring a house that was worth over 1.2 million rupees in his name for only 50,000 rupees. He had also not discharged his responsibility as Executor of the estate of their parents in a manner that was efficient and/or transparent.

The Honorable priest has appealed the matter – he is being represented by another cowboy; Attorney Bernard Georges. It is now a whole year and the Seychelles Court of Appeal has not seen it fit to pronounce a verdict on the matter in all that time. Legal observers are saying that the Judges of Appeal doesn’t want to cross the leader of opposition as they don’t want to bec…

Pillay and Mancienne in disaccord

We have published here an email from the leader of LDS, Mr. Roger Mancienne to Patrick Pillay. It is clear that there is great disagreement between the two – when it comes to the protest that Pat Pillay was involved in last week. The protest has now turned into one big farce and a pantomime, which have   left eggs on the face of Pat Pillay.

In a stroke Patrick Pillay has broken up the cohabitation and the LDS is also fragmented as a result. It is clear that Ahmed Afif has now abandoned Patrick Pillay and he has cross over to the SNP to try establishing himself as the running mate there. Nicholas Prera has already fallen out with Wavel Ramkalawan over several issues that they cannot reach a compromise. This move by Patrick Pillay exposes Mancienne’s weaknesses as the leader of LDS; no one is listening to him – like Vincent Meriton of Parti Lepep; they are both fake leaders of their respective political party. Roger Mancienne was clearly agitated by Patrick Pillay’s decision to go and …

Small island states are on the frontline of the Blue Economy challenge

Former Seychelles President James Alix Michel has called on island states of the Pacific Ocean to follow the Seychelles example and bring the Blue Economy to the centre of Government, work with neighbouring islands, adopt innovative financing mechanisms and marine spatial planning tools.

Mr. Michel delivered a keynote address at the 1st High-Level Pacific Blue Economy Conference (PBEC) under the theme ‘Sustainable Oceans in a Changing Climate’ organised by the Pacific Islands Development Forum in Suva Fiji on 23rd and 24th August 2017. The conference is being held in conjunction with the PIDF Biennial Conference.

“We look anxiously at the threat posed by rising sea levels, but we also see the enormous potential of what the sea can offer.  No human being is more respectful of the sea than islanders like us, no human being has a keener sense of what is needed.  The sea holds the key to our future and, as such, island societies are flag-bearers of human development.  This is why I am s…

The CAA is rotten

The editor of this newspaper has a case before the Constitutional Court in regards to the composition of the CAA Board. We believe that an engine cannot be repaired using old spare parts. We consider the appointment of Mr. Shelton Jolicoeur and Ms Simone Decomarmond (especially) to the Board of the CAA as an error of judgment and totally in contravention to the laws that provide for the creation of the authority and cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

We are publishing a letter here to illustrate part of our ‘raison-d’ĂȘtre’ for filing the petition. In the letter it is clear that Shelton Jolicoeur was seeking guidance and/or approval of the President on how to deal with a matter before him. This is totally unacceptable. It shows clearly that the CAA in its present state is determine to salvage the career of Justice Duraikannu Karunakaran – irrelevant of any evidence of wrong doing against him. This we believe is a major conflict of interest by the CAA. Jolicoeur even suggested that …


The pub that is now the National Assembly

Ever since Pat Pillay has taken over the Speakership, the National Assembly has been on a steady decline towards chaos. Pat Pillay has been unable to properly manage time, adhere to the rules and regulations of the Assembly and many of his decisions have been unconstitutional.

Almost eleven months have elapsed, and Pat Pillay still has no command of his Standing orders and Rules and Procedures. Week in, week out, the National Assembly has been the butt of ridicule and by consensus is now a national embarrassment.

As if all these were not enough, the Assembly has lately resorted to hosting a happy hour every Friday evening. The happy hour inevitably became happy hours. Alcohol is in abundance and is even sold on the precinct of that prestigious institution. Members and some staff alike drink away the night with songs and music. Ahmed Afif, the former Principal Secretary for Finance, who failed to exercise proper financial checks and balances…

Patrick Pillay cannot wait for 2020

The Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly is a man in a hurry; he can’t wait for 2020, he wants to be President tomorrow, which might never come for him. It is now clear that the Leader of ‘Lalyans Seselwa’ was behind the question about the presidential election that Joanna Nicette asked during the live press interview with President Danny Faure on Wednesday 16th, August. The President replied emphatically that there will be no presidential election until the end of his mandate. And this statement by President Faure has clearly angered Patrick Pillay, who had hoped for a better answer from the President, to the point that a botched up plan was quickly put together to try and force the hand of the President.

On Monday 21st, Patrick Pillay got his barber and now personal friend; a man he has gotten very close to, in the last few months - to stage a one man protest in Victoria. The protest continued the next day on Tuesday and this time, Ryan Moncherry was joined by Patrick Pillay a…

10 Reasons the Irish Contracts Were Targeted

Who is benefiting from their Departure?

The Irish expatriates working in law enforcement had their budgets cut by the National Assembly because they were achieving unprecedented levels of success in stopping criminals, and their facilitators, from benefiting through crimes and the international facilitation of crime.  Under the administration of President James Michel, the rule of law could be enforced as he would tolerate no interference with due process. But once he was gone, the old political dogs reverted to old tricks in a weakened political environment and the Irish, who were well-known to refuse to entertain interference with investigations, had to go. In fact members from both sides wanted the Irish out; their well-publicised National Assembly vendetta and campaign of incitement against the Irish was launched to smear them because:

1. They were intercepting too much heroin being imported into Seychelles.

In 2015 the NDEA stopped a total of 39 kg of heroin from being traffick…


Giving a person appointed to such an important position such as that of Ombudsman needs a certain benefit of the doubt.  Whilst concerns were raised about the “fitness to hold office” no process was in place to give ordinary members of the public access to the organs of appointment.

A remedy could be making the appointment process more transparent by publishing the shortlisted candidates and secondly also allowing members of the National Assembly to interview the candidates.

All of the above come almost a year after the appointment of the current ombudsman with public criticisms by the more vulnerable members of our society not being given the due recourse to equality and justice.

Such concerns hinge around the constitutional mandate of the ombudsman and whether this is being done with procedural fairness.  Whilst the veracity and rationality of the criticisms cannot be established, it leaves concern of how such criticism can be avoided in the future.

Another issue raised is to wha…

President Michel will address the 1st High-Level Pacific Blue Economy Conference

The former President will leave Seychelles this week to attend the 1st High-Level Pacific Blue Economy Conference (PBEC) under the theme ‘Sustainable Oceans in a Changing Climate’ organised by the Pacific Islands Development Forum to be held in Suva Fiji on 23rd and 24th August 2017. The conference is being held in conjunction with the PIDF Biennial Conference.

President Michel has been invited as a keynote speaker by the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands and the Chair of the Pacific Islands Development Forum, Hon. Manasseh D. Sogavare MP, in order to share his understanding of the development of the Blue Economy concept and the Seychelles’ experience for the benefit of Pacific island countries.

In his letter of invitation to President Michel, Prime Minster Manasseh Sagavare said:

“We believe that your commitment to the development of the Blue Economy is unparalleled and your participation as a speaker to this conference will be of great benefits to the Pacific Island Countries…

Ahmed Affif must be held accountable

Both the President and the Speaker of the National Assembly have accentuated the need for transparency and accountable government. This will have to apply to every single one of us; from the president to the dock worker. There is an ongoing storm in the country on the contract that some individuals had with the FIU and the NDEA. There are many calls for openness and transparency so that we can get to the bottom of this matter in the shortest possible delay. However, we have since discovered that Honorable Ahmed Afif, who is the elected National Assembly member for Anse Etoile and the former Principal Secretary for Finance and Trade, had a hand in the matter – when he was still employed by this government. In fact, it was Ahmed Afif who approved the budget given to the FIU and the NDEA

In a clear case of conflict of interests Ahmed Afif assisted Wavel Ramkalawan with the preparation of a summary on the Auditor General’s Report for the two organizations, which was presented to the Natio…


In an article written in Le Seychellois Hebdo recently, several active or former politicians were labelled as political rejects by Gervais Henri, the Editor of the newspaper.

However, the most prominent political reject that he failed to mention was his party chief, Wavel Ramkalawan. Wavel Ramkalawan was rejected three times in a row in the last three elections. In the first round of the 2015 Presidential election, Ramkalawan barely got 35% down from a high of 46% in 2007. Despite obtaining the support of all the other opposition political parties, totaling to 52.3% of support, Ramkalawan miserably failed to obtain 50% in the second round.

In the legislative election of last year, Ramkalawan chose to contest the English River Constituency against political novice Wilbert Herminie. Herminie was twenty three years his junior and was contesting an election for the first time. Once again, Wavel was rejected and had a humiliated defeat at the hands of the young politician. Most political…


What we need to ask is WHO IS PROFITING from their departure?

The recent National Assembly debate on the joint NDEA-FIU Auditor General’s report would disgrace a gathering of drunken stevedores. The Irish who worked in the FIU and NDEA were roundly abused by all, called thieves, bandits and accused of trafficking heroin into Seychelles so that they could keep themselves in a job. Even the dead weren’t immune from the poisoned rhetoric spouting from the mouths of despicable politicians as they maligned and blasted an Irish that had died in service - all this on national television and radio for all to see and hear. Facts played little part in the debate. Instead a flawed and incomplete report was quickly embraced because it served the political machinations of politicians eager to distract the public from the failure of their first year running the Assembly to address fundamental issues like the cost of living, the impending recession and the break down in the rule of law.

A prejudic…


The Anti-Victimisation Committee is persisting in its endeavor to victimise as many opponents, real or imaginary, as it could. Last week it was taken to the Constitutional Court by one Martin Aglae.

This week, it was yet again the former Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie, who was the victim of that witch-hunt. This time round, Dr. Herminie was accused of “emotionally and verbally” abusing somebody who claimed she was a partner of Wellness Centre, the famous detoxification centre at Anse Royale. It should be noted that the person was neither an employee of the Ministry of Health which owns the place, nor an employee of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation of which Dr. Herminie is the Secretary of State. This newspaper has since learned that the person in question is employed by a religious organization based in South Africa, which wants to impose its religion on a government run rehabilitation programme. The new programme being intro…

DEMOCRACY RAPED! Pillay and Cesar are a total disgrace

The tabling and debate of the special Auditor General’s Report on the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) last week by the Leader of the Opposition, Wavel Ramkalawan, was yet another example of the amateurism that has shrouded the National Assembly lately.

All rules and procedures regulating the proceedings of the House were ignored and Ramkalawan himself stated that the Report was being laid under Article 23 (8) of the Rules of Procedures for Committees. In fact, what has happened was a total disregard of the Constitution and the Rules including Rule 23 (8) of the said document. The Constitution dictates that all Auditor General’s reports should go to the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC), for consideration first and only thereafter can a report be submitted by FPAC to the National Assembly for debate. This, sadly, was never done thus rendering the deliberations on the motion null and void.

The National Assembly debated the re…


Those who had wished that the Fillon scandal was dead and gone were quite unpleasantly surprised to learn that it is still reverberating not only in France but across the whole world.

Francois Fillon was a French presidential hopeful in the last election but his bid was destroyed by a scandal involving payment to his wife and children. The scandal raised several ethical issues including whether family members should be drawing a salary from a politician. This month, the French parliament, in the wake of the Fillon scandal, banned the hiring of spouses by politicians.

Although France is far from our shores, the case itself is close to home and reminds us of a similar situation ongoing in our parliament. Ahmed Afif, the LDS representative for the Anse Etoile Constituency and the chief whip of the LDS party in parliament is presently employing his wife Stella Afif as his Constituency Clerk. This situation is, to say the least; morally shameful given that Stella Afif is a rich business w…

Ahmed Afif owes us an explanation

In regards to the letters that we have published on this page, which clearly illustrated that Ahmed Afif in his capacity as Principal Secretary Finance and Trade; wrote to the head of the FIU in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to inform him that their budget for each of the particular year had been approved. Mr Afif owes us the people of Seychelles an explanation on how he came to the conclusion to approve these budgets:


Wavel Ramkalawan was meant to be born

This is what the arrogant priest said in the National Assembly on Wednesday during a debate on a motion by Churchill Gill the elected member for Baie St. Anne. Wavel Ramkalawan was trying to seduce the electorates on Praslin most particularly the inhabitants of Baie St. Anne. He stated that his father was the first baby to be born in 1927 at the newly built clinic on Praslin, “I have Praslin blood in me”, he said. He also stated that his father was supposed to be on the ill-fated Mary Jane, if he hadn’t been late to catch the boat, which left without him. “I was meant to be born”, he insinuated that it was a miracle through God’s intervention that his father was not onboard the Mary Jane.

In analyzing this statement by Wavel, it is clear that he is setting himself apart from mere mortals like us. And that his existence on Earth is as a result of the direct intervention of the creator; which makes him a prophet or a king for that matter. This was the thinking of people like Idi Amin D…


Is Ahmed Afif guilty by Association?

In a stinging interview with the Today Newspaper this week, Honourable Ahmed Afif, member of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) of the National Assembly, gave the country a preview of the findings of an FPAC investigation in the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). He hinted that the findings look pretty serious. True to his words, a report of the investigation into alleged embezzlement of funds by high officials of the FIU, namely the Irish, submitted by Wavel Ramkalawan exposed flagrant violation of financial rules and abuse of powers by the Irish oligarch.

While Afif vividly denounced those practices, he failed to mention that the FIU was created under his watch as PS of Ministry of Finance in June 2006 and a lot of the invoices or spending done without the appropriate invoices would have been recommended for approval by him, Mr. Ahmed Afif, the Accounts officer. Ahmed Afif claimed that no one dared question the practices of the Iris…

The Cohabitation is not working

We fundamentally disagree with the President that the Cohabitation between the LDS majority in the National Assembly and the Executive Government of Parti Lepep (PL) is working. We have to take several factors, which includes the economy/ costs of living into consideration in order to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion on whether the Cohabitation is working or not. It is clear that the collaboration between the LDS majority in the National Assembly and the Parti Lepep Executive is proving unsuccessful when it comes to bringing down the inflated costs of living; a situation that is now unbearable for a large segment of the population.

The very first statement in the speech of the President on Tuesday was about the Cohabitation, we quote: “Mr. Speaker, it gives me great pleasure to address the National Assembly today. I would like to start by confirming, Mr. Speaker, that our cohabitation is healthy and working well. What is important is that we have the will to work together for Seych…

The CEO of the Anti-Corruption Commission chatters too much

In a third interview given to Seychelles Today in as many months, May De Silva, once again demonstrated why she lacks the ethics to be in charge of such an important body as the Anti – Corruption Commission; this is a very sensitive organization:

The Commission is charged under a Bill enacted in 2016 with the responsibility of curbing corruption in the country. Thus far, however, except for the case of a former Minister and Central Committee Member of Parti Lepep, the public has not been made privy to any ongoing investigation by the Commission. In a damning video of a meeting of Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, Leader of the Opposition with Facebook activists in England, Ramkalawan inferred that he gives orders to Ms. De Silva with regards to prioritizing disposal of cases. That declaration by Mr. Ramkalawan, if true, is enough reason to request the resignation of May De Silva, and seems to confirm what many have been suspecting that the Commission is now a political tool being used to witch-h…

Keeping it in the Family

Not many ponder upon Seychelles precarious political situation ahead. Neither is there any discussion about how the country comes to be in such a tight spot did? In large part the answer lies in the massive number of political parties active in the National Assembly, which has led to a particularly fragmented assembly.  In Brazil the term “coalitional presidentialism” - a system by which the president must form and govern over a multiparty coalition, which becomes more difficult the more parties are involved.

The Linyon Demokratik Sesel (LDS) comprises of a number of political parties with varying agendas who have come together with the stated objective of curtailing the excesses of the ruling party.  What it has led to is a system where the Executive has been weakened to manage the various interests of the political parties and in the same instance try to unify the various interests into a coalition for national development.

Maintaining balance in such a heterogeneous environment be…


The mediocrity that has beset the National Assembly ever since Pat Pillay took over the Speakership, reached a new low last Tuesday when a Minister’s appointment had to be approved twice within 24 hours. Pillay, on the advice of his inept Legal Advisor, the eccentric Daniel Cesar, failed to properly apply Article 69 (2) of our Constitution. Once again, Pat Pillay was the butt of ridicule on the social media, when it became clear to all and sundry that he had misinterpreted the said Article, and had confused; “with the approval of a majority of the members of the National Assembly” with “the approval of a majority of members present and voting”.

This national embarrassment came about when Pamela Charlette was nominated by President Faure for approval as Minister by the National Assembly. Mrs. Charlette failed to obtain the required seventeen votes when all members of the opposition majority decided to abstain. For the first time ever in the history of our country, the National Assembl…