Seychelles Suspends United Nations Council Seat In Unexplained Rationale

Seychelles, has finally broken its silence about ditching its interest in a non-permanent member seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) during 2017-2018.

The withdrawal information on Seychelles’ bid was made public on Wednesday January 13, 2016 by the country’s Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs Maurice Loustau-Lalanne. The Seychelles official confirmed to the Seychelles News Agency (SNA), “The official announcement of Seychelles’ withdrawing in favour of Ethiopia will be done at the next African Union summit for heads of state,” which would convene at the end of this month in Addis Abeba.

Seychelles’ rationale as unconvincing as it is, it states that it took this action: “For solidarity reasons we have decided to support Ethiopia.”

While that has come out loud and clear, Principal Foreign Secretary Maurice Loustau-Lalanne also knows full well that his country’s withdrawal justification: “For solidarity reasons” would be hard put to convince the diplomatic world and UN observers, especially aware that Victoria started its for membership in UNSC campaign in earnest and in 2012

The SADC body provided its support and endorsement twice to Seychelles: in March 2015 at ministerial level and in July from the candidature committee. SADC at the time reported that it had conducted discussions on Seychelles’ request in an informed manner and “on a wide array of matters which are of interest to the archipelago and the region, especially in line with the maintenance of peace and stability within the SADC, and the development of an even more secure and integrated region.”

The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO) on January 8, 2016 boldly linked its suspicion of the then alleged withdrawal, as announced by Ethiopia'a Foreign Minister to “a mysterious horse trading” between the two countries.
TEO’s view, which has now been corroborated, is predicated on the fact of, firstly, Seychelles’ decision became sudden, after a prolonged campaign – in the words of its President James Michel – basing it in 2012 on the theme of: “We have values that we can share with and impart to the rest of the world. These values are solidly anchored in our abiding faith in the inherent goodness of humanity.”

Secondly, withdrawal of Seychelles announcement was made at the new year broke by Ethiopia that announced, instead of the Seychelles – even for reasons of deference and believability; and, thirdly, the claim by the Seychelles that it was doing this out of a sense of solidarity seemed out of place, when there is no record of an appeal at any official forum to them from the Ethiopian side or the East African intermediaries.

TEO continues to maintain that Ethiopia’s bargaining chip is the weekly flights by the Ethiopian Airlines to the island nation, for which the two countries have ample experiences in that regard.
Note that the Seychelles has two major islands as tourist attraction with airports: Mahé, it being the largest about 155 sqkm and 79,000 residents and home to the capital city Victoria. The other is Praslin island and 38 sqkm, home for about 6,500 people is known as “a wicked seductress”, because of its attraction to tourists – serviced through chartered flights by Air Seychelles (AS) only.
Ethiopian airlines makes three weekly flights to Mahé, the largest island, using Boeing 737-800 jests, with carrying capacity of 154 persons.

As discussed in the above-mentioned TEO article, Ethiopian resumed its flight in October 2014, after a six-month interruption, sending Victoria delegations to scramble in every direction. Even during the interruption of Ethiopian flights to Seychelles, the island nation had made it public that its tourism business was severly affected, tourists from the Americas, China and Europe totally cut off, according to Transport and Home Affairs Minister Joel Morgan.

We are also aware that since December 1, 2015, there have been fresh terms and conditions Ethiopian Airlines has imposed on the Seychelles concerning “discounted fare and other privileges”.
While there are a number of internationally known names of airlines companies flying to Seychelles, because of its widespread reach in five continents, it is possible that there is a covert blackmail to which the island nation has been subjected by the TPLF regime. In fact, an Ethiopian official in December 2015 told the Seychelles Tourism Academy, “I would like to affirm the Ethiopian Airlines commitment to offer convenient and seamless connections to and from our more than 92 international destinations across five continents using modern and youngest fleet in Africa.”

At the moment, Ethiopian flies four times a week to Mahé as of September 2015, revising the October 2014 agreement of three weekly connections between the two countries.

Who would tell the international community – Ethiopia or the Seychelles – the truth of what transactions took place between the TPLF regime in Addis Abeba and the Seychelles’ officials for the latter to hold back its aspirations for which it had spent several man hours and hard won resources fishing the goodwill of nations dispatching delegations to capitals to secure their support?


  1. TPFL regime is one of African most brutal regime ....Under ex dictator meles Yanawi ethopians have suffered a lots and his follower follows his predecessor footsteps ..Did zou know that the African Union Headqquarters in Ethopian Capital was built of a mss grave ....ethopian murdered bz Meles Zanawi ..the eothpian ex butchered......Ethoipia recrods on human rights abuses ,,is enough to refuse ethopia enterz as peramanent Members ,just aqe Seychelles was also fit for the post........

  2. Neither Seychelles nor Ethopia should be given the seat --both countries have corrupted government.rule by criminals ..that have nothing to din the UN peramamnt cmember.

    Meles .ex President of Ethopia ,buried innocent ethopians he butchered under what is today AFRICAN UNION HEADQUARTERS ......his follower is as burtal as him.......
    Small countires anyway never make a dent of big countires .......hence it present does not bring or change anything ......
    Pl move out of the chase of seat ,for Pl records on Humna rights is so bad ..and following the stolen election by Michel ,Pl has no chance of getting a seat .......I could be tha UN told them ,forget about it ...instead bring genuine politcla refomrs to your country ,and allow your people to be free.....Of course ,Pl will hide the truth ,as it is doing in the skull case ---No DNA amtch those of families ..
    skull belong to a 30 to 40 years old man ,died more than One year ago --etc---Noting that not a single Seychellois family has claimed one of their family members is missing in the last 5 to 10ears ..nor can Reginald give a name of a missing Seychellois in the alst 5 to 10 years date the only missing Seychellois are those Pl butchered in 1976 ...Ah Tim etc......these are the only known Seychellois missing ...apart from that no Seychellois family have massing family member.........

  3. In a monolog in Dubai Michel said“no man is,an island“a phrase used by Ram in an article before the election.....
    This guy is a real donkey...........

  4. DNA did not match any of the 4 family?????
    I'm not a lawer....why don't you people in the oppositions help.....bring over an overseas DNA tester in the country to do a test with the "REAL SKULL"
    In the mean time people need to visit the cemetry where their loved one has been rest long time and see if the grave is still entouched.

  5. But who is representing the skull?
    No surprise if its the same illegal government.
    Now we are waiting what the "Linyon For Change" reaction!

  6. A seat in the United Security Council is not an important achievement, but who knows there could be more than meets the eyes. One cannot accept face value what this Government says. It is so corrupt both financially and morally. Everybody wants money by hook or by crook from top to bottom, and everybody fornicates from President to clerk. This is why so many do not want change, they love their nests of 'melli - mello' as creole says - President and Minister, Minister and CEO, CEO and PS, PS and Director, Director and Manager and so on. Corruption incroyable!

  7. Pl refuses to provide copy of test analysis giben by msuritian experts.What are u hiding pl?

  8. What i made with reginald pretextes is that.
    A male of around 35 to 40 years old,died more thana year,,apperently by a hunter riffle.
    The problem with plbexplaination are many.
    1)nota single seychellois family has claimed o.e of their love one missing in the last 5 to 10 morevthan one year the person died ,reginald,?,from whose faamily,?
    Reginald said,buletcase,is froma Hunter rifle....there i not hunters in seychelles,nd no seychelois posing guns,be it hunter guns or else......maybe be Reginald knows the hunter and what he hunt.
    Reginald said No DNA match those families Reginald who zhe hell isxthe person?he must have an seychellois family has missing family membrr, ..... .who thecperson iscpl?

  9. Law enforcement people are not doing the real job,they just listen and take order from higher office PERIOD.

    It is a shame that the illegal President of Seychelles went to Dubai to lecture the world about blue economics.This is the same alpha male who said that we talk to the ocean and plant fish.Until now the population are stlii waiting for the seeds.WHAT A JOKE!



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