US$ 50,000,000 Grant Disappeared From Central Bank Of Seychelles

Danny Faure and James Michel
According to Vice President, Danny Faure in last night's PPB, the Government of Seychelles received a grant of $50m in 2002 from the Government of Abu Dhabi. This was paid to SMB which then used this to pay for commodities.

This confirms exactly what we in Lalyans stated earlier but denied by JP Adam to the national assembly a few weeks ago.

Government accounts in 2002 shows no receipt of any kind from Abu Dhabi. If what VP Faure says is correct, how come this $50m gift was never presented in 2002 to the national assembly as part of the budget by the supposedly hard working JAM who was Minister of Finance then and never declared in Government books ever never mind to the public at large who were suffering from severe FX shortages. 

Now that VP Faure admits it happened, how come in SMB’s accounts of 2002 or any subsequent account of SMB, there is no mention of the $50m grant from the Government either! This scandal now takes a new dimension. VP Faure now admits what Minister Adam denied existed … there are more questions than answers and is clear evidence that JAM broke the law and should be investigated. Or is it still a perception?


  1. Michel said coruption is a perception....He would have to rxplain himself ncluding Faure,for their crime.Remeber also,there is 2,4 bilion dolars of our money robed and banked nbSwisss bank.
    Seychellois want answers ,justice and their money back.

  2. Michel,faure the twice evil
    Justice musJustice must

  3. JPA jumped on the band wagon with clarification of the missing 50 million dollars.
    Why now?
    Too late!

    Seychellois saw the green light at the end of the tunel.
    PL will be voted out very soon!
    BYE JJ


  5. Very hypocritical to think that the President of a country to cry wolf to protect his own cronies. Of course in the interest of Air Seychelles he would claim when in fact in the interest of protecting the Savys. I despise everything you stand for, you have the guts to look at us in the eyes and claim corruption is only a perception, let me tell you this, perception is real, it has causal efficacy, people act on perception, the things you see might be an illusion nonetheless a different facet of reality, its called depth ontology in philosophy. So perception of corruption do in fact amount to corruption unless proven otherwise. In the interest if transparency why dont you constitute an independent international team to investigate. Penny for your thoughts, you and your government are evil doers chasing after the innocent, incarcerated, raped in foreign prison, no reprieve. Karma that's all I have to say.

  6. Ahmed, it is very sad that Seselwa are taken for a ride by their so called leaders. As Bishop Chang Him said, we Seselwa still have the Slavery mentality. It seems SPUP/SPPF/PL has managed to indoctrinate our people for the past 38 years, hence the majority will take no notice of this USD50million. Hopefully, the opposition can win this presidential election. One of the first priority would be to identify these embezzled funds with a view to repatriate them to fund our education and health system. Wishing you and all the opposition candidates, all the best for this election. May God/Allah bless you all and bless Seychelles always.

  7. Do not expect Ernest Quatre to do anything in this allegation. He did nothing in a previous case where am employee at the Casino Berjaya Hotel in Beau Vallon stole over Rs.1000,000.00 Ernest Quatre was the CID investigator, a clear case where documentary evidence as well as depositions were aplenty and yet the suspect was never interviewed. On the contrary he was allowed to flee to Mombasa and was never arrested. He was a supporter of LP, and Ernest Quatre knew where the culprit was hiding, he did not take action because he is so incompetent and obedient to the core to corrupt system. Michel likes those kind to be his Police Commissioner.

  8. Go Seychelles Go!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, that you will vote for an opposition party and Seychelles will be free at last. Soon after the election, amend the constitution so that Seychellois overseas could vote in future elections, the only way to make sure that PL never again would control our motherland.
    A Diaspora.

  9. This time the election is a blessing in disguise for Seychellois who have been bought by PL. This time the Seychellois are going to use PL and beat them at their own game.
    Those of you who have collected your payments for your votes, hold on to your money.
    When the second voting comes around, tell PL that payment for your vote this time is double. Take a double dipping and laugh all the way to the bank.

    1. Double whammies indeed!
      Why not ask for treble whammies?, Michel is desperate, in desperate times, one has to take desperate action. He would pay whatever the voters ask. Ha! Ha! you guys have got him by the balls. Go Seychelles, Go for a double whammies!

  10. David Pierre I respect your views about giving Seychellois an alternative. I will refrain giving you a name. But stop talking bullshit! In our mother language, ASE DON GREN OU PROZAN.

  11. EXIT POLLS on PRaslin (second biggest district in Seychelles)show Pillay party leadinf with a comfortable margin.........It reflects Praslinois support for Pillay as demonstrated in the camapaign rallies.

    Meanwhile Morgan wants to sue Savy----....Should Morgan be sued long time ago for making tax payers lost 4,5 in a scam construction deal .or theft?Should Morgan be sued for illegally selling Khalfia Seychellois patrimony?Should Fuare and Michel be sued fro robbing 50 millions doallrs banked illegaly in UK?Shoukld Morgan.

  12. Quatre,is a nerd,under qualified and should never by police chief.police chief must be personal with university degree like Ted Barber,or any office with at least a bachelor,etc.. in law. .

  13. Michel is literally done,,,,he wwill soon use hisctime not to rob,enslave Seychellois,but prepare his defence

  14. Pl robbed 50millions form iur coffers and now trying to make us believe Afif was also involved in the robbery.what Affif economy minster back then or thug Michel?

  15. Jenpa said Afif wascinvolved in the theft ,as if when saying Afif was involved,it nakes the theft legal.


  17. There is no god if there was one then the outcome of the election would have been different, just evil

  18. Pierre Laporte is now talking about the missing 50 million. He said that Albert Rene applied for a loan of 150 million from Abu Dhabi. James Michel was minister of finance at that time. Abu Dhabi was not happy about giving 150 million but gave 50 million. Albert Rene was very upset and he said he is not going to lick the arses of those Arabs. Albert ordered James to transfer it to Baroda in London through Nouvobanq. Ahmed Saeed, this bloody cock sucker in Nouvobanq made the transfer. If James wants the solid evidence the following people should appear in court. Mukesh Valabji. Norman Weber. Francis Chang Leng, Frank Houareau, Jennifer Morel, Caroline Abel, Patrick Stravens, Philip Moustache, Ahmed Afif, Ahmed Saeed, Naqi and a few others. Norman Weber was very upset because the country was sinking. Albert Rene gave a warning to Norman to shut his mouth for a piece of land at Providence to build the Wharf Hotel and Restaurant. Ton Pat and Wavel should call these people to order as witnesses. Ahmed Saeed should bring a copy of the SWIFT transaction while CBS should bring the transfer document. Mukesh Valabhji should bring his big Indian Ass.
    No wonder Francis Chang Leng used R7.5 million of CBS money to pay for his extravagance with Francoise Barra to watch Liverpool matches in the executive club seat. The amount of R7.5 million could have been used to buy hospital beds and oxygen. Francoise Barra received a free house worth R4.5 million from Francis Chang Leng. Where did he get this money from? Wavel and others should insisting of bringing this crook, liar and theft to give the people an account of his abuse of taxpayers monies. Besides Mukesh, Chang Leng is the biggest voleur (theft) for all his dirty tricks. With Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, he got US$13 million as kick-backs from his Bangladesh friend, Arjuna Balanshingham. After the deal was done, Arjuna purchased a farm with the kick-back in Kent, UK worth US$2.5 million. Eventually, when the whole scam was unearthing, the Japanese CEO sacked him. Chang Leng used Nikkei Pacific in Malaysia to conceal his share of the deal. As if this transaction was not enough for this bourick (donkey), he went on to start the same scheme with Lehman Brothers for US$200 million and received US$25 million in kick-back.


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