James Michel Uses State Security Agents To Intimidate The Opposition

James Michel

Members of Lalyans Seselwa has just learned from reliable sources that state security agents, the army, NDEA and some select Tazar personnel have been assigned the task of planting illegal substances or weapons at the residential premises of key members of Lalyans Seselwa with the objective of ambushing them at the appropriate moment, charging them for illegal possession and keeping them under detention indefinitely.

According to their information, this operation is masterminded by State House. One of the key objectives it appears is to prevent Ton Pat and Lalyans Seselwa from successfully lodging their nomination for the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates on Nov 11th 2015. 

"We will bring this to the attention of the Electoral Commission immediately and alert the public so they know better if indeed this rogue regime reverts to these cowardly tactics at this late hour". 
Patrick Pillay, Leader Of Lalyans Seselwa

"To all opposition supporters, we say please be on the alert around your home and premises as the rogue elements of LP are once again getting ready to show their ugly and brutal facade as they stare at defeat in the face at the ballot box. It does not scare us since the truth will prevail and LP will have to answer to its misdeeds sooner rather than later".


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