Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sars seizes crystal meth worth over R16 million at OR Tambo International

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) on Thursday said its officials had seized crystal meth worth more than R16-million at OR Tambo International Airport this week.

Sars issued a statement following Wednesday’s seizure of a bag containing 20.6kg of the drug that “had come to South Africa from Abu Dhabi via the Seychelles”.
The discovery came after customs officials “stopped two baggage handlers for questioning and decided to search an unaccompanied bag that they had in their possession”.
“The officers became suspicious after detecting a strong smell of glue and sent the bag for a scan‚” Sars said.
“Customs’ new high-tech baggage scanner revealed an image of a concentrated substance and the bag was then physically searched.”
The crystal meth they uncovered was valued at R6.18-million. Sunday saw customs officials discovering more that R10-million worth of crystal meth in a passenger’s baggage after stopping him for a random inspection after he had arrived on a flight from Dar es Salaam.
“After the scanner revealed suspicious images‚ the bags were searched. The officer found plastic bags filled with a powdery substance‚ which turned out to be crystal meth‚” Sars said.



  1. There you go! the Meth Crystal came from Dubai via Seychelles, it is not surprising since the Arab airlines have the operational monopoly in Seychelles, with 40% of the Seychelles National Airline including its CEO. One has to ask how much of Meth Crystal and other drugs actually landing in the Seychelles every day. Perhaps the Army Chief-of-Staff and the Commander- in-Chief can explain why the house/building constructions were booming alongside the drug and HIV epidemic in the little Seychelles. In desperate times, one has to take desperate measures - give away all or jettison all before 4th. December. For PL the day of reckoning is fast approaching!
    Too Late.


  3. The news today is 'Lider parti politik Lalyans Seselwa Patrick Pillay i sipoze raport kot seksyon CID dan lapolis ozordi pour konnen si i pou ganny sarze pour en lofans labi lo en zonm ouswa si lanket pou kontinyen dan sa zafer'
    Ironically Police Commisioner Quatre is doing exactly what James Pillay did for Albert Rene, with stacks of pre-signed Warrant-of-Arrest for detention without trial, and answering "Yes Sir!" "Yes Sir!" at the same desk and same office.
    The buffoon Commissioner is pleasing James Michel, the same James Michel who was a member of the SPUP/SPPF, executing the same culture 'Gagged - Imprison - Exiled -Killed'

  4. His hands move more then his mouth .....and watch him very well.....his eyes blink more then Ross Perrot .....meaning he is lying between his teeth.....this son of a bitch. Now he want to bring down Pat Pillay. People of Seychelles will have a biggest Christmas gift this more camels.

  5. Only in Seychelles paradise these things happen. Ramkalawon was going to plant banana . Now our esteemed JAM is going to plant FISH and dialogue with the ocean. Wander what is going to happen in 2016. We are in deep SHIT.

  6. That is a deadly mistake the police or PL thugs are doing with Pat Pillay.
    I am was not a LS supporter but now PILLAY you get my vote and support.
    Mr Pillay I always knew you were a scientis and not a politician,but however after listening your newest ANNOU KOZE, you SIR are impressing me and the SPPF people. YOU DESERVE TO LEAD THIS COUNTRY. A lot of people will disagree with me especially the PL idiots which I fully understand!

  7. Monsieur Fernando was not paid to lie but he received a good vacation time all expences paid by OUR tax payers money. He was also issued a carte blanche during his stay. He will probally get a Seycelwa passport to vote for Parti Lepep.

    1. Who is this mysterious Fernando?

  8. Ton Pat says he has pictures if Ministers using the wharf as a brothel, Joel Morgan are you listening little cunt? And by the way, Ronny Govinden, what else has the 500000 rupees received from Siva bought you? I hope a better looking face 😊

  9. To anyone who knows where I can buy the seed's fish PLEASE let me and the Grand Anse farmers know. We do have good cultivated land DAN PLATO. It will save us time to take a TATA BUS to town!

  10. We all know how many murders had been committed by the State through the years, starting with Gill Morgan the list is long. James Michel has been there at the core of this evil State throughout and although they changed their name from SPUP to SPPF to PL, the same old culture of terror and fear still exists. The same kind of Police Commissioners who do the biddings of their boss in fear of losing the regalia on the shoulders. Michel ordered the investigation of Pat Pillay and to have him gagged before the election, so Ernest Quatre hurriedly had Pillay arrested, probably will have him charged and brought to court with the collaboration of Govinden.
    Whilst the investigation of the Skull is taking months and no news press conference has ever been given by Quatre. PL does not want the public to hear that the skull is Alton Ahtime and the fingers are pointing at the State, but PL wants the public to hear the scandal on Pat Pillay fast and to degrade his reputation. Still Pat Pillay is by far more noble than that someone who had been rumored to have killed his son and has never been questioned by police nor charged for that crime. He wears the quilt on his face everyday, look at the area around his eyes- that's the tears swelling inside for the crime committed.

    1. Well spoken my friend

  11. The Michelle Administration just committed suicide by trying to pull Mr Pillay down.
    We all know that PL closet is dirty...........when reason they did that.....FEAR.FEAR!
    Like trying to call the kettle black. I was still leaning toward PL but now I'am going to wait and see the next move of PL. NO STRATEGY AT ALL. ZERO. NADA. PRE-POU-KAPOT!

  12. To replace James Michel with Wavel Ramkalawan is not progressive at all for Seychelles. The devil we know is better than the devil we do not know.
    Pat Pillay si! he brings new hope and hope is stronger than fear!

  13. I can see fire in his eyes....the only man with guts.....he tell you as it is with no 65 you are the man to change direction and bring integrity to the next generation

  14. SPUP,SPPF,Pl in zwen zot ba'i
    Zot in fer Mancham dodoy
    Zot in kas later Ramka.
    Zot anmen David P dormi deryer zot ledo
    Zot pa kapab fer Ton Pat naryen.
    Mon repete zot kapon e KOUYON.
    Komdir kreol zot in zwen mari-zot-manman

  15. Will you people please stop taking our President as a bufoon?
    He is trying to help us with LEVE-E DEBOUYE plan.
    To all those making fun.....very soon we shall have our own fish seeds to plant in our back yard.
    It took them 38 years....plutot-tard-que-j'aimee.
    Our fishermen will never be like FLO-RAN-TEN-LO-DELO again!

  16. Sa fait hont pour un Presidant .
    Il a perdue tous son moral.
    Rien qui rest dans sa tetre.

  17. 18.22
    It lethal,,Michel is digging his seems that he is opting for poetic justice in ghadafi stlye than facing justice like Musbarak.......whatever he opts for ,,he will surely get it hard in his old dirty ass this time ..YOu know why ? the people are ready to this time to screw his dirty thuggish ass hard in this coming lection...
    We will caged Michle and his gang members ,,,dirve them in pyjamas around the country,and finally gift them their bullets one by one-----some would have the to choose between axes mhammers or get hang--bullets for some are just too expensive ,,they do not deserve one...

  18. Water drowning will make Michel KOZE and explain his crimes .....what about an electro- shock in his ass?

  19. If pillay ameks the mistake of jailing Pially ,,I am sure the people will go to free him and pl will discover the rage of Seychellois which would means also Pl execution .......

  20. Thank U annou koze.

    U save me some money this weekend by watching FREE comedian or CIRCUS of actor JAMES Allice Michelle while he took the stand to talk about how in the beautiful Seychelles we plant fish and talk to the ocean. He forgot completely about mentioning blue economic strategies through 2020! Oppps sorry ......he will not be here!


  21. Glacis Sur Mere should send his personal congratulatory message to His Excellency James Michelle on his new invention and vision for the Seychellois people. Vision of planting fish for his people. Fish will be organic and no PCB'S. The world will be flocking down to Seychelles as soon as all structures are in place! Factory will be at the corner of MISEL AVENUE and BLUE ECONOMIC road just opposite SPUP archive building. Number one priority will be the ORGANIC MISEL TUNA and believe it or not with 100 cal.per serving and ZERO drama! For faster growing possible is just put the seed in the ground,cover,and wave your hand toward the ocean. If you unable to view the ocean at your location just turn the same direction the coconut tree are pointed. Result varies!


  22. Ex.Minister Pillay,
    The culture of terror by State apparatus is fully activated now that the election is approaching. The goons from State House are more active every time there is an election and their sole objective is to eliminate all rivals of James Michel on the political field, including murders! They act with impunity knowing they are covered by the highest authority from State House, Police, Attorney General and Judiciary. Be careful you do not finish like Eulentin with an engine block tied around your neck. And no Commissioner of Police would dare to investigate or hold a press news conference and interrogate suspects under caution like they did to you.
    Now, the incident of someone stabbing your dog is proof that the GOONS were trying to get into your house and the dog made noise, consequently it was stabbed; unfortunately there were no police investigation to help us to know more details about the break and entering. But if that guy Fernando is still on the island and having worked in your house, he would be the perfect person to know how best to gain access into your house. Now, remember the GOONS are very good in setting up their victims, they are famous in planting drugs or other incriminating evidences, and not least, - murder by hanging!
    The GOONS are well known, hopefully after 5th. December, they would be interrogated under caution as well.
    Private Investigator - International.

  23. Jam is elevating the box office with his first clips.

    5 thousands viewers so FAR.

    That is 1000 per day!



  24. 21:53
    Do not waste our precious water to make him explain his crime against humanity. Just show him the skull 💀.
    Soufle soufle boureau se vous menm ki ma tuer

  25. Let us visualize what would happen the day that the regime of James Michel falls.
    PL has an affinity for that date '5th' because it reminds them of 5th. June 1977 and they had called it 'Revolution Day'. It is ironic that the election will be on 5th. December and it will be the day that PL is going to sink. So instead of the usual laughter, dancing and singing, there is be crying and hysterical sadness. The oppressed will celebrate their victory as a 'day of liberation'. The diasporas will return to their native land which they left empty handed 38 years ago, whilst the corrupted officials will try to leave in haste and over loaded. There will be another kind of exodus this time, because the leavers have their big mansions and ill-gotten wealth to take out of the country. There will be so many occurrences taking place in the country for the reporters to have a field day. The baboon Police Commissioner if he will still around, will have to interrogate James Michel under caution about the death of his son, along with many other things. The 5th. December 2015 could well be the beginning of the days of tribulation for PL.

  26. 06.47
    James Michel made a mistake whilst talking without a teleprompter. Lately he has had so much on his mind and he must have been dreaming about 'planting' drugs on Pat Pillay so 'planting fish' came out of his mouth instead. At the same time he equally confused the issue of dumping bodies into the ocean with 'talking to the ocean'.
    The guy is stressed out to the limit, he is dangerous like a time bomb ready to explode. The thought of losing the presidency and to be questioned under caution is too much for him to bear. Meanwhile the tears-of-regret are swelling up, puffing up his eyes and making him look ugly.

  27. And recently some Int.School Students became sick after eating some home cooking food......i hope its not the fish from JAM's plants........and we have a Health Minister who had no idea what a heck she is talking about!