Seychelles, A safe Haven For Crooks?

eTN alert of caution on World Travel Awards

HALEIWA, HI- After eTurboNews today announced it has canceled its media partnership with the UK-based World Travel Awards with immediate effect, eTN Publisher Juergen Thomas Steinmetz issued the following statement:
"eTurboNews no longer authorizes the use of eTN branding or its logos to be used by World Travel Awards. I think it’s safe to say the award scheme and representation communicated by World Travel Awards is misleading, sometimes untrue, and may be interpreted as plain and simple fraud.”
Unsuspecting tourism boards, hotels, airlines, and attractions may have been victimized by this scheme over many years.

The next award ceremony is scheduled for the Indian Ocean event this weekend at the Kempinski Hotel in the Seychelles. According to the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism no public money was spent.

eTN is urging travel industry stakeholders to be careful before investing money to secure awards." Mr. Steinmetz added. "Travel awards, when they are legitimate, should not cost a company or organization money and mandatory marketing fees. At the very least the company issuing such rewards should not misrepresent itself and claim to be the Oscars of the travel industry"
eTN was contacted by World Travel Awards management after this announcement was made. World Travel Award is denying all allegations.



  1. It is known world wide that Arabs buy titles etc.. just like in Qatar world cup ,,,,arabs buy everything to fake reality..Kempski,Then it would RAFFLES,and then the new Aab Hotel at Bel Ombre and so forth.....Arabs have demonstrated once agin that they crooks by nature .....who brought these camels to our shores?

  2. Like attract like.a crooked government can only attract crooks,

  3. True, what you see and hear in Seychelles are pure mirage, but often facts can be easily construed for reality. Is it surprising that Michel's trip to the Vatican coincides with the sudden resignation of Bishop Denis Wiehe?
    Well the 'secret' will be more surprising when Seychellois hears who is going to be their next Bishop. Michel never had the aspiration of the Seychelles people; he has no aspiration for anything, he is confusing Religion with Tourism by trying to impose a brand of religions in Seychelles at the expense of Christianity.

  4. PL Champlain Agathine is the candidate for next Bishop of port Victoria Mahe Seychelles.

  5. That is a good thing..those old guy like Weie ,have donoe nothing than coddle with the Pl dictatorship and has his lips zipped.......

  6. Michel is an atheist,if he was not President,he would never had set foot in Vatican.Michel is the symbol of darkness.Look at him and his gang preaching about Constituion as if he was the guardian of our CVonstituion..he replaced by crook,the Vonstituion Seychelles concocted just after Indenpedence by a dictatorial COnsitution...few year ago he and his gang even modified the clause of our constitution that says"NO FOREIGNER CAN BUY;OR POSSES Seychellois land"In order that he can sell out Seychellois patrimony to arabs and other foreigners thereby diposssing Seychellois from their patrimony ,and the crokk is that the sell out continues like the recent sell out of part of Bel Ombre to Arab in order to build hotel and rob Seychellois not just from their patrimony but economy too.
    Balh balhing about COnstitiuion does not make one respect it..and it would not neutralize Pl crooks........PL must be investigated for raping our Constitution premeditatedly.

  7. No but he is thinking to be a candidate for the is that he is also tired of PartiLepep promises.

    During his five years as President Jam could not run a lemonade he wants another 5 more years to ran a taco stand.......who can believe this SOB.

    If you currently a Parti Lepep supporter and believe he can do it......just vote for him......however if you happen to hit 70 to 75 years and you hear your grand kids crying for food or doing illegal activities like drugs don't cry " SI MON TI KONNAN or ARWI LONTON" it will be too late.

    If you are a PL supporter and want changes try vote PL out and if they don't keep their promises.... its simple just vote them out in the next 5 years. PERIOD.

    Nou konen bokou zot pe swe rol.....Pa bezwen per pou vot pou loposisyon PL pa pou fer zot naryen.......letan kou2ta 1977 in fini mon ti per, konmela mon ti anba ros lanmiser......komdir sonson.

    If you are a PL supporter and still believe PL is the only Party that can move Seychelles on a bright direction for all Seychellois, then you need a brain surgery!

    If you are STILL a PL supporter and wanted to know real truth about PL alias SPUP/SPPF than start clicking the ALLEZALEXIA blog. and not forgetting TON PAT blog too...... Also John Denis with new update Annou Koze.......If you don't believe their comments.....THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE SMOKING GUNS of PL corruptions!

  8. Ton Pat by the way you we telling PL where is the corruption I found out that Ton Pat is not a SCIENTIST! Ton Pat is for real....Ton Pat is a POLITICIAN. Ton Pat can debate JAM with one eye close and one hand tide at the back any time and any place. Jam can bring his teleprompter or his LARDRAZ if he want.End of the day JAM will grab his tail and he will say anmenm mwan mon li pye. After this he might need to be watched 24 hours just in case he try to look for the LAKORD that he frequently repeated during the PL congress.

  9. Parti Le Pep is in a panicking mode.
    They are trying the 1964 way- meaning distruction way to win.
    If you are old enough you know what I trying to say.
    But they are short of memories--- sa lepok in fini
    Ton Guy and philibert would agree.
    Just step down in peace and Monsegnyer Paul will forgive you!

  10. Its amazing how Mr Pillay was expressing his talents on the Annou Koze program with Mr Denis.This is what the mass population were looking for long time.If this was in the 1978 PL AKA SPUP AND PL would scare the heck of everyone but not any more. This same Party would say EOULA ARET KOZ KOMSA WA VAR AL SAN BENNYEN (meaning you will disappear in thin air)
    We all know all the opposition are working hard on the mathmatic to get PL out of power however NEVER EVER bring JIM MACHANM in the equation because the final answer will be DISASTER. He is not a man to be soon as he finish vote for PL ........he take a plane and disappear!

  11. PL only see what they are prepared to see!
    Everything around them are perceptions and not corruptions.
    When JAM wakes up and look in the mirror he sees JFK!
    When Danny Boy wakes up and look in the mirror he sees MLK!

  12. A serious question for the Michele administration by some serious PL voters.

    Sir you stated that all the comments put forward by Mr Pillay are perceptions not corruptions.Can you come forward on SBC to defend yourself and Pl good record of governing Seychelles? Or on the Moman avek Presidan as it is call?
    By saying it's "perception only" does not clear your name and your administration.


  14. Brothel Kempski.a hotel pl robbed from the real owner and gifted to arabs perverse.....
    We hearing that Adubai is about to build NewAirport....we heared also Michel talking about the importance for Seychellois to be well-Informed----has anybody hear debates,discusion,public scrutiny on this issue ,or Michel and arab have decided that Seychelles is for them and will do whatever they want, the way they ant in Seychelles..54 million dollars to be gifted by Abudhabi....another debt after IMF 3 million debt....and Michel will tell us soon that our Economy is growthing ...probably by foreign aid and debt.....
    Norwe also Pl built a so called terminal on Praslin cost SR literally 100 million rupee...the termine I made od steel sheet,and avaluating the building ,one should ask or even later investigate if such as cheap steel building is worse sr 100 million rupee..or Pl set the total high which allow Pl to rob tax money---over charge provide then space for robbery,,,SR ioo million Pl for a 10 meter steel sheet building ...we are going to investigate that Pl once we oust you in 2016.

    YOu also see ,Pl so called contigent to fighting OIl Spilling...Pl shows us a tugboat praying water on a tanker and call this Oil spilling looks more like a fighting exercise...Oil spilling takes palce on the surface of the sea..not on the ship..nor an a helicopter does nanything to deal with oil spilling..Oil spilling is dealt with by having OIL SPILLING VESSEL .that is special made vessel that circle an oil spilling spot,secure it than pump the oil tell us it going to do it diffireently than what is normally the porceude..Pl tell us spraying water of the tanker avod oil spilling in the water .
    Why are pl donkeys,,,,donkeys?WHich asshole did those donkys came out from?

  15. Pl argues that Pillay argument of corruption is a PERCEPTION.......REality was never a percveptiohn..nor selling out our patrimony to Khalfia,gifting S African Eden Island ,selling our outter island to Foreigners..Corrutpion donkey Michel is abuse of powewr ,that is not respecting rules det up to follow in the constitution etc....Robbing 2,4 billiuon from tax payers coffer Doneky Michel is Corruption....Gifting Seychellois passport to foreigners is corruption,,Fovoritism is corruption.....Raping Seychelleois Huam,n rights is corruption for ti si an abuse of power and against rule of laws set up in the constitiuion ...robbing election is corruption,,,,,,using tax payers to pay ex coup detat thugs is corruption .forbibing seychellis access to their Nat Media is corruption donkey.....Whe ncollective goods,that is Seychellois assets is gifted to foreigenrs against rule of law ,like deroches island ,And island gifted to Indian to build illegal military base,or Khalfia at la misieire,chinese at La misère ,Francis Savy ste Nanne a reserve ,Port Launay to Guy Adam,Idc to Glenny,,all these are corruption ,,,all are abuse of power..and abuse of power donkeyMichel is not abiding with rules of law set up in the oncasitution donkey...yoif you donot understand still,well 2016 we will make you understand by force..and I am sure witzh a revolver at your head you will understand within second what you refuse to understand for have the choice ,understand now voluntarily or understand in 2106 by any case you will be madfe to understand what you never wanted to ready donkey.

  16. As we see Seychellois ,have waken the court they protest of kangaroo justice and abuse of power by DODIN an NYS guy,,,and Adeline an NYS wroekr than made judge.....We seeing victim family members asking Pl for accountability ,and every day more Seychellois are coming forward and asking pl for accountability...and by the end of 2015 tey would by thousands..sign of change for pl ,,and pl can be sure if they try to rob election this time..they would never be able to rle for the people will walk the streets and topple them....Best accept defeat like borther RAJAPAKSE of sri Lnaka or die like Ghaddafi.....There would be not more laissez faire and robbery of our vote.....

  17. Jam has never and would never be elelcted by Seychellois in fair and free election,manipualtion is his only change...they thig is this time Seychellois seem decdied not to allow donkeys like Michel who happens to be the less educated in our society rob their votes to enslave them..Pl will either accept defeat or experience the same faith as Gaddafi ,that is finish as a sewage rat.

  18. Attention Mr. John Denis!.
    Congratulation. You are doing a fantastic work with your 'Seselwa Ennou Koze' YouTube program. Now Seychellois all over the world can see and hear what are being said by individuals on pertinent issues, and amazingly speaking without fear and expressing their political opinion freely. This is like a 'Genie-out-of-the-bottle' that President Michel cannot stop. Mr. John Denis, you should expand your program to include interviews of Seychellois living overseas. PL does not allow them to vote but PL cannot stop them being interviewed via Skype etc.. Local Seychellois would be happy to see and hear from their diaspora brothers and sisters. It would be the last nails in the coffin of James Michel and Partie Lepep by airing many 'koksis' that have been under the carpet for so long.
    Go for it Mr. Denis, it will give your program an international dimension.




  20. The whole PL members should be impeached long ago.
    Thats enough smoke to start the fire!

    Ramados kicked out!


  21. News is that Astove island will be filled up with sand in the middle to make it larger for new hotel for the KING of IDC.

  22. These out lying islands are safe heavens for the PL CHIEFS.
    Just in case Seselwa in araze pe revolte so FAR,JAM and the royal families can ran over there. And from there they can call their overseas dictators saying OPEN THE AIRPORT I AM COMING ....

  23. Permet mwan en pti bout plas lo zot blog.
    Misel kant menm oun fer Msye Ramados ferm son biznes e nou napa travay nou pa pou pran zot larzan pou vot pou zot. PL se ban kriminel premye klas. Ban voler ki pa kontan seselwa.Zot in bliye ki Ramados kin ed zot ganny eleksyion! Kot zot kaka kouver sa voyaz.


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