No foreigners: Seychelles Production Company appeals to government

Since the start of his door-to-door visit of hotels in 2014, Alain St.Ange the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture has put a lot of emphasis on visiting every tourism licensed establishments and this ensuring that every small or large hotel establishments and stand alone restaurants were visited. For the first time last week the Ministry of Tourism and Culture introduced a change of strategy in its door-to-door visits and introduced stops with a cultural element to mark what Minister St.Ange says is the consolidation approach of tourism through the development of culture and the protection of culture through a buoyant tourism industry.
This change of strategy incorporating culture and tourism within the Minister’s door-to-door visits is a well thought mechanism to illustrate that on the ground, mixing culture and tourism is workable.
Visiting small and large tourism establishments on the western side of Mahe, Minister St.Ange, principal secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune and Sherin Naiken the Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board were joined by Jimmy Savy Chief Executive of the National Arts Council to tour Mr Clifford Telemaque licensed “Relation Sound” studio, an outlet specialised in leasing out PA System and he also owns a reputable recording studio for artists.
Located at La Misere, Mr Telemaque and his son Eddy have built a flourishing business tapping its revenue from the field of entertainment. It was way back in 2002 that the Telemaque family opened the recording studio.
The location, away from the main road and surrounded by a lush and dense green vegetation created the perfect environment for well established artists in the country, such as Philip Toussaint, Marie Antoinette Dodin, Joseph Sinon and Elijah to take retreat from the commotion of a busy town to record their albums.
As the recording studio blossom and gained its notoriety, in 2006 Clifford Telemaque and his son ventured into creating their own production company, leasing out PA System to in-door and out- door events such as conferencing, musical shows staged locally.
Starting off with eight speakers, Relation Sound Company increased its available equipment to now include 60 speakers. The company run by father and son is now employing 5 workers. Mr Telemaque confirmed that 90% of the company’s revenue comes from its production line of leasing out PA systems.
The Relation Sound Company believes that the annual events held by Ministry of Tourism and Culture is good for his business as it is good for Seychelles. Clifford Telemaque said Relation Sound Company and everything that falls within the Culture Industry of Seychelles needs events to survive. He went on to say that the business of production company should remain for Seychellois businesses only.
“My appeal to government is not to allow foreign companies to come into the game. We are too small as a country.’’ said Mr Telemaque.
He said that Seychelles needs to learn from other small countries where foreigners have been licensed to enter into the production company and where as a result they invested big into high tech equipment and today they are killing small local businesses who have their heart and soul in their country.
Mr Telemaque is no stranger to the country’s musical arena. In 1980 he created a seven-member musical band “Relation” and earned a solid reputation.
Minister St.Ange was very impressed with the company set up by Mr Telemaque and he appreciated the statement made by Mr Telemaque that reminded Seychelles of the fact that small businesses needed the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s annual events to survive.
The National Arts Council mandated to support artists had kept a close eye on the business development of Mr Telemaque and other newly established production companies in the country. Mr. Savy said the country’s business climate is ideal for the production businesses.
“There are many Seychellois who are in the production businesses and they have remained in business because of the events being staged in Seychelles. These businesses can only remain in business if the licenses are controlled and it is not overtaken by big companies,” Mr. Jimmy Savy said.
Mr. Savy said as he toured the Telemaque Studio at La Misere that he has an open door policy to work with artists and with companies venturing into technical and production businesses.
The next stop on the Minister's tour was at Mr. Egbert Marday who owns an Art Gallery that is today well established at Helvetia in La Misere.
Unlike Mr. Telemaque who found his happiness in a production company, Egbert is an established sculpture and artist since 1999 who has created a name for himself. Mr. Egbert Marday is now thinking of developing his business further.
Visiting his art gallery, Minister St.Ange and his team were impressed with the mediums transgressed in his paintings.
Mr. Marday revealed his intention to bring a face lift to his gallery to encourage more visitors to his gallery and is thinking in due course to try and have a room or two in the gallery itself for tourists looking for a holiday more centered of the arts. Mr. Egbert Marday showed Minister St.Ange and his delegation a collection of his works that marks the slave era saying that he has always believed that this collection of paintings and carving works should be part of the National Collection of Seychelles. Minister Alain St.Ange who was clearly impressed by this collection that marked the macabre part of the islands history, said that we needed to agree to a price and then as a country try to find a benefactor who would be prepared to assist.


  1. Pos alain pankor plen avek larzan san fwa i ti pou debarke e al zwen Pillay son bon dalon lekol.

  2. Telemaque puts it right....Seychellois must be favoured and benfit FIRST from their economy..not ofriegners who in fact do not create wealth but used the beauty of our land as a means for them to make lots of wealth .....and to make this wealth theey use all kinds of destructive pracrices---->CHEAP EXPAT LABOUR-- that in turn kill Seychellois jobs and degrade Seychellois standard of living,,create financial leakage for all their money made locally are banked abroad,,they pay no taxes,,they import all their goods even goods available locally thereby kill local farmser and fishermen,,they import lots of expats that not only kil job for Seychellois but increase artificially our population thereby putting extra and devastating pressure on our natural resources such as water,land ,enviroemnt,wastage...etc.....just imagine there are over 30 thousand cheap expat wroekrs in Seychelles ,roughly one quarter of seycheölles population which is a burden of our land,economy,social system ,environment ,habitat ,housing ,heatlth system etc.....but alos since Pl has allow to built their illegal religious temple ,sinagoue etc.. or even called foreigner and their relgion such as SEYCHELLOIS ORTHODOX;OR SEYCHELLOIS JEWISH RELIGIOUS COMMUNITES etc.. all these are foreigners not Seychellois ,those pl illegal sold out passport to and allow to import their relgions here to create long term religiousconficlts a words Pl has imported lots of problems that should not exisit in seychells such as potential religious problems in the future and ethincal to..with lots on id^nidans colonizing Seychelles and act like Seychelles has always been part of india and Seychellois is an indain cast.....

  3. Me Telemaaue said,,Ceratain businesses shouls reserve for seychelliois,U right,in fact not certain All businesses should offered to seychellois first,for the simple fact that seychelles economy belongs to seychelliis,seychrllois must benefit from.their economy not foreigners,Foreigners should be forced like china and elsewhere mKe businesses in joint venturevwith seychrllois,multi the arab owner of Raffle hotel,such persons should not be allow to build hotels,etc...they do not contribute anything tovseychelles economy,they are the same importing thousands of cheap expats slaves to seychelles take seychrllois not.mention the other nwgatives they bring to iur land.Of whrn it come to Culture,no foreigner can represent a nations culture as indigenous.

  4. What should be the normal pratice and tacitly is that seycheles economy belongs to Seychellois,so seychrllois should unconditionally be previlege and benefit from their own economy,and that in all sectors before foreigners.
    As Communist Chins,a friend of pl does,and many othe countries do too,is pass law that forced foreigners who want to invest in seychelles,do it in a joint venture
    As to our main industries,namely Tuorisn and fisheries,Seychrllois should be the first to benefit not arab billionaire or else.

  5. Michel drove to the convetional hall with a convoy of dozens of limousines teemed with heavily armed bulldogs.He entered the front door of the conventional hall surrounded with a dozwnes of bodgaurds..One may ask what make Michel so fearful that even in his one camp,among his suppseodly own supporters finds it necescessary to be escoutrted inside a buildings with so many bodyguards?Well ,Michel fear fear,Michel fear the people Michel fear his supportors ,Michel fear his shadow.Michel fear everybody except himself..That is not a man to follow....In the convention he said"Pillay teels the truth"Well Pillay is telling the truth,.Michel would like in feact that Pillay teels pl truths that is lies.lies and lies .Michel when Pillay announced foring his party Called on Pillay to UNITE..probably because he fears Pilllay and knows Pillay has enough proofs to expose him........Michel asks Pillay to tell the truth as if he is a truth tellers himself ,while every Seychellois knows and take him for a con, a liar ,a criminal.....
    Michel blah balh about stability and peace ,as if Seychelles has clans,tribes, ethnic groups who were in civil war before 1977,and thanks to Pl coup civil wars were stopped and since then he has peace and stability.Stability is about legitimacy donkey.Stability historically proven is in democracies.. not in state toerrirsm.communist,dictatorship..Stability is when the people is happy,free ,and unite donkey....

  6. Stability with an ak47 is dictatorship donkey.
    Pl went to Un to speaks about SUSTAINABLE development,,and even tells us,as does Mancham when he travel on tax payers on a monthly basis ,that Pl representative will be giving lesson on sustainable development to others.though the others pl is making allusion to ,have long been implementing sustainable development while Pl promote unsustainable devlopemnt by allowing foreingers to take over our economy ,control local businsses,and monopolies.......Sustainable donek Michel you will find it in SME side busineses ,not in five star hotels thatbank all their porift aborad,import all the oggds instead of purchasinf locally, depedent on cheap slaves workers, and destroy environment to illegally built over sieze five star hotles ,but bring nothing to the economy except pl pockets.

  7. Just like on Climate change..donkey micherl preaches on climate change ,self proclaim himself expert meteologist ,than what he did?He bought a fuel powered genrators instead of putting soalr panels on households.....In absurdistan(Seychelles under Pl).absurdity is the norms.

  8. Today on Nation I read about ILO,,,,and pl governmentgive the impression Seychelles has a duty< to create joib for foreigners .as if Seychelles government has an obligation to feed of nations ,..Seychelles government should firstly,never be in ILO and to implement their laws qwhich rape our domestic laws...Seychelles ogvernemnt duty and responsibility is creating jobs not for Indains,Sir Lnakan ,or any other nations but Seychellois ,,,Indian government has the duty to feed his people not Seychellois......

  9. I heard the minister of employment blah balhing about recruiting and importing more foreigners to take Seychellois jobs...Seychelles government has an obligation and duty ,not to create jobs for foreigners and abide by ILO laws ,which over rule National laws ,therefore rape our soveiregnty..Seychelles govewrnemnt obligation and duty< is to create job abd prosperity for itas is up to indains,Sri Lanken governemnts as soveiregnty countirs and government to take their respponsbility.......

  10. Yes I think President Michel is getting a bit delusion he say minister want to be minister for life but he did not say that President want to be President for life and he ask Ton Pat to tell the truth, what truth he want Ton Pat to tell why he sack him or why Ton Pat decided to get out of his corrupted government because Ton Pat is already telling the truth cause a lot of minister has gone before Ton Pat and still going without the public know for what reason so president Michel why did not you tell the truth so president Michel you better start telling the truth yourself now or Ton Pat will do it for you as you can see it started, and you say some one want to be president even he cannot speak creole our language so to be Seychelles president one must a Seychellois so president Michel who make Dr Ramadoss a Seychellois was not it you he was FAR doctor and then he became your doctor too you give him the Seychellois passport so what are you saying he cannot speak creole and he is a Seychellois, so be careful president Michel you gonna shot yourself in the foot

    a Seychellois who love his beautiful country but now living abroad in the cold weather because of your corrupt government thank to all brothers and sisters Seychellois wish you all good luck in dismantle the corrupt system

  11. Have U notice the more JAM lies he resemble the newly discovered Koksis?
    Sifler sifler se vous menm ki ma tuer.

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    When JAM lies his head gets bigger and balder.
    When Jam lied to his own LE PEP.....they all SMILE!
    What a bunch of IDIOTS.

    1. Nous sommes pas des idiots et ni les bourik grande zorey.
      Prand un peu patience avek nous.
      Nous pe swe un rol pou la dernyer fwa.
      Nou pou prand zot la monnais qui zoy pou partager.
      Et nous vas semplement vote pou l'opposition.

      An avant pour un meilleur la vie.


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