600 doctors who got degrees from abroad issued notice

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), which functions as a regulator of the medical profession, is taking a closer look at foreign-trained doctors as well as doctors who pursue post-graduate degrees through distance education. It has sent notices to 600 doctors across Maharashtra who have earned their basic medical degree from universities in Russia, Ukraine, China, etc. This follows complaints about foreign-trained doctors putting up boards stating that they are "MD Physicians" although India recognizes them as "MBBS equivalent" doctors only.

"We consider these misleading boards to be a menace. What if an injured child is rushed to a doctor who claims to be a paediatrician but has only undergone a distance post-graduate degree from Seychelles?" said MMC president Dr Kishor Taori. Regarding foreign-trained doctors, he said they had been asked to return their MMC degrees so that fresh ones could be issued.



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