Rajapaksa's Assets Under Scrutiny In Seychelles And Switzerland

The Swiss government has reportedly imposed new laws preventing the depositing of monies earned through illegal means through in Swiss bank accounts.
Accordingly, Swiss authorities are to closely monitor the transactions made by politicians, state officials and businessmen with Swiss banks, including Sri Lankans.

During the previous regime, many accusations were raised against the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family members of having deposited illegally earned money in Swiss banks. It was also revealed that such transactions were made not directly from Sri Lanka but through the Seychelles islands, under names of Seychelles citizens.

Economics experts have also pointed out that there had been an unusual increase of money deposited in Swiss bank accounts under names of Seychelles citizens during the last few years.
Interestingly, it was a Swiss company that acted as the intermediary when the Rajapaksas had allegedly sold 350 tons of gold acquired from the LTTE to Japan. The total value of the transaction was reportedly Rs. 40,000,000 million. However, such a massive amount of money has not been deposited in any local bank.
Meanwhile, the Swiss Central Bank has also announced that US$ 98 million has been deposited in Swiss bank accounts by Sri Lankans.



  1. It must be pointed out that pl regime has unconditionally and aggressively solicitate money laundering,,it has become pl main source of revenues..weak regulation,licencing those so call investor advisor to the likes of Paul Chow,...to conceal,disguise the nature,source ownship of ill~gotten gains made by c international crominals or state terrorist such Rajapaska.Paul Chow ,for instance,is so specialize in ponzi scheme that he could named the money laindering syndicate,,...he has been a prominent facilatator by his Offshore company..
    Pl has allow and facilate by its lacism,large numbers of opaque offshore companies to oprate,literally without control,as on a blackmarket without regulations,.
    NOW that Rajapaska is Llegded to have used Seychelles Bank institutions and offshore companies to laundered money tobSeychelles,should it be. Both a moral and juridiacial duty for Seychelles government to investigate the allegation as statr?what about Rajapaska,Shell Company(beauty clinic operating in Seychelles ,should ir not be fotrfeit?what about rolr of bankd in these money laundering scam?whatthevrole lanka bsnk in Seychelles,which open a branch in Seychelles uner suspicious eyes by zhe public,due tobits rapidity of opening,its connection with Rajapaska,and its prrviious involvement of money laundering in Sri lanka.,?was theblooded gold money transite via seychelles bankS to.Switzerland,who facilitated it?pl has a reputation of its involvemenz i. International organized crimes...arms sell zo Hutu is Rwuanda genicide,now facilitating blood gold money robbed by Rajapasja from zhe Tamil after buzchering.if find true,should pl be consider involved in the Tamilian genocide committed by Rajapaska?

  2. What is FIU for?window dressing,?

  3. This is how Michel implemented his scheme of OFFSHORE of the current state structure in his globalization mantra to carry out full scale looting of the wealth of a Nation to benefit a few.That is how Under Michel/pl ,Seychellois has been suckered,looted,pillaged and drained.We can call this Pl economy of Exploitation.
    PL,Seychelles`Engel of death,helping tyrannts,International crimes to devour their people wealth and turning Seychelles into Pariah Statecould be seen from Rajapaska.This is the highest stage of pL thugtatorship(NB a thugtatorship is rule by gang of thieves and robbers in designer suits) .As we can see,in a thugtocracy,the purpose of seizing and clinging to power is solely to accumulate personal wealth for the ruling class by stealing public Funds and depriving the broader population of scare resources necessary for basic survival.

  4. What do these criminals to the likes of Michel and Rajapaska say when the meet?

  5. They share ideas and experience on how to wash their ill~gotten gains.likes attract likes.


    Tacitly,all of us agree that meaningful steps must be taken to end or reduce the acute,domestic voilence in our society.It seems to me,Dr Meriton is lost on the issue.Dr Meriton,since Vice President has embarked on a voyage whereby he makes lots of speeches on the issue as if he is a leader of an NGO,rather has minster incharge,from whom Seychellois,is waiting actions rather than speeches .

    As a Patriot,allow,me to help Dr Meriton finding the start line,else he will never find the finishing line.

    WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF DOMESTIC VOILENCE?Experts purport that assaultive behaviors often stem from ...reactions to stressors,family dynamics,learned aggression,cultural norms,social attitudes,poor communication or poor problem~solving skills....which are often exacerbated by addiction to Drugs and/or Alcohol...Alcohol and substance abuse contributes mainly to aggression and impaired Behavior.

    We live in a Penal Society which means Criminal Legal System underpins much of what we so and often the first place we go when trying to regulate behavior.Hence,Domestic assault is voilating the law,but most important it voilates Human Rights.Thus,it must be punished eithrr by Civil or Crinimal law.

    What is why we renewing our call for CRIMINALITATION of Domestic and sexual assaults

    ~All form of voilence are penalited.
    ~Coverage of Prosecution
    ~Judicial Protection Order.(measures must include making sure abusers who posed a danger to their partner are removed from home.,No contact between victim and Abusers in all its form,)....LAW that oblige authorities to investigate reports of domestic voilence(Police must wait for victim to filed a report to act~~because one of the biggest problems with combating Domestic voilence is “lack of cases filed~~the fear and shame experience by victims keep them from reporting the abuse.........VICTIMS must be educated oncthe fact that when they abandon their regard for personal safety,they risk severe injur, or even death.
    ~Make the justicr sydtem safe and supportive.
    ~Pass a LAW ,that once a party has filed a domestic voilence report,they will not be able to reconcile the case outside the Law...hopefully,leading to decreased impunity rates and detering voilent family members.
    ~MANDATORY REPORTING:that is requiring health professionals to report suspected instances of domestic voilence to the police
    NB:it is argued that criminalizing domestic assaults could place victims at great risks for experiencing a worsening of the abuse as a result of angrying the Abuser.Or the voilation of Doctor~patient Confidentiality.These are lrgitimate concerns,but special situation must be dealt with by special ways,means~~as zhe victim,the aggressor often live under the same roof when it comes to a man,his wife,or a father and his children.

    Continue below

  7. Criminalizing Domestic voilence will also be a turning point in protecting Human Rights

    Domestic voilence need Multidisciplinary solutions,and other measures.There is lots of evidence to say zhat,criminalizing something ,does not eliminate it.~~One of the fundamental tenants of criminalization is that,it acts as a robust deterrent to the practice or crime.But there are a whole range of tactics that could be the focus of campaigns to eradicate or reduce certain behaviors that do not rely on criminalization at all:Education,Prevention,dealing wizh the problem of drud/alcohol problems which are.more an illness etc...

    ~shelter for victim(,i would prefer getting the one individual abuser out of the house than whole family members who are victims.......get the abuser to stay by relatives if possible....or government provides payable facilities.......the abuser must feel how tough the punishment is not the victim).
    ~Protection of children......bring zhem to relatives etc .
    ~Circulating information of necessary protection facilities and measures.But also social,psychological,and medical aid to both,victims and abusers
    ~Fighting patriachal ideology and confuscianism.

    Must provide,individuals,group and family Counseling,but also Cognitive~Behaval Treatment Program for persons changed with domestic offences.
    ~Domestic Treatment Centers arr needed.

    LAW should includes:Judicial,labor,health,and educational policies aim at ensuring the inplementation...for all must be done promptly,in order that victims does feel distress etc...

    We need Dr Prof. MERITON to stop HIS RHETORICS,and diliver his duty and obligation as minister now,not tommorrow for tommorrow might be too late,too costly and too endemic.


  8. A respond to the today's Article in TODAY InN SEYCHELLES ON LAWYERS.

    The article stated that lawyers SHY AWAYS FRO LEGAL AID CASE...nothing surprising in it....Literally all Seychellois lawyers have converted themselves as fake experts involve in FOOSHORE banking,representatives as is the famous LUCAS case......Bernard Geroge and others have turned themselves though not necessarily specilaied in fiancae legal practices etc... suddenly have gard thmesleves in the robers of financial legal experts entice by the fast,lucrative illegal business and amount of money to be pocket in this organized crimes.WHy go to defence cases for Sr 4000 when being money luanderying legal representatives can bring you millions in just one case.


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