Black Money In Seychelles Secret Offshore Account Will be returned to Sri Lanka

After a momentous and miraculous turn of events which began November 21 last year, President Maithripala Sirisena was yesterday elected and sworn in as the sixth executive president, with a manifesto pledging to launch a new era of good governance and democracy within hundred days.
Many significant events on election day and yesterday were good signs of the new era. After several years the people of Sri Lanka were given the priviledge of voting and upholding their soverignity in a free, fair and peaceful presidential election. Much credit for this must go to the independent and courageous Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya who took effective measures to prevent any rigging or computer manipulation of the first Presidential election that he conducted. We also need to thank praise his staff including hundreds of senior and junior presiding officers counting centre officers, Sri Lankan and international election monitors.
When the trend became obvious and even before the results were formally announced at noon yesterday the defeated President Mahinda Rajapaksa quietly gracefully left Temple Trees around 6.30 am after speaking to Mr. Sirisena and the main opposition United National Party national leader Ranil Wickremesinghe. We and the Sri Lankan people are thankful and grateful to the outgoing president for keeping his pledge that if he lost he would give up power peacefully and without hesitation mainly because of the much awaited visit of Pope Francis to Sri Lanka from January 13 to 15. Thank you Mr. Rajapaksa we and the Sri Lankan people will remember your courageous role in ending the war against ruthless terrorists in 2009.
Adding more significance was the Election Commissioner’s decision to ask his deputy M. M. Mohamed to make the historic nationwide victory announcement in Tamil. The Commissioner then made the announcement in Sinhala in the afterglow of Mr. Sirisena’s victory in which the minority communities played an important role. President Sirisena in his acceptance speech pledged there would be no violence or vengeance and no one would be allowed to break the rule of law. When Mr. Sirisena went to Independent Square for his swearing-in yesterday evening he chose to take his oaths before a senior Supreme Court Judge K. Sripavan. Again a significant act of Sinahala Tamil amity though many legal analysts wondered how Chief Justice Mohan Peiris might respond to this.
With Ranil Wickremesinghe being sworn in by President Sirisena as the new Prime Minister a new cabinet of ministers is also likely to be sworn in with the Sirisena administration hoping it would have a two thirds majority in parliament to approve important legislation in the first 100 days. The most important is the Constitutional amendment to reduce the powers of the executive presidency and revive the 17th Amendment. Through this a Constitutional Council will appoint an independent elections commission, national police commission, public services commission, and a judicial services commissions to restore the independence and integrity of these vital institutions or checks and balances in democracy. Equally importantly the amendment will give wide powers to the commissions appointed to probe allegations of bribery and corruptions.
Rampant corruptions of huge magnitude is widely believed to be one of the main reasons for the downfall of the Rajapaksa government. Mr. Sirisena and other leaders of the common opposition have pledged that all those against whom there is substantial evidence of corruption and plunder of the people’s wealth and resources, will be hauled before courts of law and if found guilty punished with prison sentences and heavy fines. Mr. Sirisena and the opposition leaders have also pledged that top politicians of officials who had allegedly taken hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country and put them in secret accounts in the Seychelles or the Caribbean Island of St Kits and Nevis would be forced by law to bring these plundered billions back to the country. The new leadership has also pledged that action would be taken against state electronic and print media bosses who blatantly flouted election laws and indulge in crude propaganda for the Rajapaksa government. Mr. Sirisena has said he hope such action would in future ensure that the state media acted with responsibility and impartiality.
Mr. Sirisena’s joint opposition administration must also act fast to implement some of its other main pledges—Rs 5000 pay increase for public servants from next month and Rs 10,000 later, relief for pensioners, drastically reducing the cost of fuel and 10 other essential commodities. They have also promised to implement the Right to Information Bill and a Bill to implement the National Medicinal Drugs Policy within two months.
P r e s i d e n t Sirisena you rise to great heights if you are promise-keeper and not just a promise maker, if you are servant leader living a simple and humble life style if you practise what you preach and preach what you practise. We wish you all blessings for this.


  1. Sir lankan people have demonstrated that a hydrid regime can be defaeted at the poll,if THREE CONDITIONS prevail:1) The opposition UniTe and rally behind a common Candidate,. 2)The EC demonstrates it independency andhold to high standards of proffessionalism,3-)lots of expeience International Observers,.
    RAM can make the shot,if he follows Mr Sirisenas footsteps..and if Gappy demonstrates that he can act proffessionaly and independently.

    Unity of the opposition,the proffessionalism and independency of zhe EC was desuasive in this election.Ram should a leaf from Mr Sirisenas book,should he want real,change and his chance of defeating pl.
    Srilankan 2015 election should be serve as a role model for Seychelles 2016 election,and if the opposition is serious in bringing change to has to unite and have one common candidate,..couple with a determined Gappy/EC ready to perform the constitutional duty in senerity and proffessional International Observers such as EU Union,UN,institionals like Carters election observer body(no SADC,AU,they have proven zhemselves incompetent,corupt,under experiencr etc..)

  2. Rajapaska having called an electional before it was due,was convinced to win with the usual 9.,97,99,9 % but unity of zhe opposition and the proffessionalism of the EC broke.Behind then ,the proffessionalism of zhevinternational observer organisations made it impossiblr for Rajapaska to fraud,call victory before polling stations were all closed and before zhe finally counting and official announcement of the EC.He conceded defeat,walked out zhe Presidential palace as a shocked beaten dog,while he brother,ex defence minster found refused in Maldives.Be it be that Rajapaska find refuse in secrecy in Seychelles on onevof our outter islands,Pl/Glenny has illegally sold him?what is clear is that sri people ousted him and he might well like his brother preparing for escape ,due to zhe mountain high cases of nepotism,corruption,rmbezzlement,nurder,theft,money launderying,he perpetrated during his decade of iron rule on Sri lanka.He might opt,for the world known dictators safe haven Saudi Arabia.

    As to Michel is mighz well be concern of zhe fate of his friend ,if the later face Sir lankan justice ,many hidden secrecies between Rajapaska and Michel will come light,it would be a hot potato forvMichel.

    But you know pl can avoid the same fate as Michels friend Rajapaska....zhat is by immediately..dissolving his one party state government and by calling for zhevformation of a Unity government(a coalizion govt) .....this would ensure pl of not facing zhe same exprience as Rajapaska and save pl for ending in zhe trashbin of history and momontarily save their crooked ass for facing justice.Then would not have to exile and find refuse in abroad,which might make them vulnerable to or fall prey to ICC for crimes against humanity and instead in living peacefully amobg their people,or in dictators haven in Saudi Arabia,then would end zheir days in zhe five star ptison hotel in the HAAG,like Tailor,Milosevic,Rwanda geneciders and probably ASad would finally ends.

    Change urselves pl,do the right zhing now,for zhe country and for urselves.

    Have Rene calls for Reconciliation last year,seize zhis moment,and make 2015,the year of National unity...... and to prove this unity ,put in place a Unity govt........for lets say,zhe coming two years(zhat is no election i.2015,to allow zhe Unity government to reform,put in place demoncraczic institutions,the roadmap,in order that we zhen have a smoozh transition fron dictatorship to democracy.

  3. I would suggest thst instead of holding an election in 2016,to instead form a National,Unity government,in which all paties will find its place.I think what Seychelles needs best at zhevmomont is National unity as a nationand hence a National unity would fit best to achieve national unity,because it would mean unity of purpose.

    Real~loving and a fair minded seychellois would support that,because it is an unpartisan condition ,which could only lead to future peaceful transition,stability and peace.

    Pl can continue to stand on a mountain of false greatness or can foster the spirit of unity by agreeing of a government of national unity.
    Such a courageous and historical correct decision will make Seychelles a modern society envied around Africa if not worldwise.
    For Seychelles to zhe great nation it could be,we need to renewal and rebirth,...we need to recognize zhat in any great society,in any great democracy,all citizens,must feel involve and included....a national unity government can be zhe cornerstone of this greatness...what is needed is the WILL to make zhis,historical step of national unity....then i am sire when we,have taken zhis first step,we will achieve great zhings for the country and people together.

    Let oueselves be spiritually guided by God and inspire by our people in this courageous and historical moment.......let us say togezher as O ama...YES WE CAN!let offer ther people the destiny the dreamed off in 1976
    ......democracy,freedom,prosperity,fraternity,unity and a long prosperous life for our nation.

    We should not be afraid of change but the cosequences of not changing.The time for change is rife and pl as well as the opposition should grabe this opportunity now..

  4. The modus operandi of dictators is essentially the same besides,:Psrliament ,if there is one,they seize control of SIX KEY INSTITUTIONS~~The Security force,the Judiciary,the Media,the Central Bank and the EC.
    However,Sri Lankan 2015 election demonstate something important..namely zhat if THE one institution (EC) decided to followvand abide by rule of zhe game,alone it can bring change under difficult rlectoral conditions.

  5. DAVID (Mr. Sirisena)defeated GOliath(Rajapaska) The ppeddle tthat stuck GGoliath ccentered oonnCorruption,Human Rights ,standard of living, galvanized by a EC who decided to be its own man.
    Goliazh after the defeat raising white flag,head down ,sweating deillusion if he just came out of a Sauna.His brother ,ex~defence minister ,also known for his wivkedness ,ran away in Ben Ali,in a rush into exi and found refuge in the Maldives.It is speculated thatchis stop in the Maldives is just a technical stop(st Ange),before he vanish in the dark to a hidden private island in our country.Maybe Glenny can affirm,confirm,enlighten us on that.By the way,the is a luxurious piece of D!AROS Island for sale by Pl and foreign clics,, could be a good hide way until seychellois traditional banboum detect him and enveil his hideway.

  6. Mahinda Rajapaksa tried to deploy the army when he realised that he had lost Sri Lankan elections. The army commander refused to interfere and that was when he played smooth transition of power. Michel is in shock.

  7. Michel sent his congratulation to Sir Lankan new elected President,Maybe he should sent a copy of the amount of money Rajapaska laundered in Seychelles.

    1. SL Government should now investigate the need for a High Commission, the Bank of Ceylon (Seychelles Branch) and the Insurance Corporation and close them down. Yes get back the laundred money of Rajapaksa and crooks like Perera.

      This is a good lesson for sleepy Seychelles.

  8. He tried everything,even calling SIRISENA JUDAH.But in the end he realized that staying quiet is best for himself......for he could have had been butchered by Oppostion supporters.The other important point is ,since the new President won by a slight margine ,this shows that RAJPASKA still has a great deal of supporters...that he could use in any judial case against him...either to pressure the new government,to create disorder and chaos in case he is severely condemn etc... But e could depend on them in case he is jailed to ensure that in five years when the new election comes,to oust SIRISEAN...which might bring his party again on power and thus have him release from jailed.He stop the attmpt of using violence because the int Observers palyed a big role but also the US senat

  9. One could why would Rajapaska attenpted to use voilence to cling on power,in an election whereby his party lost by a slight margine?The fact is thought he lost,his party still holds enough seats in the Parliament,that if they want ,they can make life hard for the new President by not supporting or blocking Pesident programme in the Parliament,therby ,making it impossible for tthe new President to succeed.Moreover,since he party has enough seats in can be used to impede the new President to succeed,people could be so unsatisfy by the new President ability to deliver changes,that the prodability that Rajapaska win in the next elrction in years is real.

    This situation ,could be true for pl too,should it loss again the opposition in 2015..

    The problem in such situation theccountry and the people would be affected,because through a different party is incharge,the disapproval game in the Parliament between pl who would have enough seat to impede a new President in deliverying his programme,would be only a political parties gam.of who impede each other pprogramme best.would impede change,progress etc..
    What why ,to avoid suchfool games ,i suugest and think opting building a Natilnal Unity Government would provide more geniune,responsible,serious ,good habits,...coherrence withib a national unit govt that would real work for real change and work for the people benefit than would be a situation as it is the case in Sri lanka now.In other words,a national unity govt would nutralizevthe partisan confkicts,our country do need and it is not the best way to create national unity,but for a furious battle between incumbents Parliamentary which would do all to makr the new Presidrnt. Life difficult on one side,and a new President who by the actions of the incumbent,patliamentary would get angry by their actions and which might turn the new President for proples supposed savior to a dictator himself,trying to use unconstitutional.meabs as his predeccesspor to keep his legitimacy by all means and not to fail.

  10. The legitimate auestion that crops up in regards to a National Untiy govt..,is it good for promoting democracy?
    The answer tends to be NO,it does not promote democrcacy as such,Why?,Because a National Unity Govt,remove a government in the waiting,the concept of having the known traditional opposition system,is lost,confinement of specific political parties,the exclusive of civil society and other new formed political parties and critics of government policy in institutions promoting democrcy ......hence a govt of Nat .Unity to some extence,negates demoncrcy.

    But we.must keep in mind that a Nat.Unity govt,is created when a country finds itself in political and other difficulty for instance,a war time to build national unity .it since the best suitable method than having a situation like i. SRI LANKA whereby,there is a new partycin charge,but still a stronge incumbents Parliamentry in the Assembly......which in the end could create more disunity becuase of their battle in the Parliament,than a national unity govt,who all govt members would have to work togrther on......pre~drtermined,pre ~agrred changes,reforms i. Notcparty interst but thevpeople.Furthermore,in a national unity government,,in which all party must worked on decided roadmap,the probability tgat the diffirent parties become them more tolerance,uinte smong themselves is real,for there would be no reasonscfor them to fight eachvother,than learning to know each over and get the roadmap set for them by the people on the track .This could have positive effects inctheir future dealings wuth eachvother after things turnvto normal,that is when the national unity has accomplidhed it mission,and parties go back tocthe traditional partie individuality,ideology etc.....this would boost unity and proprl the country faster forward to progress.
    NB.....even when thing turn back to normal after the National Unity govt. normal future elections,parties can practice coalition......but in a normal political is imagineablr to see all Opposition join,or share all of them ,or be part of a govt.

    Seychelles has more to gain ,jncukuding all political parties,than going forward with election as usual.

  11. 19,34
    Michel is surely shocked,for he chosen Rajapaska as friend because the sinilarity he find in Raja......Michel was convinced that Raja as wicked,murderius as him,he was convibced then that Raja would deployed his arny of armed thugs and reverse the Will of Sri Lankan people by ak 47.Michel was waiting for the first shot so that he can enjoy the bloodbath and butchering of innocents,just as in 1977 with his coup.But Michel convintion in the brutality of his friend raja...has turned up to be his the butcher who seemed invincible was a weak coward inside......this teaches uswhy dictators often have easy fingeron thev trigger.....namely because they are often psychological weak.....theveasy use of machine guns provide them the force a coward could never have.But when beaten in elections,or though the use of force or othervmeans....we discover how coward and swagger those himan abusers are......he have seen,Rajapaksa after his defaeted leaving the Presidentiial Place like shocked beaten ,exausted,lost dog ......we swa Ben Ali fleeing away from his people like a prison escaping a prison,his own prison....escaping for his people ........Gaddafi when arrested,broke into tears like schoolyard bully......Yenen ex~dictator after being smoked out from behind his mudwall escaped to Saudi Arabia like a chickrn being chased by a a word....the demonstrate their gross cowardishness.

  12. As a blogger also says....the army refused to obey Rajapaska s order.why continue obeying order of a beaten crooked.?

  13. Ask Brigadier Payet and the lady Ombudsman what they were doing in Sri Lanka just before the election. They were briefed on the election expectations and now they must be in shock too.

    1. At least for once she was doing something, and pleasing the military is no easy job particularly an old Brigadier!

  14. It was one of his biggest miscalculation,calling for pre-election two years before it was to due,Rajapaska thought he was going to win by a landslide,but the polls spoke out aginst him.He as well as his foreign friends like Pl are terrified,shocked,but also worry that the new government published their until now secretive deals,theft etc....While India literally celebrate Sirisena victory,China is disappointed,Rajapaska was its favorite leader,ready to sell out Sir Lankan patrimony to promote China aggressive and dangerous Military ambition........Sirisena has in the past consider Chinese ambition as a kind Colonialism.....which make China worry more...for Sirisena might order the annulation and put a stop at China's hundred Billions military project in the region.
    Michel and Pl are terrified too,Rajapaska was supposed to sposor Pl in the coming election,and increase money launderying.......which pl was looking forward in 2015 to feed pl members and pl suddenly feel the sky is falling on its head.Brigardier Payet rushed to Sir Lanka,without official explaination of his visit and the purpose--probably in a rush to wash out all traces of recent crooked deals they made .
    Can Fieldmarshal tell the people what was the purpose of his secretive and unofficial visit to Sri Lanka.

  15. Rajapaska see defeat was coming his way he try to make the army to stop the vote counting.

  16. No!they were watching how Rajapaska and co manupilate vote for them to do same in the coming election in 2015.

  17. No changes of seeing votes are rigges,pl knows it already,and in regards to Sri lanken,no changws of rigging was possible because of boldnes,seriousness of the EC who abibed and ensure rigging do happened,and that is exactly what the Sri lanken EC did.

  18. After militarily crushing and ihumiliated the Tamil community,the Tamils help his defeat in this election ,by massively going to the polls and casting their ballots for Sirisena.Suddenly,Rajapaska whose government was made up largely of family members,find is dynasty colapsd within days.Shocked by the speed of desruction od his dynasty,Rajapaska had no choice than conceded his defeat.He attenpted to used the security services to inpede change,the probably afraid of the risks of genocide,and its consequences(icc)refused to be the complice of Butcher Raja.......left alone,Raja has no option than to give up.

  19. Morgan has been at it again trying to put a happy face amongst the ugly unhappy faces. This is what the Nation published "The medals were awarded to police officers who have served, 44, 40, 35, 25, 20 and 15 years in the force. Chief superintendent Guy Roucou is the oldest serving officer and he received the Meritorious medal award for his long term of service. Chief superintendent Philip Cecile received the long service medal, having clocked 40 years in the force, while the Medal of Valour went to assistant superintendent Abraham Isaac for his courage, devotion and good character". Tell you what, this scheme of service annual award was introduced in 2003 by a famous Seychellois Advisor, it is not something new, Morgan and Hunter are stealing a page from history to glorify their incompetence. And the officers rewarded are always the same individuals who are stout Pl supporters - Roucou etc. A medal of valour for Abraham Issaac indeed!

  20. A perfect example for Seychelles people. They always think that Sri Lankans, Indians and Africans are inferior to their intelligence, but now the Sri Lankans have shown that they are far superior in politics than their neighboring Seychelles. The Sri Lankans have watched in silence how Rajapaska and Cronies have plundered the state coffer, nepotism in the highest order, human rights abuses and extermination of sector of the people. Likewise the Seychellois have watched and still watching the plundering, nepotism, abuses, continuous absence of
    Diasporas and their confiscated properties that have never been returned or compensated. The evils that men like Rajapaska and Michel do have to come to an end. Hopefully, Seychellois will take the example of the Sri Lankans comes next election. Hopefully, someone will come out from behind and win!

    1. Get fraudulent men such as Perera deported

    2. Gill could b a perfect candidate.
      Gill has been voicing his oppinion on tis guy long time! (Perera)
      Well at least we know the other devil!
      eventhough he is a seselwa deracine the became a re-plante.

  21. It not only the concern that they fraudulentt,the great,concern is foriegners have nothing do here and controling a Svereign state ibstituitions,......a sovereign states as any other states Ambassadors,judges,police officiers etc...must be Nationals,else we cannotsay we an independent sovereign recruitment of foreigners to control our instutions is illegal,unconstitutioanal,crooked......and regardless what the reasons it because of lack of locals or simply not done anywhere for the sinple reason that foreigners are not nationals and shoukd and must not be there.

  22. Gill could be a good politician......but once any potential good leader start practicing what he use to oppose he lost his moral compass and integrity........
    Anyone can be mistaken ..but the important for a leader when went wrong.has the courage to admits one mistake...that is what we expect from a political leader...that is honesty.....that is a trait of a good leader

  23. 4,26
    He Could be...but i stress on Could beSince the crearion of SFP,Gill has shown intgrity,a guy of principles etc ...Then at a blink of an eye...for reasons known to him.alone....Gill defence a guy on an issue he could have just shut up on,and instead go into defence of a forger which goes completely against what he preaches.....
    Instead of quickly recognizing his mistake ,he chose to attack persons who are close friends and helping him to succeed.That is not the Gill we used to know,the Gill standing for ethics,morality and a leader that used to leader by examples......but ashameless isolate guy .one can not be both a ashameless politician and a man of unshakeable retrograde convictions.

    Afew about mistakes. ..As Phyllis Therous puts it,“Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom“
    Mistakes are unavoidable in life and leaders certainly,make their share of them.You can not have one without the other.The point about mistakes is that a good/genuine leader their from their mistakes The know when they make it and will quickly look at what could be salvaged,or gain from their mistakes to avoid it in the future or to streamline some action,or process to improve it next time.
    Another point of learning from mistakes is to also be a leader in the area ,and actually admit your own mistakes.It set the example of owning up to mistakes quickly and working past them,you can inspire your followers to do the same,and look at,the value of the mistakes instead of hiding them.It is a trait of leadership.
    Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.The are real learning moments,if you are open to them as such.And when we are in a culture that accept mistakes as opportunities to grow.......what a great environment!

    1. He has such a big mouth...he can sing a duet all by himself....his dad would agree with me. Now his teeeth, the 10 commandments...all brooken by FACEBOOK bloogers......i fer lapen'n....what he needed now is for him to join the KKK.....he would looook a loot beter with a hood over his face.

    2. PLEASE do not kick his teeth doing so you are just improving his looking! the past he has a big heart.....and a big stomach to old days he would burn all the camera flashes while taking pictures!

  24. A guy with no clear way.....having starting a way without clear final destination........he lost his way,an came across pl on pl way,then as he can not oriented hinself,he just follow pl way,with St Ange and Marco as blind guides.

  25. He is saving the 15,000 ruppias every month to build an extension room at his eco hotel and will call it the FLOOR CROSSER'S ROOM.


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