Settle your six-figure US tax bill

Boris Johnson should settle a six-figure tax bill in the US, the American ambassador indicated yesterday.
The London Mayor, who was born in New York and has dual citizenship, revealed last month that he is being pursued by the US tax authorities over profits made on the sale of a home in London.
American citizens are required to pay taxes on income over a certain level, even if the money is already taxed abroad.
Mr Johnson described the demand as ‘incredible’, and suggested he would not pay.
But US Ambassador Matthew Barzun indicated that Mr Johnson should settle up.
Speaking to journalists in Westminster, he refused to be drawn on the details of the London Mayor’s case.
But he said: ‘We have our rules and we expect people to play by them.
'If you get the benefits of being an American citizen you pay your fair share in taxes.’
The disputed tax bill is believed to relate to the sale of Mr Johnson’s first home in London.
He is reported to have bought the property in Islington, north London, for £470,000 in 1999. It was sold a decade later for £1.2million.
His salary as Mayor is £144,000 and he is paid £250,000 for a newspaper column.
The US embassy is also involved in a long-running row with the capital’s authorities over more than £8million in congestion charge fees run up by diplomats, which it refuses to pay.
In July last year, ahead of Mr Barzun’s arrival, Mr Johnson praised his diplomatic abilities, then added: ‘I do hope he’ll put those skills to good use in finding the more than £6million owed by US diplomats to Londoners in unpaid C-charge fines.’
And ahead of a state dinner in honour of Barack Obama in London in May 2011, he said: ‘Maybe when President Obama’s hors d’oeuvre plate is whisked away he will find a bill for £5.5m.’


  1. Oil price have drop, but why in Seychelles oil price is still high?

  2. Should Gill face the same fate?

  3. 03.21 to rob Seychellois as always.

  4. Gill will face the same fate + there are 2 more things to keep in mind:
    1.) compound interest that the American government , or IRS internal
    revenue service will one day declare as unpaid for all the past....x
    years of unpaid taxes...
    2.) Even if a person should REVOKE his or her american nazionality ,
    the taxes of exUS citizens are to by paid 10 years afterwards (! ) ,
    10 years after you have given up your US are still
    obliged to repay the due TAXES......BY american LAW..!!
    Look it up for your selves (Gill ) , or anybody interested . Now Gill , are
    you sure you didn´t angry any non Seychellois national in the past ?
    IRS acts often on behalf of any information ...submited by anybody ,
    meaning by anyone of any nationality !

  5. Gikl can sinoly guve away his us passoort we have question his dual nationalityThe fact is his parent o.ce received the us passport automatically their childrebs earned it too now is havjbg a foreign natjobal passport make a born seychelles less seychelles?the sane questiob could be asked to manchan who hold a brit passport, even before indepence and being president.dito to ex pilitical party leader,volcere, who holds a brit passport P Chow,etc .

  6. Gill need to fill the form 1040 like every US citizen.
    IRS will find you wherever you are unless you revoke.
    OR put an X in the box where it says you are BLIND.

    Nowadays he is helping Alain Festival St Ange writing eturbo news flash.
    He is happy with the trophy that Marco the forger gave him.
    He is raising it high so all loving Seselwa get PISSEDOFF (in one word)

    He made history about his self SFP with no one in the party.
    Like Monsieur Rene said one day about Oligvy Berlouis party in the 90's.....DEAD ON ARRIVAL (DOA)

  7. Benzin prices remain high because we are SPTC

  8. Higer oil price bY morl .xmas is near he needs money to buy himself expensive gifts. Arolex for gill so that can be at the level with michel,an YSl desiigned siut for faure that he wear. On his inoguration as president next year.

  9. A new denture for michel as retirement gift,he could then chew those torti sale must better.

  10. Gill refuses to say no to marcoscam,if he does so his silver plated award would be useless.for definitively we would concerned frkm a fake doctor ciuld only be fake prescription given to gill Gill thinks just about his hotel,the shield he received from the hands of marco has created a good publicity for gills hotel that why hehas decided to hang at the beast of marco.

  11. In private Mancham said he knew that was a matter before Gill swims in his petard.this guy cannot hold to the ideals he preach,he is fake.,mancham said,.

  12. Politcal parties in Seychelles receive money from the state----where is all the money SFp received?Where does the money goes since Gill is all in one ---President,supporter,Secretary Genral,treasurer--A One man party.Should government continues to throw tax payers' money to a ONE _MAN party who never holds meeting,never campagine,never participates in National actitivies,never has produce a manisfesto,never never in everything?Should money given to Gill not be returned to tax payers since Gill have not Politcally shows that he is a real party with a real program?Seychellois expect a political leader to meet them,communicate with them,tell them his program ,what he would do in a concrete way for them,be in touch with them,listen on the ground of their problems and bring solutions...

  13. Ooh I missed the above shows.

    One thing I know about this guy but never introduce to the public.
    He is a hot air balloon from neck up!
    He is a buffoon,an idiot and a great embarrassment for the people of Praslin.
    Pay no attention to this maroon.
    He will join PL sooner than expected.
    Peter was a man of honor-preaching Sesel pou Seselwa!
    Little did Peter knew that he was raising a MEGAPHONE.
    The same kind of megaphone that RENE was using in the 1964 during the STRIKE and the MARCH OF RICE in L'Esplanade.
    Gill,I know Mr.RENE and YOU SIR are no RENE.
    And saying all the above that does not make me a Pl idiot either.

  14. You right never seen one memeber of SFP on the ground on Praslin seen forming as a Party.

    1. SFP is a one man band. The same person that plays the bass is the drummer as well.
      I have asked Gill on numerous occasions to show me the list of members and all he comes up with is a list of excuses.
      I have tried to recruit people to the party but they all back down due to Gill previous bad history in Seychelles politics. Seychellois have never forgiven him when he crossed the floor to Lepep.
      I have spoken to Mr Lesperance on Praslin and he told me that he would not waste his time with this guy. He is loser and a sell out. You can compare him to the leader of PDM.
      He is now in the process of walking hand in hand with Ste Ange and Francis. He tends to lie and forget very easily what he has done in the past.

      Gary Tall

    2. In 2010 I once stated most of the above comments and could never get an answer.
      When asked again under different anonymous names it was deleted and never been posted.
      At that time I knew Gill and SFP was a fake and decided to renamed it Seychelles Fake Party. Evan Rival Dhanghi said he is really a BOURIK GRAN ZOREY.
      I also said that SFP will not last until 2016 and the three other members in the picture of 2010 will soon left Gill by himself. I WAS RIGHT ALL THE WAY.
      Now he is a one-man show like Bill Crosby! I just heard he is a contender for the Mo Ibrahim Achievement and not far behind is Marco.

  15. He is a one~man band musician.He is the dictator we did not known.a virtual dictator who presides on virtual one~party man.
    Finally gill think surrounding himself with smart and dedicated people is not right,they impede him for being the oneman band he dreamed of,.It is no longer important for him to work with smart people who really believe in what he was doing ,but with st ange,marco who nevrr believed in him or shared his dreamsHe has reduced himself from being a prominent political leader,to the slave sheep of two pl sheperds st ange and marco what a shame!

  16. UN Cliamte Change conference--LimaDec 2014.Michel will tell us it is a success though only 2 degrees was reached.For Michel the conference is important not because of the concern of climate change Seychelles as small unindustrial country can influence ,but for the money UN would give to countries to fight climate change,It is another source of foreign loan that Pl can keep itself sustainable.The fact is that Cliamte change awareness started in 1969----since then little have been concretely achieved practically and there is nothing convincing that real actions would be achieved in the near future for all concrete and effective actions depends on the willingness of big industrial countries .
    Michel likes preaching about climate change ,it has become his new sport,but while Michel make speeches on climate change,Michel ogvernemnt takes exactly anti-climate change polcies such as The announcement by MORIN PUC to buy more fuel powered GENRATORS instead of starting implementing a real renewable policy which is the use of PHOTVOLTAIC SOLAR panels in order to replace the use of fossil fuel.The use of aesthetic wind turbines like those produced by MAGRAV which are small,effective and aesthetic.
    Moreover,According to those who had accesst othe secret Victoria paln concocted by Khalfia,for insance,the use of renewable energy(Solar)should be a part of the plan,it is nowhere to be seen though it should.

    Michel climate change rhetorics--is an ideal idea for a cartoon for Seychelles children.

  17. DId he tried to confiscate land not belonging to him in GUAM?

  18. Id Gill going to be SFP one-man party candidate in 2016 election?Would he be able with name Gill at least gain a seat in the Assembly or he thinks he is not fit to rule like RAM,and wants to stay a floor-crosser opposition leader that benefits the one-man party member(all -in -one party leader) gill and for gill intersts alone?

  19. DENIS ISLANd is a small island that one can walk around in ten munites--suddenly as magic--Pl tells us it has discovered a colony of MYSTERIUOS birds on DENIS.How it gets there Pl?By magic or by illegal introduction disguise as new colony of mysterious birds.OR did they come from mars?What Pl is trying to tell us is though people have been living for decades of this small island they did not see this mysterious colony of new birds probably because they all blind and the island is so big that it has never in the past been discovered entirely.Illegaly introduction Pl, not magical,holy,or mysterious.

  20. BY MORE GENERATORS THAT MEAN BUY MORE ARABS OIL AND MORE POLLUTION IN THE AIR.What about climate change PP that mean your President is playing game about climate change with the rest of the world?I say and i say it again old crook never care when they have just a few more years to live,

  21. 10 things I know about Gill.

    1. U R reading this.
    2.U will always be a sell out.
    3.U can't say C in Christopher without separating your lips.
    4.U just attempted to do it.
    6.U R laughing at yourself.
    7.U have a smile on your face and U skipped number 5.
    8.U just checked to see if there is a number 5.
    9.U laugh at this because U sold the freedom loving people.
    10. U are probably going to send this to Saint Ange and Marko.

  22. President: " A good morning Mr Gill".
    Gill:" Good day Sir"
    Orderly: " Welcome abroad Mr Gill.....we been waiting for you looog time.
    President: "We like your Christopher Corner and Christopher was a joke.
    Orderly:" Welcome to State House Anytime and this spot will be yours ma man!
    President: " Can you write some Comedy at the National Assembly? errrrrr....I mean Comedy in Seychelles Freedom Party with JPI your looong time buddy?
    Gill: " Sir! I'm here to stay this time...any roast beef?

  23. St Ange has already delivered my deliciius some bottles Rhums form takamaka,marko is awaitng for me at ile de palmes for a good roast beef accompanied with a good KITOUZ torii sale ,zhe later was sent zo me by his prince glenny with some bird eggs .happy Xgill everybody.

  24. No my son,we donot eat roast beef at state house,zars like us eat caviar,foie grass,and drink champaign,and french mosr expensive wines.But is u like roast beef ,u can carry a filet in a foil paper if u wish too,as my aboptive son,left alo.e by uncle mancham,u has previledge,u can even bring ur own butler JPI,and if mancham does not turn up,u can even bring marko with u.
    Gill,ur majesty,i think tonton. Manchan,i was told,would not come for the party,khafila has recruited his play zhe role of xmas,so i will be marko then.


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