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Seychelles Independence Day June 29th‏

Flag of the Seychelles 1976
SFP welcomes the decision by the Seychelles ruling party PL to remove 
Zom Lib from Public Domain,remove National Day June 18th from the 
calendar of National festivities annually.SFP encourages the ruling 
party to make June 18th a normal work day in the national calendar. 
As well as June 5th. 
SFP fully supports the recognition of June 29th as the Seychelles
National Day of Independence .
In line with this, SFP calls for full unfettered, undelayed reinstatement
of the Seychelles National Flag of Independence on June 29th 1976.
Implementation of this national truth will go a long way in fostering 
National Unity Correct historical inaccuracies born out of an attempt 
to cover up the coup and related transgressions after June 5 th 1977. 


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Breaking News

Seychelles President James Michel unveiled a statue to replace Zom Lib on 

Independence Day June 29 th today.
President Michel called the bronze statute a symbol of liberty, reciting
the era of slavery, colonialism that led to Independence.
Ironically the statute is designed by a sculpture name Tom Bowers,
an Englishmen,cum fabrike citizen who has done numerous favors for 
the communist party of Seychelles over the years. 
Monument in North Korea.
Mr. Michel would have been more politically correct to have a Seychellois 
artist sculpture do the honor of designing a statute of such important
social consideration. Seychellois artist Steve Marie could have done this 
job and bring with it Seychellois pride.
Michel sought Independence, south Liberty according to his speech, but 
fell short having his colonial master design his Independence Day statute.
Mr. Michel, who advises you?

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Trouble in Paradise as Seychelles Economy Shrinks

Sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear seas are no longer enough to guarantee growth for the Seychelles’s economy.
Gross domestic product declined the most in four years, dropping 2.9 percent in the first quarter compared with the previous three months, as European tourists stayed away and tuna catches dropped. That was the first contraction in a year.
A slow recovery in Europe is curbing tourism in the Indian Ocean island, which relies on visitors’ spending on luxury hotels, restaurants and beer for more than two-thirds of foreign income. Tourism makes up a quarter of the economy and employs 25 percent of the workforce in the nation of 90,000 people.
“Tourism is a huge driver of the economy, for jobs, for foreign exchange, for growth,” Thea Fourie, senior economist for sub-Saharan Africa at risk-analysis company IHS Global Insight, said by phone from Pretoria, South Africa. “Although the European Union’s growth is somewhat better, it is still far from strong.”
Accommodation and food services contracted 5.5 percent in the quarter, fishing shrank 17.9 percent and manufacturing of beverages and tobacco fell 14.7 percent, the statistics office said in an e-mailed statement today. Tuna fishing and processing accounts for almost 5 percent of GDP and 7 percent of jobs.

‘Quite Challenging’

“The first quarter was quite challenging in terms of tourism, which has underperformed,” Finance Minister Pierre Laporte, said by phone today. “Some of the sectors, such as the fishing sector, are quite seasonal. I think we’ll get a better picture in the second quarter.”
Visitor arrivals in Seychelles fell 6.2 percent to 57,489 in the three months through March compared with the prior quarter, according to the statistics office. Almost 70 percent of tourists were from Europe.
GDP growth forecasts will probably be cut as tourism slides, Fourie said. The International Monetary Fund estimates expansion of 3.7 percent this year and 3.8 percent in 2015, compared with 3.5 percent last year.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Seychelles Economy Sees Steepest Slump in Four Years on Fishing

Jun 27, 2014 12:12 PM GMT

The Seychelles economy contracted at the steepest pace in four years as the fishing industry and beverage and tobacco manufacturing slumped.

Gross domestic product fell 2.9 percent on a quarterly basis compared with 4.6 percent expansion in the three months earlier, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics said in e-mailed statement today. It marks the economy’s first contraction in a year. Fishing shrank 17.9 percent, while manufacturing of beverages and tobacco fell 14.7 percent. Food production rose 12.8 percent.

Economic growth in the Indian Ocean island nation of 90,000 people is forecast to rise to 3.7 percent in 2014 and 3.8 percent next year, from 3.5 percent in 2013, according to the International Monetary Fund. Tuna fishing and processing accounts for almost 5 percent of GDP, 7 percent of jobs, and about 35 percents of exports, according to the World Bank.

The trade gap narrowed to 1.54 billion rupees ($125.7 million) in the first quarter from 1.62 billion rupees in the four quarter of last year.
Imports rose 5 percent from a year ago to 3.18 billion rupees and exports fell 25 percent to 989.4 million rupees. Unemployment was 4.2 percent between January and March, the statistics office said, without providing comparative data.

The economy contracted 3.2 percent in the first quarter of 2010 and 0.9 percent in the same period of last year, according to the report.
To contact the reporter on this story: Rene Vollgraaff in Johannesburg at
To contact the editors responsible for this story: Nasreen Seria at Sarah McGregor, Karl Maier 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Air Austral Sep 2014 Seychelles Service Reductions

Update at 0700GMT 26JUN14

Air Austral from 29AUG14 to 02OCT14 is temporary reducing Seychelles operation, as St. Denis de la Reunion – Mahe service being reduced from 2 to 1 weekly. Mondays service is cancelled during this period.
UU421 RUN1920 – 2200SEZ 738 4
UU422 SEZ0955 – 1230RUN 738 5

Seychelles Tourism Down Badly Air Seychelles Continues To Rip Off Travelers

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 Jun 25, 2014 7:55 AM, "Danby" <> wrote:
Dear Jennifer

We will like to book 2 seats to go to Mahe Tuesday 26th at 9 am and back at 2.45pm
Names ; Danby & Christopher

Send Invoices.  The end the month we will make all payment .
Thank you

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Jenifer AbdulHafeez
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Seychelles tourism falls out from Ukraine, Russia conflict

The military standoff between Russia and the Ukraine may have softened somewhat, but its effects are still rippling around the world. Tour companies in Seychelles, a popular destination for both Russians and Ukrainians say they’ve experienced a marked decline in the number of travellers coming from the region. The upsurge in geopolitical issues with economic ramifications are putting more pressure on countries like the Seychelles to diversify its tourism target markets.
Tourism is the lifeblood of the Seychelles economy, accounting for 70% of GDP. Over 240 000 tourists visit the islands annually. Europe remains the country’s biggest market.
"Without Europe we would be dead but when Europe went into economic difficulties we diversified very fast. (JC) Russia today is an important, very important market for Seychelles. they’ve not been affected with the crisis that is taking part but Ukraine was as important and there we’ve suffered," Seychelles Tourism Minister Alaine St Ange said.
The Island is famous for its pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches. China and the Middle East are also becoming key markets. While tourism is growing in Seychelles, the government is clear that it doesn’t want to over commercialise the Islands.
"We also don’t want every beach of Seychelles to disappear. We want the people to keep getting access to that so we have calculated with the land use plan where a hotel can be built and what types of hotels can be built," Alaine St Ange said.

While these beautiful white beaches remain the main attraction in the Seychelles, tourist operators are looking at other ways of using the island to provide a better offering to tourists.
"If they are staying on Mahe they will definitely want to do Praslin and La Digue. So during their stay they will not see only one island. Sometimes they will be doing three or four or five islands depending on the excursions. The excursions, they are daily excursions that we have," Doris Coopasamy, Product And Contract manager with 7 South, said.
Seychelles remains largely underdeveloped. A strategic move by the government to preserve the country’s natural beauty.
"The unique beaches that we have and you know the coral and the granite make-up of the islands is very unique and sets us apart from Maldives and Mauritius. And our eco tourism policy and stategy is about preserving the islands," May De Silva, marketing manager for 7 South said.
Seychelles is working hard to attract tourists from new markets and reduce its dependence on Europe, especially in light of what’s happening in Ukraine. But its hopeful that tensions in that region will soon subside.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Human Trafficking 2014 - Seychelles Tier 2


 Seychelles is a source country for Seychellois children subjected to sex trafficking and a destination country for foreign women subjected to sex trafficking. Seychellois girls and, according to some sources, boys are induced into prostitution — particularly on the main island of Mahe — by peers, family members, and pimps for exploitation in nightclubs, bars, guest houses, hotels, brothels, private homes, and on the street. Young drug addicts are also vulnerable to being forced into prostitution. Foreign tourists, sailors, and migrant workers contribute to the demand for commercial sex in Seychelles. During the reporting period, five Ukrainian women were recruited to Seychelles with promises of modeling jobs and subsequently subjected to forced prostitution in a private home; these women were later sent back to Ukraine by their traffickers, and allegedly replaced with other women. Some Indian, Bangladeshi, and Chinese migrant workers reportedly have experienced poor working conditions, including underpayment and late payment of wages and substandard housing – possible indicators of forced labor. In February 2013, as a result of increased complaints from Malagasy domestic workers regarding their treatment in the Seychelles, the de facto Government of Madagascar instituted a ban on sending additional Malagasy citizens to the Seychelles for such work.

The Government of Seychelles does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. Despite these efforts, the government did not demonstrate evidence of increasing efforts to address human trafficking over the previous reporting period; therefore, Seychelles is placed on Tier 2 Watch List for a second consecutive year. During the reporting period, the government failed to report any investigations, prosecutions, or convictions of trafficking offenses. It also failed to identify any victims of trafficking, and sentenced two child sex trafficking victims to time in prison. Although the national anti-trafficking committee developed a proposal for training and capacity building, no discernible steps were taken towards its implementation. The government also failed to address the issue of forced labor among migrant workers, despite increasing reports of abuse.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Seychelles Political Scene-37 Years Of Trash


Freedom in the World 2014


During the year, the Seychelles government signed a bilateral trade agreement with the European Union (EU) and took steps to strengthen bilateral economic relations with China, including the signing of a mutual visa waiver agreement. Corruption and extensive drug trafficking continue to plague the archipelago.

In 2011, the country modified its law to allow pirates captured anywhere in the world to be prosecuted in the Seychelles. In February 2013, the EU transferred nine Somali pirates to the Seychelles for prosecution. In October 2013, 11 Somali pirates arrested in 2012 by the Dutch navy were convicted by the Seychelles Supreme Court and sentenced to between 18 months and 16 years’ imprisonment. Somali pirates make up approximately 20 percent of the Seychelles’ prison population.
Political Rights and Civil Liberties: 

Political Rights: 25 / 40 [Key]
A. Electoral Process: 8 / 12

The president and the unicameral National Assembly are elected by universal adult suffrage for five-year terms. The head of government is the president, who appoints the cabinet. President James Michel, running for the People’s Party (Parti Lepep, or PL), won a third term in May 2011 with 55 percent of the vote. The opposition Seychelles National Party (SNP) boycotted parliamentary elections held later that year, citing alleged misconduct by the PL in the presidential vote and Michel’s failure to implement electoral reforms. Of the National Assembly’s 32 members, 25 are directly elected and 7 are allocated on a proportional basis to parties gaining at least 10 percent of the vote. The PL holds all the elected seats and 6 of 7 allocated seats. The ninth seat is held by the Popular Democratic Movement, formed by a dissident SNP member who disagreed with its decision to boycott. Despite the boycott, both the 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections were generally regarded as having met basic international norms.
The Forum for Electoral Reform, made up of representatives from every registered political party, was established by the Electoral Commission (EC) following the 2011 parliamentary elections to review existing electoral registration. In 2013, the Forum completed these reviews and made recommendations to the EC. The proposed reforms were subsequently published by EC.
B. Political Pluralism and Participation: 10 / 16

The ruling PL—formerly the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF)—remains the dominant party, having held continuous power since 1977. The leftist SPPF was the only legal party until a 1992 constitutional amendment legalized opposition parties. A proposal to increase the number of signatures needed to form a political party—currently just 100—was pending at year’s end. The centralist opposition SNP has claimed that its sympathizers face job discrimination in the public sector and police harassment. The conservative Democratic Party has endured reduced support in recent elections.
C. Functioning of Government: 7 / 12

Concerns over government corruption have focused on a lack of transparency in the privatization and allocation of government-owned land. A December 2011 report released by the auditor-general revealed nearly two decades of dysfunction in government finances, including unprofessional book-keeping, illegal procedures, and embezzlement. President Michel launched an investigation that was pending at year’s end. The Seychelles was ranked 47 out of 177 countries surveyed in Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index.
Civil Liberties: 42 / 60
D. Freedom of Expression and Belief: 11 / 16

The government controls much of the nation’s print and broadcast media, including the daily Seychelles Nation newspaper. Strict libel laws are sometimes used to harass journalists, leading to self-censorship. The first domestic commercial radio station, Pure FM, began broadcasting in August. The government can restrict the broadcast of material considered to be objectionable. The board of directors of the officially nonpartisan Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation includes several non-PL members, though coverage is biased in favor of the ruling party. There have been reports that the state monitors e-mail, chat rooms, and blogs, and opposition activists claim that the government blocks access to opposition party websites.

Religious freedom is constitutionally guaranteed and respected in practice. Churches in this predominantly Roman Catholic country have been strong voices for human rights and democratization, and they generally function without government interference. Academic freedom is also respected, though PL loyalists are reportedly favored in high-level academic appointments.
E. Associational and Organizational Rights: 9 / 12

The constitution protects freedoms of assembly and association. While public demonstrations are generally tolerated, the government has occasionally impeded opposition gatherings. In 2012, the Electoral Commission submitted a proposal to President Michel outlining a new Public Order Act to modernize outdated statutes accompanying constitutional guarantees for freedoms of speech and assembly. Passage of the law, which would allow political parties to hold public meetings upon giving five days’ notice to the police commissioner instead of requiring permission, was still pending at the end of 2013.

Human rights groups and other nongovernmental organizations operate in the country. Workers have the right to strike, though strikes are illegal until all arbitration procedures have been exhausted. Collective bargaining is rare.
F. Rule of Law: 11 / 16

Judges generally decide cases fairly, but face interference in cases involving major economic or political interests. The majority of the members of the judiciary are naturalized citizens or foreign nationals from other Commonwealth countries, and the impartiality of the non-Seychellois magistrates can be compromised because they are subject to contract renewal. Security forces have at times been accused of using excessive force, including torture and arbitrary detention. Prolonged pretrial detention and overcrowding in prisons are common. Pretrial detainees account for approximately a quarter of the prison population, in large part due to inefficiencies in the judicial process.

The country’s political and economic life is dominated by people of European and South Asian origin. Islanders of Creole extraction face discrimination, and prejudice against foreign workers has also been reported.

Sexual relations between men are illegal. However, a 2006 amendment to the Employment Act prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the Seychelles pledged in 2011 that it would decriminalize homosexuality.
G. Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights: 11 / 16

The government does not restrict domestic travel but may deny passports for unspecified reasons of “national interest.”

The Seychelles boasts one of the world’s highest percentages of women in parliament: 14 women were elected in 2011 with no quota system. Gender discrimination in employment is illegal, but most women are engaged in subsistence agriculture. Inheritance laws do not discriminate against women. Despite a 2008 National Strategy on Domestic Violence, rape and domestic violence remain widespread.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

James Michel Cancels National Day and Calls For National Unity

President James Michel’s annual speech had little or no punch to it this year. No discussion of any real issue that really faces our Nation. Just a little glossing over
, a bit like egg wash over baking flour, then you get shiny bread.
But Mr. Michel said something important that he will be challenged and this challenge and how he handles himself will be set in stone for prosperity: National Unity.
A tall order, but you must take him seriously.

A Change of Heart?
Is Michel undergoing a change of heart? After all he is famous for his “koze kouyon”, and insults to the his opponents in an age wherein his opponents have control of the digital media and he controls only antiquated SBC. 
Our blogs are burning 1.5 million plus views collectively while Seychelles News Agency (SNA) are just trying to get off the ground. With TWITTER our numbers are going exponential.
The impact of our blogs on James Michel international credibility is un matched and un challenged because we provide in depth write up on TRUTH. We network with international journalists.
State House thugs were regularly visiting me a few years back to ask me to stop writing. Were they sent by James Michel or did they come on their own steam? These thugs do not read and write. They just hear things.

Has Michel had a change of heart or is he just doing cheap politics with a precious word that is hard to achieve, and easy to destroy: NATIONAL UNITY.
Mr. Michel can advise us who broke into the MSR office to steal our files and equipment .
 Was this an exercise of UNITY and co existence and tolerance? The MSR case was so staged managed even a Fabrike judge gave the ruling, while his daughter was on full BURSAR in the UK being paid for by Government of Seychelles.
Mr. Michel will know who burnt down my garage destroying my hotel equipment, bikes, quads, lawn mowers, riding mowers SCR. 500,000.00).
What about breaking my shipping container at the port with 40 armed soldiers, to harass me and break all my wares and goods I purchased for my hotel. Is Mr. Michel, in the spirit of National Unity ready to pay me for my things as any decent man of his word would? After all, according to Col. Ernesta ( Leader of SUP today) at that time, the order to harass me and make my life hell came straight from State House, Mr. Michel’s desk.
While Col. Ernesta worked me down, even the Commissioner of Police sat by and Charlie Morin, your yes man stood by laughing at me as I complained about your men breaking open and dismantling all my things down to the screws and bolts. Knives ran through my couches and chairs. (Scr. 1,000,000.00 if you include the emotional distress). After all nothing in university prepares anyone to face down 40 armed soldiers.  

Naturally, Mr. Michel is talking about Unity in the future and not issues of the past.
I understand that fully well, and we should all understand this. Be that as it may, there are many Seychellois aggrieved by the hand of the State, and for Mr. Michel to succeed at National Unity, he will have to address each one and make full reparations to each one to a reasonably satisfactory level that is publically acceptable. This includes all those who lost land, businesses, family members. It should also include a serious program to repatriated Seychellois back from exile to their motherland, with allocation for homestead and housing.

But Mr. Michel must understand this: what is done wrong to the People of Seychelles, cannot be written off in a cute speech for the President of Cabo Verde who is here to teach us how to bring in 1 million tourist per year, and how to get 40 flights per week, not 4 flights per week.
In case you did not realize it, you just showed your newest main competitor for the European Tourist Market your wares and had him plant a coco de mer. I hope you do not give him one to plant in Cabo Verde.
Cabo Verde is booming in European Tourists while we are losing market share.
This aside Mr. Michel here are some things you can do to bring about National Unity besides propping old Jimbo “Former First President” in Bulgaria for dinner:

An Apology To Victims 
Mr. Michel if he is a big man, as he says he is, should be big enough to first and foremost, apologize to the victims families of the one party state era and era of fake democracy, last 21 years.
 Seychelles is yet to make a democratic transition- Commonwealth Report Presidential Elections -2011. This means Sir, you have been buying time on the  patience of the People.
There are many, and this is the first real step to National Unity. Make a list, use your Protocol staff wisely.

Pay The Damage Caused For Being Overzealous
Secondly, Mr. Michel should announce a start to paying reparations to all the victims of the one party state and the one party state mentality that is the sole cause to leaving Seychelles as the proverbial “Blind Nation and failing State” in spite of your fake numbers. If you want to know why they are fake, I will oblige.

Fake Opposition
Naturally, a country with a fake opposition cannot achieve National UNITY. Mr. Michel must understand that the devil’s temptation to field David Pierre, as a prop, is not healthy to promoting National UNITY in Seychelles. It surely, is not an exercise in Democracy.
Have you not learnt the fundamental lesson of the Garden of Eden story in the Bible? If not, do a read. It is a lesson on the weakness of humanity and temptation to do that which is expedient. That includes you. You do not even have to believe in God to understand the value of the story. Had Rene read this story, he would not have done the bogus Coup he called LIBERATION.

Useless But Destructive Planning Authority
There can be no National Unity in Seychelles when the Planning Authority is run by an incompetent person per se.
Mr. Hoarau tells us he is placed there by you Mr. Michel. This means all his actions are imputed to you, Mr. Michel.
If his actions are not your actions, remove this man from his position before he destroys the Seychelles investment climate any more.
The damage Mr. Hoarau has done to investment climate in Seychelles will take 10 years to repair. We may as well start on Monday with the REBUILDING effort.

End Bogus National Day
Bravo to you Mr. Michel! After years of writing that our Day of National Unity is Independence Day, you have finally relented to reason and historical TRUTH. This took a lot of pen and paper. I have been through Four (4) laptops since I started to write on this subject.
We salute your decision to bag the bogus National Day a creation of France Albert Rene, to cover his tracks and his personal animosity towards James R. Mancham. We understand all that, but Rene did not have to raise arms to over throw Mancham with force. He could have beaten him in the next general election.
But we also understand how much of a douche bag Mancham can be. A man that outlives his own political party cannot be trusted if he wishes death to his own party.
 It’s the past, let Seychelles chart a course for the future and rise above petty personality politics.

Celebrate Independence Day June 29th- Ya hoo!
Make June 18th a working day, take it off the calendar of National Holidays. We have too many Holidays. We barely work 6 months a year when add the holidays, sick leaves, Saturdays, Sundays, and Annual Holidays.
What merits even greater accolades is your acceptance of June 29th as Independence Day. This is a material divergence from living a false historical perspective to moving into the realm of TRUTH.
Naturally with fanatics around you, I am certain that it was not easy. But Truth must overcome irrational exuberance in the life of a Nation for it to be able to give NATIONAL UNITY a chance.
There will always be fanatics. Send them to Ethiopia as Ambassadors. The coffee is good there.

Finish With The Fake Liberation June 5th
I look forward to seeing you do the same to June 5th. I will support you 100% when you do. Do not let me waste more time writing about Zom Lib now that he is nothing but a garden ornament, for birds to enjoy… would not be fair to Seychelles and her people. Do the right thing, become political correct with Truth. You and PL will sense a great sigh of relief and release from bondage of the falsehood of June 5th.

In life, Mr. Michel, we all make mistakes. It is the great man and great leader who corrects his mistakes and does not take them to his grave in defiance. Set your own course, independent of the stubborn shadow of France Albert Rene. 
In life Mr. Michel, you will know this by now, you can have possession of all the islands(King Glenny) , have all the money you can use (Shiekh Khalifa) , have all the servants and slaves at your feet ( FAR).
 But in life, time is more precious than anything, we all have so little of it, no exception. So let us use time wisely over the next 21 years and improve on how we used it in the last 21 years. You can set the ground work for that today.

On the Matter of Pierre Laporte (Public Figure)
As promised to our readers.
Did everyone see Mr. Pierre Laporte hiding in the back drop of the VIP seating for National Day? Mr. Laporte was sitting in the back to get a good view of everyone and thing happen before him. He spoke little to anyone, since it was not an occasion to call people names.
Mr. Laporte likes to call people names, anyone, did you know that? Ask him what he calls you in a Consul of Minister meeting. See what he says. He will wiggle and juggle like a bowl of jelly, he might waffle his reply into his shirt, even cry if pressure is put on him, but ignore him. He has a name for each minister as well. Ask him. See if he is man enough to divulge the inner works of his character.

Where it concerns me, for instance, he refers to the business community in SCCI and SHTA who pay taxes, invest heavily in Seychelles “Fouter Dezord”. Can you believe that?
Is this the type of NATIONAL UNITY that Mr. Michel is speaking about today?
Mr. Laporte tells his PS to always say: “we will listen to your proposals (from business), but after the proposals have been worked for months, and they come before Mr. Laporte (Minister of Finance) he strikes them and ridicules the business community. He runs a sort of Adi Amin Dada Dictatorship at Finance.
Yet, ASSIYUDDA or whatever it is called has caused havoc at imports and is a disaster for us. 16.5 % VAT does not exist in a Tourism economy around the World, only in Seychelles.
No Minister of Finance who collects revenue from business can be allowed to ridicule business in a dis-respective manner.

The Country Will Collapse
Perhaps Minister Pierre Laporte pokes fun at our hard work, because we are not Arabs with bags of money; we are not Russians laundering money; or maybe because  we are not his favorite Russian who can fly him Mr. Laporte in a private Lear Jet anywhere around the World, and organize guns and roses for him from anywhere around the World…….and feed his growing big belly on Russian Caviar and Bollinger Champagne in all you can eat…… old boy style!
If you use Khalifa’s CT scan at the Victoria Hospital cum Seychelles Hospital you can look into his big round hanging belly that jumps like jelly and see what is inside of it. It will give you prima facie evidence of his culpability and hidden agenda.
The culpability will expose why he is dangerous to the business climate in Seychelles.  Every time you ask him something, his reply is: we will look into it over the next three (3) years, to send you into the deep abyss.

We are educated people, and we understand when we have an “Jack Ass” (Donkey)  as  a Minister of Finance. Unfortunately, Mr. President, Mr. Laporte is not a very polished Minister so it leaves us little room for politeness and Savoir Faire on the matter.
Beware of Mr. Laporte! He is greedy and ambitious and he lacks respect for Seychellois. Any Minister of Finance who spends more time on his own finance and business, then on national finance, needs a closer look.
We must recall, he ran out of the country during the Black Market era, in the toughest times, leaving his Central Bank desk, he made it to USA- IMF office.
Then he ploughed economic disaster into NIGER under the IMF flag and left the job unfinished.
 Mr. Laporte left as a Democratic Party supporter and came back as a IMF /SPPF man.  He Cross the Floor only to join  Mr. Mancham on the other side.
Today, his eye is on State House Anytime Now! He is being stage managed by his Russian billionaire friends who want Seychelles as their own country to move money under her National Seal. Unfortunately for you, Mr. Michel and for the sake of National Unity, you do not fit very well in the Russians plans.

Kimanyer Sa I Apele?

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

President James Michel Letting Praslin Community Down!

Recently the Praslin business community met in a show of unity in open and frank dialogue over policies that are hurting the Praslin business community and the residents alike.
After entering into a Reform Program with the IMF in 2008, Mr. Michel’s Administration failed to take into account the dynamics of the Praslin economy and his Administration implemented a VAT policy, that went from 7% to 10% to 12% to now an incredible 15% VAT on all goods.
One Hundred Percent of the Praslin community relies on Tourism. Hotel workers, make hotelier a career for life. In most countries working tables and caring for travelers is a job people do for only a certain time in their life. On Praslin, waitresses and waiters, and bartenders, tend to do that job most of their lives.

This group of Seychellois welcome service charge of 10% to bills, as a means of earning extra money. But with VAT at a whopping 15% service charge is not feasible. It makes the bill to clients too expensive, and we are earning a reputation on Praslin on the internet for being a rip off destination.
There is only so much Praslin can take. There is only so much tourist will be willing to pay.

Restaurant Bills Outrageous
Visitors and Seychellois regularly tell me they are scared to death to eat out in a restaurant. What kind of country that relies on Tourism, makes their guests scared to death to eat out in a restaurant? Mr. Michel, this is the tax policy created by Mr. Laporte, who has allowed taxes to go so high, that it is now killing our image overseas with Visitors.  His taste for Russian Vodka and Russian Caviar from his Russian friends, who fly him around Russian via private jet, have given him a taste buds of a President in waiting. BEWARE!

What Must Be Done
James Michel must reduce VAT to workable numbers (10%) for not just government, but for business and community alike. VAT at 15% plus CSR at 1.5% is simply just ripping off visitors to Seychelles, and hurting the business climate in Seychelles, especially Praslin. The current tax scheme is simply not sustainable.

Air Seychelles Ticketing Rip Off!
Mr. Michel flew into Praslin this week on the IDC plane borrowed from his highness King Glenny of IDC. Mr. Michel did not spend much time on Praslin, spoke very few words, and left Praslin in a rush after opening the Praslin Horticultural Agricultural Show 2014.
If Mr. Michel booked a flight on Air Seychelles domestic, he would have learned that Air Seychelles is charging Seychellois and Tourist alike, Scr. 3,000.00 one way. Scr. 1,800.00 one way , 1,200 one way at times. A round trip ticket on a 15 minute kerosene Twin Otter aging beyond 45 years old, will cost a Visitor to Praslin between SCR. 4000.00 to 6,000.00.  A couple can run to Scr. 12,000.00.
Mr Michel, this pricing scheme at Air Seychelles Domestic is killing Praslin business and the Praslin community.

Air Seychelles registered 32% profit in 2012 and 38% profit in 2013. It has increase passengers from 40,000 at the sale to Etihad to 90,000.  In that same time, Tourism Arrivals have gone up 11% and 12% each year. In Two years Mr. President, it has reached 22% increase, thanks to the hard work of Tourism partners, and Minister St. Ange creative ways of marketing Seychelles.
In this time Mr. Michel, domestic passengers increased only 3% while tourism expanded 22%. That tells you, there is something seriously wrong with Air Seychelles Domestic. What is wrong, is that Air Seychelles Domestic is ripping off travelers, and ripping off Praslin residents . This practice must stop immediately.

In the spirit of National Unity, I call on you, to demand at the soonest time that Air Seychelles reduce its domestic airfare rates to Praslin, and ask the General Manager Mr. Mojo Papa to stop ripping off Praslin, and stop ripping off our Tourists.
Without reasonable prices for travelling islands become non viable and not sustainable.
Let Praslin breathe, stop killing the island.
Mr. President Michel, stop listening to Mr. Pierre Laporte, Minister of Finance.
Next week I will tell you why, you will be in for a big shock!

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Monday, 16 June 2014

State House Sends Bad Image of Seychelles To Google and World Via Seychelles News Agency.

1. "49 year old Seychellois man found dead."

2. "9 year old boy dies in fatal car accident on Praslin."

3. "Two Seychellois get 10 year sentences for drug offences and $US 7,000 seized, says NDEA."

4. "Fatal road accidents in mid-2014 surpass previous years total."

5. "Seychelles Attorney General's office orders court inquiry into Robin Freminot's death."

6. "Man found dead at his residence on Seychelles Island of Praslin says Police."

7. "Seychellois man confirmed dead after he is removed from his car which had plunged into the sea."

8. "Man found dead at Pointe Larue."

9. "Seychelles Police seeks international expert to solve tragic death."

10. "A place to get clean-Seychelles heroin users join volunteer rehab on Coetivy Island."

11. "Drug cartel dismantled in $813 thousand drug seizure by NDEA."

12. "Seychelles police offficers accused of stealing are discharged from the force."

13. "Seychelles police investigate possession of turtle meat."

14. "Man from western Mahe district is found dead."

Seychellois man confirmed dead after he is removed from his car which had plunged into the sea - See more at:
Man found dead at his residence on Seychelles island of Praslin, says Police - See more at:

Monday, 9 June 2014

Sun and Shadows: How an Island Paradise Became a Haven for Dirty Money