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Seychelles Independence Day June 29th‏

SFP welcomes the decision by the Seychelles ruling party PL to remove Zom Lib from Public Domain,remove National Day June 18th from the calendar of National festivities annually.SFP encourages the ruling party to make June 18th a normal work day in the national calendar. As well as June 5th. SFP fully supports the recognition of June 29th as the Seychelles National Day of Independence .In line with this, SFP calls for full unfettered, undelayed reinstatementof the Seychelles National Flag of Independence on June 29th 1976.Implementation of this national truth will go a long way in fostering National Unity Correct historical inaccuracies born out of an attempt to cover up the coup and related transgressions after June 5 th 1977.

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Seychelles President James Michel unveiled a statue to replace Zom Lib on Independence Day June 29 th today. President Michel called the bronze statute a symbol of liberty, recitingthe era of slavery, colonialism that led to Independence. Ironically the statute is designed by a sculpture name Tom Bowers,an Englishmen,cum fabrike citizen who has done numerous favors for the communist party of Seychelles over the years. Mr. Michel would have been more politically correct to have a Seychellois artist sculpture do the honor of designing a statute of such importantsocial consideration. Seychellois artist Steve Marie could have done this job and bring with it Seychellois pride. Michel sought Independence, south Liberty according to his speech, but fell short having his colonial master design his Independence Day statute. Mr. Michel, who advises you?

Trouble in Paradise as Seychelles Economy Shrinks

Sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear seas are no longer enough to guarantee growth for the Seychelles’s economy.
Gross domestic product declined the most in four years, dropping 2.9 percent in the first quarter compared with the previous three months, as European tourists stayed away and tuna catches dropped. That was the first contraction in a year.
A slow recovery in Europe is curbing tourism in the Indian Ocean island, which relies on visitors’ spending on luxury hotels, restaurants and beer for more than two-thirds of foreign income. Tourism makes up a quarter of the economy and employs 25 percent of the workforce in the nation of 90,000 people.
“Tourism is a huge driver of the economy, for jobs, for foreign exchange, for growth,” Thea Fourie, senior economist for sub-Saharan Africa at risk-analysis company IHS Global Insight, said by phone from Pretoria, South Africa. “Although the European Union’s growth is somewhat better, it is still far from strong.”
Accommodation and f…

Seychelles Economy Sees Steepest Slump in Four Years on Fishing

By Rene VollgraaffJun 27, 2014 12:12 PM GMT

The Seychelles economy contracted at the steepest pace in four years as the fishing industry and beverage and tobacco manufacturing slumped.

Gross domestic product fell 2.9 percent on a quarterly basis compared with 4.6 percent expansion in the three months earlier, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics said in e-mailed statement today. It marks the economy’s first contraction in a year. Fishing shrank 17.9 percent, while manufacturing of beverages and tobacco fell 14.7 percent. Food production rose 12.8 percent.

Economic growth in the Indian Ocean island nation of 90,000 people is forecast to rise to 3.7 percent in 2014 and 3.8 percent next year, from 3.5 percent in 2013, according to the International Monetary Fund. Tuna fishing and processing accounts for almost 5 percent of GDP, 7 percent of jobs, and about 35 percents of exports, according to the World Bank.

The trade gap narrowed to 1.54 billion rupees ($125.7 million) in the f…

Air Austral Sep 2014 Seychelles Service Reductions

Update at 0700GMT 26JUN14

Air Austral from 29AUG14 to 02OCT14 is temporary reducing Seychelles operation, as St. Denis de la Reunion – Mahe service being reduced from 2 to 1 weekly. Mondays service is cancelled during this period.
UU421 RUN1920 – 2200SEZ 738 4
UU422 SEZ0955 – 1230RUN 738 5

Seychelles Tourism Down Badly Air Seychelles Continues To Rip Off Travelers

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 1.   HM 3095 V   TH26JUN  PRISEZ HK2   0930 0945   DHT  0                           2.   HM 3146 K   TH26JUN  SEZPRI HK2   1445 1500   DHT  0                    

 Jun 25, 2014 7:55 AM, "Danby" <> wrote: Dear Jennifer

We will like to book 2 seats to go to Mahe Tuesday 26th at 9 am and back at 2.45pm
Names ; Danby & Christopher

Send Invoices.  The end the month …

Seychelles tourism falls out from Ukraine, Russia conflict

The military standoff between Russia and the Ukraine may have softened somewhat, but its effects are still rippling around the world. Tour companies in Seychelles, a popular destination for both Russians and Ukrainians say they’ve experienced a marked decline in the number of travellers coming from the region. The upsurge in geopolitical issues with economic ramifications are putting more pressure on countries like the Seychelles to diversify its tourism target markets.
Tourism is the lifeblood of the Seychelles economy, accounting for 70% of GDP. Over 240 000 tourists visit the islands annually. Europe remains the country’s biggest market.
"Without Europe we would be dead but when Europe went into economic difficulties we diversified very fast. (JC) Russia today is an important, very important market for Seychelles. they’ve not been affected with the crisis that is taking part but Ukraine was as important and there we’ve suffered," Seychelles Tourism Minister…

Christopher Gill - Statement of Defence‏


Human Trafficking 2014 - Seychelles Tier 2

06/09/2014  Seychelles is a source country for Seychellois children subjected to sex trafficking and a destination country for foreign women subjected to sex trafficking. Seychellois girls and, according to some sources, boys are induced into prostitution — particularly on the main island of Mahe — by peers, family members, and pimps for exploitation in nightclubs, bars, guest houses, hotels, brothels, private homes, and on the street. Young drug addicts are also vulnerable to being forced into prostitution. Foreign tourists, sailors, and migrant workers contribute to the demand for commercial sex in Seychelles. During the reporting period, five Ukrainian women were recruited to Seychelles with promises of modeling jobs and subsequently subjected to forced prostitution in a private home; these women were later sent back to Ukraine by their traffickers, and allegedly replaced with other women. Some Indian, Bangladeshi, and Chinese migrant workers reportedly have experienced …

Seychelles Political Scene-37 Years Of Trash

Seychelles Seychelles Freedom in the World 2014

During the year, the Seychelles government signed a bilateral trade agreement with the European Union (EU) and took steps to strengthen bilateral economic relations with China, including the signing of a mutual visa waiver agreement. Corruption and extensive drug trafficking continue to plague the archipelago.

In 2011, the country modified its law to allow pirates captured anywhere in the world to be prosecuted in the Seychelles. In February 2013, the EU transferred nine Somali pirates to the Seychelles for prosecution. In October 2013, 11 Somali pirates arrested in 2012 by the Dutch navy were convicted by the Seychelles Supreme Court and sentenced to between 18 months and 16 years’ imprisonment. Somali pirates make up approximately 20 percent of the Seychelles’ prison population. Political Rights and Civil Liberties: 
Political Rights: 25 / 40 [Key]A. Electoral Process: 8 / 12

The president and the unicameral Nationa…

James Michel Cancels National Day and Calls For National Unity

President James Michel’s annual speech had little or no punch to it this year. No discussion of any real issue that really faces our Nation. Just a little glossing over
, a bit like egg wash over baking flour, then you get shiny bread.
But Mr. Michel said something important that he will be challenged and this challenge and how he handles himself will be set in stone for prosperity: National Unity.
A tall order, but you must take him seriously.

A Change of Heart?
Is Michel undergoing a change of heart? After all he is famous for his “koze kouyon”, and insults to the his opponents in an age wherein his opponents have control of the digital media and he controls only antiquated SBC. 
Our blogs are burning 1.5 million plus views collectively while Seychelles News Agency (SNA) are just trying to get off the ground. With TWITTER our numbers are going exponential.
The impact of our blogs on James Michel international credibility is un matched and un challenged because we provide in depth…

President James Michel Letting Praslin Community Down!

Recently the Praslin business community met in a show of unity in open and frank dialogue over policies that are hurting the Praslin business community and the residents alike.
After entering into a Reform Program with the IMF in 2008, Mr. Michel’s Administration failed to take into account the dynamics of the Praslin economy and his Administration implemented a VAT policy, that went from 7% to 10% to 12% to now an incredible 15% VAT on all goods.
One Hundred Percent of the Praslin community relies on Tourism. Hotel workers, make hotelier a career for life. In most countries working tables and caring for travelers is a job people do for only a certain time in their life. On Praslin, waitresses and waiters, and bartenders, tend to do that job most of their lives.

This group of Seychellois welcome service charge of 10% to bills, as a means of earning extra money. But with VAT at a whopping 15% service charge is not feasible. It makes the bill to clients too expensive, and we are earning…

State House Sends Bad Image of Seychelles To Google and World Via Seychelles News Agency.

Sun and Shadows: How an Island Paradise Became a Haven for Dirty Money

By Matthew Shaer, Michael Hudson and Margot WilliamsJune 9, 2014, 12:00 am Seychelles, a thousand miles from anywhere, is an offshore magnet for money launderers and tax dodgers. A look at this corruption-haunted archipelago shows how the offshore secrecy system has grown — and where it's going.
In the fall of 2012, two strangers from Africa showed up in Seychelles, an emerald-green archipelago in the Indian Ocean nearly a thousand miles east of Somalia. Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton and other A-list celebrities who favor Seychelles as a getaway, these visitors didn’t come to enjoy the islands’ natural beauty and luxury accommodations. They were there, they said, to conduct business in Seychelles’ bustling offshore financial center.
Eventually they made their way to the offices of Zen Offshore, one of dozens of firms on the islands that set up hard-to-trace “shell companies” for clients around the world. They explained that they represented an individual who…