Seychelles welcomes new National Heritage treasure trail on Praslin Island

May 23, 2014
Mr. Christopher Gill and his Iles Des Palmes Eco Resort of Praslin, working in partnership with the National Heritage Foundation, which is chaired by Mr. Pat Nanty, has open a historical treasure trail that is now open to the public for tours.
The trail tour commences with an interesting display of 17th century pirate relics found along the treasure trail. It proceeds to explain the economy of the plantation era before Seychelles had an airport and the connection to the world was by slow boat every 6 months. In this era, spices were king. This is the era when Cinnamon, patchouli, and copra were important cash crops for the Seychelles.
The tour winds on to the old distillery that once supplied many of the perfume houses of Paris. The tour then goes on to the 17th century pirate oven which is a historical find of incredible proportions. It gives a direct link to the lives of pirates during that century. There were many, but the most famous was Le Vasseur La Buse or Le Boucher.
The tour enhances every visitor’s Seychelles experience, enriching their knowledge of Seychelles.
This new Heritage treasure trail on Praslin is seen as a welcomed addition to the list of important attractions now available on the island of Praslin.
Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .
Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


  1. Good initiative Chris and a good example of what could be done if St Ange would stop laughing from morning to evening and use his commonsense-.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Due credit to Mr. St.Ange for posting the news on e turbo.
    Ironically the property was initially concession out by Qeau De Quincy, the Governor who St. Ange is now a distant relative of.
    Christopher Gill

  3. It is the first time ever ,that NATION,has decided to publish the name of Seychellois most prominent Oppostion leader CHristophe Gill in one of its article .Is it a change for good in the PP?I would encourage SBC and NAtion to do more and at regular basis .instead of showing Chinese Ambassador on our Nation TV attempting to classify Seychellois into ethinic group in order to divide our country like Chines communist has done in Tibet.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Are you sure its not PRAVDA?.

      I wished I could disagree.


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