Communist China Sneaking Into Indian Ocean

The Seychelles Coast Guard has taken delivery of a new Type 62 Class gunboat donated by the Chinese government to help boost the operational capabilities of the Indian Ocean island nation's naval force.

The vessel, known to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) as the Shanghai Class II, was handed over to Seychelles foreign affairs minister Jean-Paul Adam and military top brass on April 29 at the Ile du Port base by Chinese ambassador Shi Zhongjun.

Adam said the patrol vessel will be manned by Seychelles Coast Guard personnel but they will for several weeks be trained by Chinese experts after the commissioning.

“This is a purpose built vessel for Seychelles and follows the visit that President James Michel made to China in 2011 where he shared with the Chinese authorities and at that time Vice President Xi Jinping, who is now of course the president of the People’s Republic of China, where he shared the concerns that Seychelles has with regards to the patrol and monitoring of its vast exclusive economic zone,” said Adam.

Among other core duties, the new vessel will be used to protect the country's Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) on the Indian Ocean and fight piracy, drug smuggling, human trafficking and other maritime crimes on the high seas.
Ambassador Zhongjun praised Seychelles for being at the frontline in the fight against piracy and securing its maritime boundaries, adding China has a duty to assist in building the Seychelles Coast Guard's capacity to contribute to the stability of the entire Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The Seychelles has prosecuted 124 pirates to date.

“I am very happy that this patrol boat is in the Seychelles. We all know that Seychelles is in the fore-front in the fight against piracy and we praise these efforts. We also appreciate that the Seychelles has a role to play in maintaining the peace and security in the Indian Ocean.

"We hope that this boat will strengthen the capability of Seychelles in safeguarding peace and security in the Indian Ocean, in the fight against piracy and in safeguarding the territory of Seychelles islands,” ambassador Zhongjun said. He noted that the delivery came two years after China and the Seychelles agreed to donate the vessel.

The Type 62 Class (Shanghai II) gunboat is a 38.78 metres long vessel with a displacement of 135 tonnes. It is powered by four Soviet-designed engines - two diesel engines with a combined output of 1 200 horse-power and another set of diesel-powered engines which together produce 910 horse-power.

The Type 62 patrol boat has a top speed of 28.5 knots, a range of 750 nautical miles at 16.5 knots and carries a crew of 36 sailors. It is armed with four Chinese Type 61 37 mm guns and four Chinese Type 61 25 mm guns. It also carries 8 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) depth charges. Photos of the vessel last month showed it without weapons – however, some components have yet to be installed before it is commissioned and officially handed over to the Seychelles Coast Guard on June 18.

The latest donation follows the Chinese government's donation and delivery to the Seychelles of two Y-12 aircraft which were deployed on surveillance duties over the country's Exclusive Economic Zone.

The aircraft were manufactured by the China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC).In the past few years, China has aggressively pursued strategic defence and diplomatic relations with Indian Ocean Region (IOR) nations with military supplies and economic aid characterising most of the relationships.


  1. We nust remind these two twin devils --that PIRACY as it known world wide -have been radicated there is no need to try and fool Seychellois ,the latter are highly informed and donot need cuômmunists to come and tell them what is true or false.

    Secondly,Any country that donate for instance.patrol etc to anther country,,,the TESTS that are needed to do before COMMISSION is Pre-done in Donor country ,not in the water of thwe receiver---India is a good example of that.for that is how world wide things are done.Why China and Pp find it necessary to make the tests in our Waters?Is it to give Chinese access to the BOarder between DIEGO GARCIA and Seychelles EEZ in order that Chinese introduce under water electronic devises to psy of USA NAVAL BASE?Or in order that Chinese Navy personal get use to our EEZ?Why deliver before 5 th June ,to fool Seychellois and maybe Chinese hope they could once again come and illegally march in goose amrch on our Indepednece Day illegally on our Soil like last year,which disrespect our people and our sovereignty.

    Moreover,Why do the Chinese to whom we share not common we share no common culture,tradition,custom,etc.. When at all cost That Seychellois Love them?well, they hope then they could rape our soveiregnty for their own geopolitical interests.

    Seychellois have never shown any interest for Chinese,and they are right to to show interests for Chinese ,for the latter got a history of raping others territories from Mongolia to Tibel,And recnt the Chinese has illegally extended its EEZ ,by illegal annexing part of Vietnam EEZ,but also attempting to confiscate Islands belonging to Japan,Malaysia,Phillipines,South Korea etc...

    You know what,The only Asien Country that LOVE Chinese is North Korea--for the laterv has no needs Chinese to defence him in the UN.The question to Chinese ogvernemnt is WHY DO YOUR ASIEN NEIGHBOURS DONOT LOVE YOU BUT HATE YOU?YOU share common culture,tradtion and amny things in common with them--WHy them they HATE YOU MR CHINESE AMDASSADOR?Porbably they have experienced bad things from the Chinese--History shows that Chinese history is teemed with provocation,annexation,disrespect of other territories etc..maybe that is why All Asien countires HAT YOU:Why then does the Chinese thinks Seychellois should do the mistake that Other ASIEN ANTIONS refuse tod nameyly LOVE CHINESE.

    We will never love you----Seychellois LOVE Democratic Nations--that those that respect Huamn rights,freedom,liberty,etc.. not tyrrants and dictators.

    YFurthermore,The raltion between Seychelles and china is fake--it has never been authorized by the people of Seychelles for Pp government was never elected by the People therefore it represents itself not the Seychellois people.Thus all your deals with PP in the name of Seychellois --is illegal and disrespect our people and rape our sovereignty.Note also -Chinese friends are all dictatorial states.from North Korea,Cuba,Sudan,Zimbabwe to Venezuela ,Seychelles.
    There are three aspects to China intervention in Africa:1)Chinese officials use PUBLIC diplomacy ,including high powered official visit a triennial FORUM on China/AFRICACo-operation to court and cultivate Aifrcan ELITES(Dictators) 2-China sekks to build solidarity with AFRICAN government and present itself as a reliable interlocutor bettwen developing countires and developing west,3)China pledge astronomic amount of aid and investment in Afircans' infractutures with no political strings except redrawing diplomatic realtionship with TAIWAN.And as aprt of China going GLOBAL---Chinese uses aid donation to encourage Chinese companies to Inerantionalize and acquires oversees a word.Chinese policies toward Africa is one -with a sole purpose namely Extend Chinese interst by all means in the region ofr herself geopolitical intersts and advantages without necessarily advantage to those Afircan countires who support Chinese policy.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. One more thing Mr MAO--Seychellois might LIKE YOU NOT LOVE in the future--that is when China become a democracy,Then our two people could have genuine diplomatic relationship base on mutual respects.But Chinese communist party represent itself not Chinese as Pp represent itself not the pople of Seychelles.Thus all your deals have nothing tod o with our two people-we neve authorize PP to take decision in our palce for we never eletec Pp,dito to Chinese people who have never electred their leaders--

  3. A coup detat is currently underway in Thailand right now.

  4. It was Democracy who stole Diego Garcia from its people and gave it to the world police not China.

    nikol roz

    1. It was done through the courts on the basis of national security due to the cold war between the West and the Soviet Union. It was implemented by an elected government not through a barrel of a gun. Democracy is not perfect, but it is the only system that works. Have you got a better system Nikol Roz? By the way, the people living there are not indigenous to Diego Garcia. ///

  5. China’s state-owned companies are making considerable financial and diplomatic investment in East Africa and in the South-West Indian Ocean. Chinese agencies are conducting explorations in the South-Western Indian Ocean ridge in the Madagascar Plateau. China has also been offered oil blocks in the Gulf of Mannar off Sri Lanka for exploration. The opening of deep sea oil and gas exploration in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Seychelles, and Madagascar means competition to secure rights over these resources will further intensify. ///

  6. Chines and Russia should stay away from our country,seychelles is not Tibet or Crimea.A coup in Seychelles are in plan it will come soon.

  7. China are repression UIGHUR groups in the province of Xinjian.

  8. A resolution was past at the UN for intervention in Syria to stop this genocide gust what only two countries rise their f**king hands up to say NO China and Russia the two communist countries.
    That's why PP wanted help from African country to get a seat at the UN to back le rouge countries.ZOT AGYAN DAN ZOT FES SEAT AT THE UN.

  9. The Indian Ocean is strategic today as it was in the past--For CHina -85 percent on its oil import and 60 percent of its exports are routed via the gulf of Aden.

    Note in 2011 JENPA said that"We looking rather at Chinese having Chinese reconnaissance planes or patrol ships stationed in Victoria"to fight piracy.You understand why PP and Chinese though PIRACY has been radicated are still singing about Piracy--it is the scapegoat that PP and China think would legitimate CHINESE present in our EEZ.

    It seem everybody want to have control over the Indian OCean--from China.India.the Europeans, Japan and others---But you know what Our waters belong to us,and regardless who wants to have control ,no one should be given green light to rape our territories.

    Our EEZ and territories are before any other country the INTERETS of Seychelles and Seychellois.Foreigners should be be given priority to rape our EEZ ,we must defence own interests.Seychellois(which include protecting,controling,and defence our territories and no foreign countires such as China (A dictatorial state)with secret collaboration with Pp terrorists be allowed to rape our soveiregnty.The latter has tried together with Pp thugees to sell us all kinds og shits such as new Patrol from China to fight piracy,patrol planes for Seychelles which is part of the strategy to have its present on our soil.

    We donot want Chinese communist on our soil ,and in our territiral waters.While other countires have a legitimate rights to protect their interests,surely their interest could not be in a sovereignty country territorial waters.Chinese interest are in China not in Seychelles' waters.We are not part of China PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Chinese are illegally robbing our fish partilepep.

  11. It is not the first--but in this one----the generals say--necessary because government and Opposition could not agree.

  12. Nikol roz
    it is about Chinese illegal present in our EEZ which is rapingState/ National protected interests such as sovereignty..Chinese interests cannot be above Seychelles own interests in its own territories-----and it is not Chinese who is going to decide in what goes on in our land .

    Hearing those Pp donkeys talking about PP dictatorship relationship with Chinese Dictaotrship--one got the feeling we should bend to Chinese because Chinese would be a future super power than could do what its likes even when we donot like in our Land,waters and territories.

    National Interests --all states must portect its political autonomy and its territorial intergrity.of course Pp might tell us,National interest it is also about foreign policy--Yes Pp--but it could only be the policy defined by a people through democratic pratices not by one -party ssytem.

    CHINES/PP illegal policy undermined our State interests,put our sovereignty,territorial integrity in danger.Chinese must be stopped.

  13. Nikol Roz is just a person that is benefiting from all what is going in Seychelles.He is a foreign ass licker.

  14. This government never have tell us Seychellios what deal they have sign to allowed country like CHINA,NORTH KOREA,TAWIAN,IRAN etc in our EEZ who are stealing our fish.In a way was good when pirates were active EEZ and other way was bad the good way they were protecting our EEZ from those fish robbers inside our EEZ and the bad way they were attacking commercial cargo ships tourists ships or sailors and kidnapping for money that was not for our country.

  15. 50 Seychellois rioted in front of Indian Shop last night after Indian merchant stole money from seychellois boy, and tricked him out of his change at Cote D'or. Police was man handled and Gurhkas stood by helplessly with his head down.

  16. Just wasting Seychellios tax money to pay Gurhkr-ass and not the first time they try to trick young peoples and also elderly peoples.

  17. Too many indains,too many Chinese ,too many Pakistanis illegally in our land.

    Expats must be reduced in our land,and pp must make sure they leave our land once their contract terminated.The present of Indian shopkeeper At Cote D'Or is also illegal ,we came as merchant ,he has now bought land approved by PP,though law say NO FOREIGNER came posses land in Seychelles.

    As to the Chinese invading our land.I have this for Mr PANDA,the Chinese Ambassador.This Panda should stop immediately putting his nose in our affaires.It seems he is conducting a policy which consist of brain-washing a minority Seychellois he and Pp calissfied as SECHELLOIS OF CHINESE ORIGINE,in order tocreate Ethnic groups like In CHina and use them as political tools ,with the hope that they would influence our foreign policy towards China and if necessary use them to create division within our society,thus pave the apth for ETHNIC conflicts as we seeing in UKRAIN(CREAMEA) or in TIBET occupied by Chinese.

    Pp must alos stop using terminoloiges lIke 2FIGHTING TERRORISTS" WE DONOT HAVE TERRORISTS IN Seychelles , Seychellois are Christians maybe in the future we would have them coming from those Mosques in which Khalfia and Pp are hatching them.the only terrorist group known in Seychelles is PP,State terrorirism.

    Dito to Durg traffickers and Human traffickers ----they not in our EEZ but as Statehouse as SFP,USA and other organizations have proven,

    Piracy PP,has been radicated in our EEZ.GOLF of Aden in not Seychelles EEZ,so stop bullshitting Seychellois with fighting piracy----in order to find a excuse to bring Chinese Navy into our waters.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  18. Gurkas are mercenaries.they must leave our land.A country defence forces is made up of National not foreigners unless you a colony.Seychelles is soveiregn land not part of Nepal therefore all those mercenaries must leave our land.,.

  19. Michel keeps fighting piracy though it has been radicated in our EEZ.The real problem which is illegal fishing by chiense.thai.iranian,korea etc he just look and do nothing.Michel new catchword is Fighting terrorism------which is a crooked idea and damage the image of our country abroad and thereby affect our tourism industry.

    All that is an attempt to find a justification to bring in Chinese Navy in our waters.

    And finally,A country foreign policy belongs to the people not the President or his government.Government role is soley to administer the foreign policy decided by the people.not the contrary.Any unilateral decision made by Pp is unconstitutional therefore illegal.

  20. Pp dictatorial government is asking UN to open Crimal investigation against crimes in Syria.Amny countires had already done that.What about an investigation for the murder of many innocent Seychellois by Partilepep Michel'What about your crimes Michel?

  21. Gurk-ass was right not intervene,because nou ti pou dormi lo zot.And this f**king indian are new on our soil. Michel let KANANE bring as much has he want and even staying elegal on our shore.His shop at cote dor is full pp with elegal Indians.

  22. PP keep on recuiting, pp to watch pirates or a** of crooks so afraid Michel and co.

  23. Tionbeau un coup,what crime has our dear leader has commit?

  24. Murdering innocent Seychellois Like Gerald,sold our patrimony to Arabs ;Sold Arms to HUTTU to murder TUSI in Rwanda,Allow Khalfia to transport Human being in >Containers etc..etc

  25. A coup d'état, a putsch, or an overthrow, the sudden and illegal seizure of a government on 5th June 1977 is one of countless crimes committed by SPUP/SPPF/PLP.

  26. Chinese are killing all turtle in Asian water and Philippines had around ten Chinese fisherman facing 10 years jail for kill those turtle and they found with a boat full with turtle meat and I bet they are doing the same shit in our EZZ is going on, Michel is letting Chinese killing our turtle and our dolphins.

  27. Your leader butcher loving Seychellios 1977 till 2014 and he also know who kill Gerard Houreau and other loving Seychellios is that enough for you.

  28. And your leader in vole Seselwa tro baucou en gran voler,sell all our land with foreigners and your leader still continuing walking the wrong direction with foreigners.

  29. Chinese Ambassador Mr PANDA,has been given green light to conduct his own policy of creating ETHENIC group within our sovereign land while SBC advertise his crooked practices.

    This Guy seems to be able to do what he wants in our land.Pormoting Ethenic edevision,something inexistence in Seychellois culture by trying to brain-washed Seychellois He and PP have classified as Seychellois of Chinese origin in order that on the long-term combine with Chinese EXpats /the latter also seem to have been import with thr objective not to Work and then go back home but to stay forever)in oder to create a big enough Chinese fake community that could be use as POLITCAL tool to influence our foreign policy in favour of China.

    Ethnic division as in North China and Tibet so that when Seychellois RASIn let us say oppose in the future Chinese aggression for instance against its Neighbours those fake Chinese made Seychellois could go into our street to cry loudly in support of China or even create chaos on our streets to impede Seychellois RASIN decision which might be against China.

    Seychelles must stop both PP and Chinese from using our Natiuonal Media to promote ethnicity in our country.There is no country in the world that you always see a foreign ambassador on a nation Nation Medias as if he or she is National ministers with power to do National politics.

    Mr Panda must stop and if he failed to stop then he must be ready to enjoy a good round of machinegun at any given time.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  30. Partileppe wants to fight against everythings that do not exist in our land and EZZ from Durig,Human trafficking,to piracy but seems to ignore the real problem wihhc is illegal fishing.It has been going on since 1977.that for the last 50 years .

  31. NO ACTION PP WILL NOT STOP THEY WANT TO SEE REAL ACTION.Dictators around the world always wait for violence and killing for them to stop abusing power.

  32. If they donot stop we would be forced to stop them by force.It seems the latter is what they asking,they for it,they going to get it .....Free of charge,Hope they would be able to carry It.

  33. China are violating international law.China want to bring disability in disputing territory in Asian sea same for Russia in Ukraine.

  34. Welcome back Nikol Roz, no more cock to suck you medieval ass licking rhinoceros piss.

  35. Chinese immigrants imported recently to Afircan in order to colonize.modify Afircan society have for instance,In UDANDA ,have been chasing African farmerson their ancestral land ,because they former think the fertile land should be their.The same policy ;is what the Chinese Ambassador has as mission in Seychelles.The policy consist of building stron Chinese ethnic group withn our society that on the long-term would help the Chinese communist achieve their geo-politca.ecnomical interest----by all means-That is if a sovereign states in which there is chines ethnic group,the government in question let say oppose a Chinese policy such as invading her neighbours--the Chinese government could use them to as politcval tool to either bring instability,create conflict weithin the soveiregn state ewhich oppose Chinese policy therefore force the government in question change its policy or opposition toward china-That is the aim---the motto is"if they donot like us,want us in their land ,then we would create ethnic group to dter them,divid them to make it in Seychelles Mr Panda is dreaming to do with the consent of Partielpp dictatorship and SBC which promote his crooked ambition.

    In BURMA ,there is for example a Chinese ethnic group call WA,they have been conducting a guerilla war with the support of China for decades.
    You have seen MALYASIA when the After MALYSIAN ARILINE crashed--a very well-organized group where send to pressure MALAYSAIN Government,not only because their family members were victims but as a political tool by Chinese government.In Tibet,Chinese were imported in mass to ensure that they out numbered TIBETAIN IN their homeland,making it impossible for them to resist Chinese occupation.the list of example is long.

  36. China has in her History always rape others_sovereignty,EEZ,people---Before TIBET it was MONGOLIA,etc....
    There has been several incidient in AFRICA recently whereby Chinese immigrants brought to colonized Aifrcan land recently. -- And before they have even get use,to the contitnent they are attacking and chasing African Farmers on their ancestral land .Last year their was a case like this in part OF UGANDA, but also in ETHOPIA.It is a strategy and policy by Chinese ogovernemnt.The same policy the Chinese Ambassador Mr PANDA is dreaming on implememnting in Seychelles.

    I repeat.What Mr Panda wants is use what partilepep and MR PANDA call Seychelleois of Chinese decendent(They attempting to classified Seychellois into ethenic group something not part of Seychellois culture)in order that on the long-term it would create ethnic conflicts as we seing in China ,In Ukraine ,Tibet to divide Seychellois.Mr PANDA wants to create with the Seychellois he classified SEYCHELLOIS FO CHINESE ORIGIN combine with thousands of EXPATS partilepep imported to STAY a big and import Chinese community within our Land that would be big enough that the CHINESE could used on the long-term to defence Chinese Foreign policies abroad.That is,For instant.let say Chinese invade one of her neighbor and the world oppose it ,to deter governemnts which are opposing Chinese criminal policy,the Chinese government could call on Chinese ethnic group to bring in disorder and instability in the land that oppose their policy,by street protest etc... thus forcing a government to reverse its policy or position against China.

    For instance---In Burma you got a minority Ethnic Chinese group call the WA,they been conducting a guerrilla war against Burma for decades and supported by Chin

  37. Partilepep talks about protecting Children rights--how can a party that generally Abuses Human rights can genuinely protect Children rights?Look at all those teenagers who we can literally call children are getting pregnant--a new curse created by Michel policy ,for the root of all those problems come from the socio-economic situation of our society created by 50 years of partilepep.

  38. After kou2tat SPUP alias SPPF alias PL were charging 50 cents for every Seybrew sold the public.This money surpose to go to the children society. Now where is the money Albert?
    En ansyen siporter SPUP.
    Osi ansyen siporter SPPF.
    Osi ansyen siporter SDP.
    Osi ansyien siporter SNP

    Now an SFP supporter.


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