Censorship at British High Commission To Protect Communists!


  1. There you go.

    SFP at work.

    SFP i pou parey en pikan lo zot fes ki tanzantan zot a bezwan grate.

  2. British high commission seen years had been keeping quite what happening in Seychelles F**K commonwealth its just a group of moron there is a ambassador of Seychelles in England someone their have to knock on her door but never happen.Britain have abandoned all country their colonized in Africa that's why African today are still suffering under dictators.Those seating in Victoria building are just on holiday having good time on the island there don't care.f**k them wicked.

  3. Lately Michel appointed brother of Joseph Kony from Uganda say its from commonwealth,commonwealth are you taking us for idiot sending us Uganda judge for this regime to get away with crimes and continue with corruption?

  4. .aND IN THE MEAN TIME manchAM is supporting the letter of JAM to the late Mr. Sauzier. As usual he added his own twist to make us laugh, however he forgot to say that WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE MR.SAUZIER to make Seychelles the way Seychelles was. R.I.P. my man....you were the man who made us proud in the 70's.

  5. British High commission in Victoria don't exist guys what been happing for so long never heard them call on a President that are abusing and international law going to british high commission in Victoria its like go in Victoria building and talk with some pictures on the wall even you tell this regime are involed in human trafficking they don't what to hear.Why are you British high commission base in Seychelles for what!

    1. For their own interests my friends, they all let us down on the 5th of June 1977 when the SPUP took power by force and continues to do so. They know exactly what is going on in Seychelles, but they rather enjoy their time in the sun, sea and sand........ As the former colonial power in Seychelles, it is their duty and responsility to make sure that democratic principles are upheld. If an authoritarian system is not good enough for the British people, then it's not good enough for us as well. This behaviour in itself is discriminatory..... I would like to remind them that older generation from Seychelles gave their lives fighting for king and country, we deserve better, we deserve freedom and democracy, not double standards. ///

  6. Thank Mr TAll for challenging Mr Hugo,who seems lost in his explanation.I must mr Hugo tells us that FCo does not incluses all countires in its annaul report.But mr Hugo ,it has been forty years since Seychellois Huamn rights is being raped.mr Hugo tells us,that he occassionally discusss those issues with Seychelles one party state governemnt.Well Mr Hugo since you has dicussed with Pp thugees occassionally after ffour decades of occassionally discussing those issues with PP.The question to Mr Hugo,is does he thinks four decades disccussing occassionally with a rogue regime is too long?That by now sanctions on the state organized teorrism should have been dealt with?How long would mr Hugo repaese that there should be limit of discussion ,and a deadline for Pp thugs to change?Mr Hugo,Huamamn rgihts issues are not issues for bargaining.Human rights are rights inherent to all Human beings .it should be a issue of bargaining.Why should Seychellois beegging a rogue,iellgal,toerristic regime for its Human rights?

    You know what Mr Hugo,stop bullshitting seychellois with your nonesense,and finally act by sanctiong this torrist regime once and for all.

    jeanne D'Arc

  7. Politicians like Mr Hugo wish to get their message across; they do not want to acknowledge weakness in their argument. They hardly tip their hat at the question before reciting the party slogan or that day's "line to take". ///

  8. Every time when election are close Michel put zou mass lo Praslin and after election none pp crook to be seen,but Praslinios have learn from their mistake JAm this coming election pp will have their fingers stuck in their a**.Praslinios don't need only building,better infrastructure like road etc.. and you are making building its time to give our Police on Praslin a better police station before it full down on them moron.

  9. David should kick Mr Hugo a**out of this office if he can not do what he should do or don't do his job.Mr Hugo when the last time you made a report on pp crooks to your country for what is going on in Seychelles?

  10. Mr Hugo, Albert Einstein once said "The world is a dangerous place to live: Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." ///


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