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Victoria- Seychelles
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) met with members of the one party state National Assemblyand Vice President Danny Faure and gave the SPPF PL regime a serious no nonsense dressing down on their lack of due diligence to see through Human Rights international obligations which Seychelles bound to implement under the United Nation Charter and other relevant treaties it has signed.
The room was still, straight faced and silence reigned.
For years now the Seychelles regime has made steady progress towards Authoritarianism and disregarding human rights as a serious topic.
For years now, the regime has trampled on Individual Human Rights provisions enshrined in the Constitution of Seychelles, that this very regime signed and passed by referendum in 1993.
Since 1993, the degradation has been most prominent in the last Five (5) years when Seychelles got a new National Assembly, funding for Police force from EU and yet, all this assistance seems to have been turned on its people as a display of authoritarianism.



  2. If it is not yet at the same level as North Korea,it is not far from reaching the it,.The practices though are similar.If the precedenct set by PP is not stop by 2016 we will not only be at North Korea level but might exceed it.There is also a obssesion by Pp thugess to follow the same course as those failed and dictatorial state like N.Korea,Zimbabwe.Cuba etc-- all Pp best friends are dictatorial countries thus typifies that Pp thugees find common traits in those countires.Howver,we shares many things to N Korea----unborn babies are slaughtered,population silent,Has connections with Intenrantional criminal organizations,invovle in Interantional organized crimes like Human trafficking,Failed economy,failed government,all atheists,all wicked,robbery,corruption,killing at will,harrassememnt ,leader who portry themsleves as God or posses divine power,live a lavish life and rob and spend axpayers 'money in multi-millions ,like butchering their poeple,etc..etc..etc..

    Jeanne D`^Arc

  3. In Seychelles we do not have Policeman - we have Foolish Man. What force did this foolish man use to beat this young man up ! Even animals do not behave that way towards each other. Welcome to renaissance morale al la Michel way. Sesel Sa...

  4. Seychelles likely launders more money then North Korea, using offshore companies. So far we estimate 25Billion has been laundered using Seychelles based companies.
    Seychelles as revealed by James Michel, is on a arms build up, in spite of signing a military accord with India. North Korea is in process of doing an arms build up.
    Seychelles is still a one party state.
    North korea is still a one party state.
    Human rights are not respected in North Korea.
    Human rights are not respected in Seychelles.
    In North Korea, one family and a group of cronies control the economic apparatus of the Nation.
    In Seychelles, it is the same with very few exceptions.
    Even the excessive and abusive tax of 16.5 % on revenue is outrageous and turns every business person into a cow to be milked .
    In Seychelles cronies pay SCR. 1.0 for a light bulb, or an island.
    Yet a light bulb cost 100.00 rupees and and an island a few hundred million dollars.

  5. That the Commonwealth does not meet or conduct a meet with the Oppostion,it means that Commonwealth either thinks that there is No Oppostion.thus should be an indicator for them that we in a one-aprty state (dictatorship)therefore Commonwealth representative should not even be our our soil,to promote this rogue regime,or Commonwealth ignores Oppostions becuase it thinks PP represents all Oppostion.It either ways Commonwealth seems to make us believe that One-party state is a democratic system.In fact.Pp should be banned from the Commonwealth until rule of law,plitical refroms are undertaken etc.....

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. In the Commonwealth meeting"Herminite said"the fact that the Commonwealth meeting is held in Seychelles is a tstimony to the importance that we palce on the promotion of Huamn rights)".Well,Herminite,there is no dictatoriship that has a recrod on up holding Huamn rights,It does not exist.His comment shows the ignorance of those under -eudcated fools.One-aprty system,i a crimanla system,it cannot up holds Huamn rights-----And note donkey--PP does not represent the people .for it was never chosen or elected by the people.Coup D'etat is not democracy HErminite Maron.

  7. Kick the ass of Metsy La rue as Helath Minister.A woman who is dreaming to have a family lost her second child in Seychelles hospital.This woman had lost two children in this hospital that mean healthcare is fuck.

  8. Kick PP out`Killing unborn babies did not start with MITZY,it has been going on for years.It seems to be part of the crooked policies of PP which consist of elimiating Seychellois at all it by killing unborn babies,poising our youth with HArd Drugs,Murder,etc....

    By the way Michel did send condolence message to UHURU KENYA;CHINES victims but there are THREE SEYCHEELOIS in EGYPTAIN^s JAIL.----no words from them,no words from PP.

    Jeanne D?ARC


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