Monday, 31 March 2014

Bye ,Bye Zomn Lib!

The ruling communist party PL in Seychelles, has declared, that their” party” Central Committee has agreed to remove Zomn Lib- from Public place, and take him away to a private place. They seemed a little confused about where to take the metal statute built by Father Wavel Ramkalawan’s Father while at PWD. The PL seemed embarrassed about removing Zomn Lib from its position of prominence on Revolution Avenue. What revolution?
The Moment of Great Shame and Emptiness in the Metal Man
The PL seemed extremely  embarrassed this week, of historical proportions, they placed a green roofing barricade up around the infamous monument. Indian workers under GOP, behind the green barricade, chipped away slowly by hand at the marble tiles, than prisoners of the Communist system pulled the plants and shrubs out one by one unceremoniously , to carefully not disturb any bodies that may have been buried in the area, which has now turned into fertilizer.

A pick up truck was on stand by to take the dead metal man and his decorations and chains to his next resting place, but the PL do not seem to know what to really do with this rusting pile of junk. Here are some suggestions PL Communists, in case as usual, you are lost for ideas:
1.    Place it in the garden of stolen Maison Du Peuple, to perpetuate the symbol that you are a thieving party that steals from the people and will continue to steal from the people;
2.    Place it behind SCR. 1.0 St. Anne Island, engine block tied to its neck with chain, and load it on TOPAZ the glorious fishing boat, and take it for a plunge, you know all about plunges in the deep blue sea PL;
3.    Place it on Felicite Island, to signify that islands can be taken stolen released to cronies for a fraction of their value.
4.    Place it at Ephelia Hotel, where a soft lease was given to a crony company, which in turn used the lease to garner a 125 Million Euro Loan to build the hotel, at the same time our failing tankers were being built and “commissioned” one by one;
5.    Place it at Glacis Sur Mer, since James Mancham is now a supporter of James Michel;
6.    Place at Wavel Ramkalawan’s big green house, since the barricades were green, while you took it down, and after all, his Daddy built Zomn Lib;
7.     Place it at a chicken farm, so rats stay away from chicken eggs;
8.    Place it in the entrance of the consul of ministers, to ward off camera loving ministers that remind you of mongrels, they will be reminded that Zom Lib was ugly, but he commanded the camera fro over 30 years, they can do it as well;
9.    Place it at IOT factory to encourage GOP workers to work harder, and to reduce ODOR in the factory, since you PL think Zom Lib does not stink, but TUNA does;
10.     Place it in a hole in Providence, dig deep, like you are use to when you want to hide a body, after placing Zom Lib in the hole, cement a foundation, to keep it from coming out again, with 12mm welded mesh over it.
Give it a name: ZOMN LIB Trash Bank, with that ask all Seychellois to be responsible with their trash……..on SBC daily, not every 35 years.

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Case filed against the POA‏

Sunday, 30 March 2014

UN rights council approves inquiry into alleged abuses in Sri Lanka war

27 March 2014 – The United Nations Human Rights Council today voted to open an international inquiry into alleged war crimes committed by both the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the final stages of a decades-long conflict that ended in 2009.
Adopted by a vote of 23 in favour to 12 against with 12 abstentions, the Geneva-based Council requested the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to undertake a “comprehensive investigation” into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties, and to establish the facts and circumstances of such alleged violations “with a view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability.”
The Sri Lankan Government declared victory over the rebel LTTE in May 2009, after a conflict that had raged on and off for nearly three decades and killed thousands of people. The final months of the conflict had generated concerns about alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.
By its action today, the Council reiterated its call on the Government to implement the constructive recommendations made in the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.
It also called on the Government to release publicly the results of its investigations into alleged violations by security forces, including the attack on unarmed protesters in Weliweriya in August 2013, and the report of 2013, by the court of inquiry of the Sri Lanka Army.
In her address to the Council yesterday, High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay stressed the need to ensure justice and accountability, including through the establishment of an independent and credible investigation, saying: “This is essential to advance the right to truth for all in Sri Lanka and create further opportunities for justice, accountability and redress.”
She noted that in recent years, the Government has established various mechanisms with the task to investigate past violations. “But none have had the independence to be effective or inspire confidence among victims and witnesses,” she stated.
At the same time, new evidence continues to emerge, and witnesses are willing to come forward to testify before international mechanisms in which they have confidence and which can guarantee their protection, the High Commissioner added.
“This shows that an international inquiry is not only warranted, but also possible, and can play a positive role in eliciting new information and establishing the truth where domestic inquiry mechanisms have failed.”
The Council has in the past called on the Sri Lankan Government to take credible steps to ensure accountability for alleged serious violations committed during the final months of the conflict.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Qatar Airways snubbed Etihad targets, claims CEO

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker says the airline is again pursuing acquisitions after revealing it rejected stakes in Olympic Airlines, Air Seychelles, Air Serbia and Alitalia – the latter three of which are now linked to rival carrier Etihad, it was reported.
The second-biggest Gulf airline is “actively discussing opportunities” with other passenger carriers, Al Baker said in an interview with Bloomberg.
“I would not like to pre-empt our decision,” he was quoted as saying. “We would rather keep it to ourself for the time being, of where we want to invest. When we see that there are strong synergies between the two carriers we are open to investment.”
However, Al Baker said Qatar Airways was “offered” unprofitable Greek carrier Olympic Airlines, Air Seychelles and “even Air Serbia,” while Alitalia, which has suffered years of losses, has indicated its availability “several times over the past five years,” Al Baker told Bloomberg, adding that none of the deals came through.
Rome-based Alitalia is in the final stages of investment talks with UAE national carrier Etihad Airways, which has also taken a 50 percent stake in Air Serbia and a minority shareholding in Air Seychelles.
“We were offered umpteen airlines that today have either been acquired or are in the process,” Al Baker said. Qatar Airways “will not be rushed into taking investments in airlines in bits and pieces,” he said, adding of Etihad’s purchases that: “Each airline in our region has a different strategy.”
He added: “We want to make sure that we don’t create a burden on us,” he said. “We want airlines that we acquire to be complementary to us, we don’t want to get involved in fixing other people’s problems.”
In another apparent reference to Etihad, Al Baker said Qatar Airways had never considered taking stakes in Indian carriers such as budget operator SpiceJet. Etihad took a 24 percent stake in India’s Jet Airways last year.
Al Baker also told Bloomberg that he had abandoned plans to set up a freight hub via investment in an existing operator after exiting a 35 percent stake in Cargolux Airlines International following a strategy dispute with Europe’s No 1 cargo-only carrier.
Meanwhile he said the airline was also interested in operating the A319 Business class-only service to London City Airport in addition plans for the service to Heathrow, but was unable to do so because the aircraft “is a bit heavy” to take off from the urban location’s short runway with the required fuel load.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Seychelles Extends Asylum for Relatives of Tunisia Ex-Dictator

Authorities in the Seychelles said Tuesday it was allowing the son-in-law of Tunisia's deposed dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to continue his asylum on the islands for another 12 months.
Sakhr El Materi, who was convicted in absentia of corruption by a Tunisian court, appealed for asylum in the Indian Ocean archipelago in February 2013.
The Seychelles foreign ministry said Materi had been "granted an extension of an additional twelve months on his residence permit along with his wife, their three children and entourage."
It said it had been told by his lawyers that he was "still at risk of persecution and would not be granted due process of the law by the Tunisian authorities if he were forcibly returned to the Tunisian Republic."
The foreign ministry statement said Materi's lawyers had also argued that "there have been several instances of politically exposed persons being targeted by assassinations" in Tunisia.
"The Republic of Seychelles does not impose nor recognize capital punishment under her constitution and remains dissuaded that the Tunisian Republic would not seek the death penalty," the statement added.
Materi first fled to Qatar just before the overthrow of his father-in-law's regime in 2011, but the Gulf emirate agreed to expel him in September 2012. He then fled to the Seychelles, where Ben Ali and his close family used to go on holiday prior to the revolution.
Said to be the ex-dictator's favorite son-in-law and long seen as a possible successor, Materi was sentenced in absentia to 16 years in prison and fined 97 million dinars ($61 million) for corruption and property fraud.
Married to Ben Ali's eldest daughter Nesrine, the businessman was active in virtually every economic sector. His properties have either been confiscated or placed under state administration.
The north African country has also repeatedly asked Saudi Arabia to extradite Ben Ali, who took refuge there with his wife Leila Trabelsi after they fled Tunisia in January 2011.
Ben Ali has been sentenced in absentia to life in prison for presiding over the bloody protest crackdown that ignited the Arab Spring, and convicted on other charges that include incitement to murder, embezzlement and abuse of power.

"Seychelles Police Brutality Sanction By State"

The culprits Ernest Quatre and Romano Songor

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Jean-Paul David says he was hit in the face with a baton during a late-night raid.
A young man was hospitalized on Monday evening after sustaining serious injuries from what he says was a police beating. Jean-Paul David, 25, who lost teeth and hurt his right leg in the incident, now says he is planning to lodge a court case against the authorities. The police have launched an investigation in the allegation of police brutality, confirmed Police Public Relations Officer, Jean Toussaint.

TODAY visited Mr David in the D’Offay Ward yesterday afternoon. Speaking through his friend, on account of the heavy swelling around his mouth, he said the incident unfolded at 8:00 pm in Roche Bois, Belonie. A group of 15 people were hanging around the area, when he says a small pickup and a Terios pulled up. Without identifying themselves, police then shot a canister of teargas at them, sending the group running in every direction, he recounts.
Along with everyone else, he set off, straight into the path of two Special Support Unit officers, whom he recognised by their green uniform. As he was about to run past, they slid out their batons and one asked “Why are you running?” Without having time to respond, he says one officer hit him square in the mouth. As he recounted this, Mr David pulled back a bandage, showing a long gap in the bottom row of teeth and chipped upper teeth. “I lost over four teeth,” he says.
Back to scene. After the first hit, he says he kept running, and the police gave chase, beating him on the back. After one particularly hard hit, he tripped near a precipitous drop and landed on some rocks, injuring his right knee. “At this point I stayed down and they eventually left,” he says. After around 45 minutes, he dragged himself to the main street, where some of his friends, who had also been spooked off earlier, picked him up in their car and drove him to English River clinic. He was later taken to Mont Fleuri, he says.

Speaking to a relative and a friend at his bedside, they say that the whole family has been left shocked by the incident and the bloodied mess they met when they visited the hospital. Mr David says he’s contacted a lawyer and is now prepared to take the case to court, to “ensure that police treat people with more respect and this doesn’t happen to other Seychellois.”
TODAY contacted the police yesterday, who said a communique would be released later in the day. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive it by the time of going to press. However, in an earlier phone call, Police Public Relations Officer Jean Toussaint said that the Roche Bois area was considered somewhat of a hot-spot for drug-related activity, which may explain the nature of Monday’s late night raid.
From our understanding and talking to government sources, the police have begun interviewing witnesses and the incident has been reported to the Ministry of Home Affairs, with Minister Morgan vowing to come down hard and launch an inquiry if it is confirmed that this was a case of police authority being abused.
Source: Today in Seychelles

Breaking News

Victoria- Seychelles
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) met with members of the one party state National Assemblyand Vice President Danny Faure and gave the SPPF PL regime a serious no nonsense dressing down on their lack of due diligence to see through Human Rights international obligations which Seychelles bound to implement under the United Nation Charter and other relevant treaties it has signed.
The room was still, straight faced and silence reigned.
For years now the Seychelles regime has made steady progress towards Authoritarianism and disregarding human rights as a serious topic.
For years now, the regime has trampled on Individual Human Rights provisions enshrined in the Constitution of Seychelles, that this very regime signed and passed by referendum in 1993.
Since 1993, the degradation has been most prominent in the last Five (5) years when Seychelles got a new National Assembly, funding for Police force from EU and yet, all this assistance seems to have been turned on its people as a display of authoritarianism.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Seychelles Drowning In Human Rights Violations

Note: - Foreign Affairs Minister Does Not Change Course: Cover Up Is The Order  
              of the Day. Violations in Seychelles Are Getting Worse Each Day.

Come To Seychelles, Have A Cocktail at Sundown
This week, after the USA Human Rights Country Report-Seychelles came out on Republic of Seychelles, which exposed many State sponsored ongoing malpractice and numerous malfeasance on part of the PL government of Seychelles, Minister Jean Paul Adam quickly went into cover up mode, calling the report” sensational”, and invited anyone in the USA to come to Seychelles and see for themselves the situation.
I almost threw up when he said that.
Invite Them To Seychelles

Every time Minister Adam gets a damning Human Rights Report, or abrasive reaction from the international community on SPPF PL conduct, he cunningly invites them to Seychelles as if he has nothing to hide. The recent invitation of UN to see for themselves , the issue of HUMAN TRAFFICKING back fired on Adam last month, only. 
On arrival, the State usually  flies visitors to Desroches Island for a lovely expense paid holiday ( Kalamarsh Sharma- Commonwealth Secretary General). Soon after, the Commonwealth forgot about its collection of Reports on Seychelles and went numb and dumb. 
There are not too many Kalamarsh Sharma’s in the World Mr Adam, thank God for that, the State PL will have to do better.

Human Trafficking in Seychelles
Heads Up USA Country Report
While the USA Country Report has been the most detailed in many years, and shows there is now a real effort at the Port Louis desk to study, document, report on Seychelles, many key points are left out, which I will highlight, with the hope that the next Report on Seychelles is even better and the PL government will fit firmly into the Tier III category where they are heading, aid will be suspended by USA and European Union, then finally, we can come to the table, in the spirit of Reconciliation, to face PL’s atrocities, and their lack of seriousness when dealing with Human Rights wherein, they are always the violators.
I.    Commonwealth Reports Seychelles Yet To Make A political transition from One Party State to multiparty Democracy.
The Commonwealth, who has been the most significant observer of elections and transition process, in Seychelles, has said in the 2011 Presidential Elections Report(page 38) , that “ Seychelles is yet to make the transition from one party state to multi party politics from 1991, though parties exist”.
State Continues To exercise Absolute Controls Over Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in contravention of Article 168 of Seychelles Constitution which requires that the SBC be Independent: The state and dominant party SPPF PL control 100% the content and presentation of the SBC. The President has access, anytime to the SBC, as do ministers and government officials promoting the governments’ agenda.

Kamlesh Sharma
Opposition parties have no access or voice in the country through the SBC. Press conferences are called, and they do not attend nor cover the issues opposing parties, in spite of the news broadcast being 100% funded by Public Funds and State retains full daily access, no counter views are available on the national broadcast station, inhibiting Freedom of Choice.
II.    Under the Constitution, the Commissioner of Police has full Police powers, Article 160 (1), and was intended to be a wholly independent officer without any political persuasion or favor.
However, in practice, the officer of the Commissioner has now fallen under the direction of the Minister of Internal Affairs Minister Joel Morgan, a political appointment in the PL government and former Parti Seselwa or SNP.
III.    The Constitution of Seychelles requires that warrants be secured to establish Probable Cause for a residential or premises search under Article 20 Right to Privacy. However, the PL has implemented the NDEA Act, which over rides this constitutional protect of the citizen and they regularly, conduct warrantless searches of premises, residents, in direct contravention of the Constitution of Seychelles. The Right to Privacy is a cornerstone of democracy,  that insures the citizen’s home is secure from the State without fear or intimidation.
IV.    The one party state tactic of population control via Random Road blocks is more prolific then in the one party state. In these cases, Police , NDEA randomly stop vehicles on the road, conduct searches, without Probable Cause that a traffic infraction has been committed. This practice has risen to the level of harassment of private citizens.
NDEA thuggery

The State knowingly passed the NDEA legislation, understanding that it will expunge the Right to Privacy and severely curtail the Right to Freedom of Movement to control the population, in spite of Police not being trained well to do their work within the Four Corners of the Constitution of Seychelles without declaring a State of Emergency under Article 41 (1).

V.    The Minister of Internal Affairs, in usurpation of the Constitutional Powers of the Commissioner of Police has imported 50 Gurhkas all non Seychellois citizens, to be employed in the Civilian Police Force, in contravention of the most basic fundamental democratic principle of acceptable Police Powers: “all Police Forces must be …of the People, by the People, for the People.” It is believed that the Gurhkas are a crack military force, photos emerged in 2013 with Gurhkas holding AK-47 assault rifles in a training exercise at the Port facilities; they  have been planted in the Police Department to repel any insurrection in the country to stifle the will of the people, and to impose the hard will of a military State that has creep-ed away  Fundamental Freedoms step by step, leading Seychelles away from its aspiring Democratic Credentials set out in the 1993 Constitution, and placing her squarely in the “Authoritarian Regime” category.
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VI.    Human Rights Watch Organization filed by Christopher Gill was denied registration in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 under the Land Registration Act Section 101.
It is believed that the PL do not want any independent Human Rights Watch Organization in the Country. Hence the denial to register this organization, and advise by the government that it will not be registered. The Attorney General has refused discussion on the matter.
While the State does not fund any Human Rights Watch Organization, to keep it in check, it does fund the Chamber of Commerce by Scr. 800,000.00 per annum and it does fund ruling political  parties, its own: Scr. 6 Million per year.

VII.    The Seychelles Human Rights Commission has functioned as a window dressing to the World, and is perceived due to its very close ties to the Army, and government, to not be a credible Commission. Appointments are made by the President.
It stifles and buries human rights complaints in RED TAPE as a matter of practice.
VIII.    One member of the Human Rights Commission was exposed by Al Jazeera for attempted money laundering, and he was never asked to resign.
IX.    The country remains a One Party State with exception of one single MNA in the opposition (Mr. David Pierre former SNP), widely believed to have been propped into place to give the ruling party minimal credibility. His seat was granted by Court of Appeals in a dubious ruling.

X.    District Branch offices
Were to close down after the passing of the Constitution in 1993, and they remain in place, dispensing largess to the population, and brokering of relationship between the Citizen and government.
XI.    Election Reforms were promised, and ruling party officials promised to attend these deliberations, which later, they did not attend, leaving the discussions up to lower party functionaries and no SBC air coverage of the events took place in full as promised.
XII.     Public Orders Act passed in 2013 is considered to be more draconian then the previous Public Order Act (1956). The Right to Assembly Article 23(1) and Freedom of Expression Article 22(1) two corner stones of Democracy and respect and tolerance of Human Rights, has been curtailed severely and materially, reflecting the POA of Uganda in the region and the Attorney General has said it is a very modern and progressive law.

Nepalese mercenaries in Seychelles
National NGO LUNGOS has visited the President and expressed their concern as a national NGO on the new law, in as much as it will stifle the  best democratic practice in Seychelles and further solidifying the authoritarian culture aspired by the regime.
XIII.    Seychelles Has Not Filed Any Human Rights Country Reports since becoming a signing member to the UN Charter of Human Rights in July 1993. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Jean Paul Adam, has said that Seychelles lacks financial resources, to file these required reports. Yet the Ministers of the Government gave themselves a 38% salary increase in 2008 and a 100% salary increase is due in June 2014 with pensions for life for all politicians. All of 2013, no effort was made to compile the growing list of human rights abuses in Seychelles since 1993.  Seychelles remains under SANCTION with the UN Human Rights Committee for NON COMPLIANCE with material Treaty provisions.

XIV.    Seychelles has yet to make strong statements to discourage human rights violations of its Police Force. A recent case involved an army cadet, wherein he was apparently beaten by Gurhkas, and in the end, he was advised to simple say he fell down, to not face repercussions in the job for himself and his mother, employed with the Seychelles Police. The matter has since been closed by the State, but the Public generally does not believe the official story. But a picture speaks a thousand words.
XV.    The list of murdered missing disappeared during the one party state remains unsolved, and no active effort has been made in 2013 to find the missing persons such as Hassan Ali, or the murderers and co conspirators of the murder of Mike Asher and Simon Denousse. The case of the assassination of Gerard Hoarau still remains unsolved, though new evidence has been provided to Scotland Yard in London.
When the Police Commissioner has been asked progress on these crimes, his reply is: “I cannot discuss this, I will lose my job”.

XVI.    Generally in 2013, the State embarked on a program similar to One Party State Era to disregarded property rights protected under the Constitution Article 26 and Article 27.  The government implemented a new Zoning Law that turned private property in Public Reserves in an arbitrary manner without any clear legal zoning standards set out as required under Zoning laws with due respect for The Constitution. This is seen as a returning of property rights in Seychelles back to the one party state era and an attempt to stifle debate in the country, and keep citizens at the mercy of the State.
XVII.    Human Sex trafficking carried on in 2013 as State remained in denial of the same. This is clear from testimony of airport staff collaborated with hotel staff in . The government has remained steadfast in denial. No legislation is in place to deal with this illicit human activity at the end of 2013.
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

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Name: Christopher Gill
Tel: 248 2503990