Thursday, 27 February 2014

A State of A Nation With A Leader In Despair and Arrogance

Mr. President James Michel has used the State of The Nation to make false claims on the success of his Administration, and then vehemently attack the poor, the ordinary, the sick, the under educated, the weak in our society, all of which are a product of a failed system, they are your people Mr. James Michel, and today you kick  them with your foot.
 I have never heard such an uneducated speech on the serious problems of a Nation. While you may take offense to that fellow 3000 miles away giving you lessons, guess what: this is the digital media age where one can be 10,000 miles away, yet keep you well in check. 
Only the fat cat MNA’s and Ministers who do not feel the pinch of James Michel’s failed economics clapped hands. One short and fat MNA dressed in a burgundy short, with the buttons missing a hole clapped his hands by slapping his table with one hand. He only had to say whoooooo,whoooo, to  remind us of Darwins’ Theory of Evolution.
Never has a President said so little, and yet dehumanized his people so much, to engross himself in the drapery of power, for the sake of power, at the expense of Nation building and serious Reconciliation that Seychelles needs before she turns into the beast that it is being nurtured into becoming under James Michel.

The Beast Under James Michel
PL roots rests deep in the violence of the one party state and the conspiracy to use arms guns on a people on June 5th, 1977. Mr. Michel has learnt that the use of guns and imposition of his will to solve socio political problems at an early age in his life, is expedient; now he is learning what is expedient brings with it very  deep  poisonous roots.
To persist with Mr. Michel’s style of lack of compassion, causes also great damage to Nation Building, a task that is the larger picture beyond your day to day statistics that now make Seychelles situation look more bleak by the day.

Guns Do Not Solve Social Problems Mr. Michel
Over the years, as social problems like drugs, alcohol abuse, prostitution, human trafficking, theft of Tourist and Seychellois alike,  have gotten out of hand for the Michel Administration, the solution was always a strong arm approach: buy more guns, give them to enforcement officers, get more bullets, use AK-47’s in tourist districts, put up road blocks, harass even innocent civilians, tear up cars searching for drugs randomly, search homes without warrants, because warrants require that you prove your case first, and establish Probable Cause, that takes professionalism in the Police and NDEA, something which is fundamentally lacking.

NDEA Is An Agency of Brutality
The creation of the NDEA is one clear example of Michel resorting to brutal tactics to overcome the drug problem, instead of focusing on keen intelligence and at the same time respect Individual Rights enshrined in the Constitution of Seychelles.
NDEA, for it to function, while answerable to Mr. Michel, it must breach numerous recognized universal human rights listed under the Seychelles Constitution:
1.    The Right To Privacy Article 20 (a) is violated through random bugging of mobile phones and internet connections; search of homes are done under NDEA enabling legislation, which permits searches of homes without a warrant, but the Constitution prohibits such conduct by any para military unit.
2.    The Right To Freedom of Movement Article (25) is violated each time a random road block is set up to search vehicles without Probable Cause that a crime or traffic infraction has been committed.
3.    The Right To Use and Enjoyment of Property Article 26 is violated each time the NDEA barrages in with weapons into a home to search at night, without a warrant establishing the details of Probable Cause.

In a phrase, People of Seychelles, while drug traffickers are peddling and taking away our quality of life, the government is using strong arm tactics to also reduce our quality of life. It is a vicious circle and the ordinary Seychellois is the loser.
The mercenaries, like Scully, the Ghurkas, and the fat cats are the winners. The rest of us, our children, our women, young teenagers, are all the losers in Mr. Michel’s act of breaking his promise, to respect democratic norms enshrined in the Constitution of Seychelles.

Marijuana V/S Heroin
After busting 1000 or so marijuana users, with possession, few heroin traffickers are behind bars today. Yet it is heroin that is the real threat to Seychelles. NDEA has failed to deal with heroin successfully. The “skagg” (decrepit) men and women who walk our busy streets like zombies with a little pocket knife in hand day and night, is evidence to the naked eye that the program to stop drugs in Seychelles is failing and falling fast and hard. Brutality will not solve this problem Mr. Michel, nor will the dehumanization of the victims of addiction. They will react and become more violent towards the innocent, until we will be in a spiral of total decline. As a leader, you must consider an intelligent and educated approach to the problem.
Allowing the addicts to be killed off as hinted in your speech, is not a responsible solution. It will harden our people and country and yes eventually when the World knows you have adopted a policy of letting drug addicts die, as you suggest in your speech, even tourists will stop coming to Seychelles. Then what Mr. Michel?

If you take my words lightly, recall my warnings on offshore sector and money laundering. Now that pillar is in pieces because, you did not listen or heed to the Seychelles Column.
Mr. President, while drugs is dehumanizing and frustrating for us all, we must exercise restraint and seek out human relief for addicts. They are sick and need help. You let the problem go out of control because you did too little too late, now we all have to pick up the pieces. Why? Because they are Seychellois Mr. Michel, your family, my family, all our family. Your energy in fighting drugs needs to be placed on the traffickers, and dealers, not users. This means going after your own people at the top of the food chain and yes, even key opposition players. 
Today, every Seychellois family has at least one drug related problem destroying their family life and cutting into the fabric of society.
We must address the matter in a spirit of humanity when addressing addiction, not guns and ammo and Lanet to kill them off. This practice must stop.
With traffickers, NDEA is still underperforming. They just lost a big load by boat into Praslin. By the time they turned up, all of Praslin was stone in heaven, floating around like zombies. Too much traffic detail makes NDEA a dull operation.

James Michel Says Get Off Welfare!
Mr. President made it clear in no uncertain terms: Get Off Welfare!
Mr. Michel’s attack on his own party base is applaud-able. But who created the welfare system Mr. Michel? Was it not you and France Albert Rene and Mancham?
Who institutionalize the abuse of the welfare system to guarantee that power stays in the hands of the person with the gun, was it not you?
It was you Mr. Michel. If an educated person is the creator of an abusive welfare system, he cannot come out and blame those who abuse the system. The educated person must blame himself for his bad system he imposed on People.
Your approach Sir, is like blaming the patient, for bad medicine he gets that makes him sick. He gets the medicine from a Doctor. In the welfare equation Mr. Michel, you are the Doctor, not the patient.
As the Dr. you should simply propose measures that will reduce the incidences of abuse. This is how it works Mr. Michel. It is very uneducated to attack the very victims of welfare advocated programs for their abuse of a system that invites them to come in and abuse the process and call them ungrateful.

Do you remember the long lines at Social Security office before elections? I thought you may have forgotten. What about the free tin roofing, free wood, free blocks? This is not welfare? What is it?
If you educated your people well in 50 years, instead of giving them certificates without the background education (32% single pass rate on IGCSE) , no one would be on welfare today. Just this scores tells you we have a Nation of invalids that graduate through your educational system. There is a serious problem there, because Seychellois in private schools that have less money per pupil, score 96%, higher then UK Public School system of 76%.
This means Mr. Michel, it is not the pupils failing the school system, it is your school system failing the pupils. That means your whole 50 year bash is unjustifiable unless it is for a few fat cats to party on in town.
Every single Seychellois should be well off and empowered today, if you are such a success in words and deed.
If they are not empowered today, it is because your Communist system that you now want to shake off, has failed every single Seychellois, except those elite fat cats that you protect to the extent that your party “gifts” them whole islands only for being born, in a few instances, it is more then one island.
It is this that will unwind your 50 year legacy that you intend on extending for 50 more years. If we are being insulted today for your failures in 50 years, what will you say to our children and grandchildren in another 50 years? 
End of Part One
State of the Nation Dose!

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Russia is seeking to establish bases close to the equator for refuelling its strategic air force


Last Updated at 02:36 IST 

looks forward to expand it presence in the world's key areas, Defence Minister said Wednesday.
"We are going to expand our presence," Xinhua quoted Shoigu as saying.
He elaborated that Russia has currently been negotiating with Singapore, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Seychelles in particular. "Results are nearly at hands," Shoigu said.
According to the minister, Russia is seeking to establish bases close to the equator for refuelling its strategic air force.
In 2013, Russia deployed a wing of fighters in Belorussia and plans to deploy more warplanes there this year.
Russia recently beefed up its military presence in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Shoigu also said that Russia is undertaking measures to secure safety of its military facilities in Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula where Russian Black Sea fleet is stationed.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Autopsy of US Security Officers Completed in Seychelles

N THE latest press release by the Seychelles Police, the cause of death of two US Security Offices is reported to be respiratory failure, with suspicion of heart attack.

The autopsy reports into the cause of death of Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, two US security officers found dead on the Maersk Alabama last week, has concluded that they died of respiratory failure, with suspicion of myocardial infarction (heart attack).
Samples of urine, blood, stomach contents etc, from the two men are being sent to Mauritius for forensic analysis to establish if they had consumed a substance which may have induced these events.
The Police preliminary investigation report includes suspicion of drug use, as indicated by the presence of a syringe and traces of heroin which were found in the cabin.
Arrangements are underway for the repatriation of Reynolds and Kennedy, states Jean Toussaint, Public Relations Manager for the Seychelles Police.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Breaking News: 2 former Navy SEALs found dead in Seychelles died of respiratory failure; drug use suspected

NAIROBI, Kenya — Police on the island nation of Seychelles say that two former U.S. Navy SEALs found dead aboard the ship Maersk Alabama died of respiratory failure and were suspected to have had heart attacks, possibly from drug use.
The police said Monday that a syringe and traces of heroin were found in their cabin. Police said samples are being sent to Mauritius for analysis to establish if the men had consumed "a substance" that could have caused the health failures.
The ship the men worked on, the Maersk Alabama, was the focus of a 2009 hijacking dramatized in the movie "Captain Phillips."
Officials named the two men as Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44. They worked for the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

DRUG TRACES On Maersk Alabama Reported In Seychelles

(CNN) -- Traces of narcotics and hypodermic needles found with the bodies of two American security officers on the container ship Maersk Alabama suggested the deaths resulted from drug overdoses, a Seychelles government official told CNN on Thursday.
Seychelles police identified the bodies found Tuesday as Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44. They worked for Trident Group, a Virginia-based maritime security services firm, and Trident Group President Tom Rothrauff said both were former Navy SEALs.
"It's bizarre. Of course, it's a shock. They're all great guys," Rothrauff said. "I'm absolutely clueless as to what happened."
Police said an autopsy would be carried out later this week. But the Seychelles government official, who spoke on condition of not being identified, said the presence of drug traces and paraphernalia "would suggest that their deaths were a result of drug overdose."
The 500-foot Maersk Alabama was the target of an attempted hijacking in the pirate-infested waters off east Africa in 2009 -- an incident that inspired the 2013 film "Captain Phillips." The shipping giant Maersk, which hired the Trident Group to guard its ships, said Thursday that Trident would be conducting random drug tests of its employees.
"Based on our experience with the contractor, this is an isolated incident," Maersk said. But it said new drug tests would start immediately and the company's shore-leave policy was under review. The Maersk Alabama has since left the Seychelles capital of Port Victoria, the company said Thursday.
Police said the ship arrived in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, on Sunday with a 24-man crew and had been expected to leave Tuesday. The bodies were found by a colleague who had gone to check in on one of the men in a cabin at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Seychelles police said.
Lt. Cmdr. Jamie Frederick, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman, said the service was investigating the deaths, as required by American law. But he said the deaths "do not appear to be criminal in nature, related to vessel operations, the material condition of the ship or their duties as security personnel."
In April 2009, four armed pirates attempted to hijack the Maersk Alabama 380 miles off the coast of Somalia. After the crew sank the pirates' vessel and foiled their efforts to take control of the container ship, the pirates took the ship's captain, Richard Phillips, hostage on a lifeboat.
The incident ended three days later when Navy sharpshooters killed three of the pirates and captured the fourth. Phillips was unharmed.
The ship was attacked by pirates again later that year, but armed security personnel fought them off. Another attempt by pirates to board the ship, in March 2011, was thwarted when security personnel fired warning shots.

James Michel Government Total Failure in Education- Back Fire!

It is a dangerous thing for a country to place at the leadership a position a person who has very little understanding of Education. When a people do this, they risk the future of a generation of children.  When a People do this, they fail their children and they fail to live up to the promises of a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Seychelles Spends 3% of GDP SCR. 480 Million
As Mcsuzy Mondon, Minister of Education, makes these boring speeches to our children and SBC airs them without ever questioning her, People of Seychelles beware, Mcsuzy Mondon is fooling James Michel every step of the way, to guarantee her comfortable job and big fat salary which will go to SCR. 63,000.00 with car, driver and VIP perks. Yet our children are failing.
The IGCSE scores in Seychelles Public schools is dismal and a humiliation that the SBC conspires with the Ministry of Education to fool the Public and perhaps fool Mr. Michel himself. Seychelles consistently averages 32% success rate for students that take this aptitude test each year and achieve at least only one “C” grade in one subject. The SBC and Ministry of Education usually announce a Pass percentage, which can mean 50% or worse then an “F” grade (failure), “G”. Who in the world claps their hands for a “F”? Only PL.  32% rate for one single subject in IGCSE, amazing when you consider that SCR. 480 Million is spent on the Ministry of Education per year. This means, the money is being wasted, squandered and the effort to educate our children has back fired under James Michel Administration. The buck stops on your desk Mr. Michel, because this Minister like others, has fooled you like there is no tomorrow. Mcsuzy Mondon is a teacher, with a Masters degree. Send her back into the class room to do what she can do best for Seychelles: Teach! Take her off the soft road of fat cats, that does not help our country at a critical time. Education needs serious players, who are willing to burn the midnight candle to sort out the mess Seychelles is in. It can be done.

Private Schools In Seychelles Exceed UK Standards
To show you Mr. Michel that Seychelles can excel under a different administration then yours, just look at the private schools in Seychelles that are doing an excellent job with Seychellois students, who are  not different then the students in Public School over funded and mal administered by your government.
The Private Schools are registering 96 % success for “c” grade or better in Seychelles for the IGCSE examinations with much less budget per pupil. The UK national average is merely 76%. This means there is no disadvantage to being in Seychelles to learn. The disadvantage is being in a school administered by your party Mr. President. There are numerous issues that are not working well, due to your government’s mal administration of Education.  Your PL educational dossier is backing firing on the children of Seychelles. You are failing a generation.

High Salaries For Politicians Low Pay For Teachers
Under your government Mr. Michel, the salaries for politicians are outrageously high for a micro state. By June, a minister will get SCR. 63,000.00 and an MNA will get SCR. 30,000.00 and pensioned politicians will get about the same. This is made. Yet teachers are paid a fraction of these huge pay cuts.
If teachers are not paid well, you will not get good teachers, simple. If you want to stop failing teachers Mr. Michel, cut the salaries for politicians that just say Yes to you, and increase salaries for teachers, by 35% in 2014, and 35% in 2015.

Not Every Child Will Be A Rocket Scientist Mr. Michel
We know not every child will be a rocket scientist. That is ok. But every child must have a chance to be the best they can be given the circumstances of their family life, their environment, and their ability. That means for many children Mr. Michel, you will need an army of social workers and probations officers, to monitor in a systematic manner, the progress of each child at school and at home. It is not enough to ask parents to come to PTA when parents themselves are on drugs, or in jail or facing court charges to end up in jail. Our people today need the help of social workers probation officers to relearn how to cope with a ever mre complicated life for most people.
We may live around coconut trees and the ocean but Seychelles under your term of office has become a very complicated place to live and our people many, perhaps most, do not have the life skills necessary to successfully cope with such a complicated life, much of which you are responsible for.

All the nice speeches on Education, and all the ribbon cutting has just gone down the gutter.

Wake up from the nice polite Ministers who are fooling you, hold them accountable. If Mcsuzy Mondon cannot bring up the scores and percentage of tests to 70% ask her to resign, and same goes for her replacement.
Sure they will have every excuse in the book, but if Ministers are tasked with giving you excuses and not solutions, guess what Mr. Michel: they will give you excuses. Seychelles will Back Fire!
[ To Be Continued]
More Surprise  to Come!

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Tell your Ministers to Stop calling me to not write about them.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Police: 2 Americans found dead on Maersk Alabama -- 'Captain Phillips' ship

(CNN) -- Two American security officers have been found dead on the Maersk Alabama container ship, police in the Seychelles said Wednesday.
The vessel was moored at Port Victoria in the Indian Ocean archipelago. The men, both 44, were found dead on Tuesday. CNN first learned about the incident on Twitter.
"A postmortem will be carried out this week in order to establish the cause of their sudden deaths," police said, adding that the police investigation is ongoing.
The Maersk Alabama was targeted by Somali pirates in an attempted hijacking off the east coast of Africa in 2009. The 2013 film "Captain Phillips" is based on the incident.
The two men worked for Trident Group, a Virginia-based maritime security services firm. The company's president, Tom Rothrauff, said the men were former Navy SEALs.
"It's bizarre. Of course, it's a shock. They're all great guys," Rothrauff said. "I'm absolutely clueless as to what happened."
Kevin N. Speers, a senior director for Maersk Line Limited, said in a statement that the security contractors boarded the vessel on January 29, and that their deaths were were "not related to vessel operations or their duties as security personnel."
Maersk Line Limited contracts with Trident Group in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard security directives, Speers said in the statement.
"Contracted security is part of anti-piracy protection plans to safeguard crews and vessels," Speers said. "In Maersk Alabama's case, she is persistently in high-risk areas since she provides feeder service to the east coast of Africa. The vessel was cleared to complete cargo operations, and she is now at anchor awaiting further instructions."
Senior Chief Petty Officer Daniel Tremper said the U.S. Coast Guard had been notified about the deaths of two U.S. citizens and is investigating, but "due to the nature of the investigation, that will be about all that we can provide right now."
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf confirmed the men were U.S. citizens. The Coast Guard is involved in the investigation because the Maersk Alabama is a U.S.-flagged ship, Harf said.
Police said the ship arrived in the Seychelles on Sunday with a 24-man crew and had been expected to leave Tuesday.
The bodies were found by a colleague who had gone to check in on one of the men in a cabin at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Seychelles police said.
In April 2009, four armed pirates attempted to hijack the Maersk Alabama 380 miles off the coast of Somalia. After the crew sank the pirates' vessel and foiled their efforts to take control of the container ship, the pirates took the ship's captain, Richard Phillips, hostage on a lifeboat. The incident ended three days later when Navy sharpshooters killed three of the pirates and captured the fourth. Phillips was unharmed.
The ship was attacked by pirates again later that year, but armed security personnel fought them off. Another attempt by pirates to board the ship, in March 2011, was thwarted when security personnel fired warning shots.


Breaking News: 2 former Navy SEALs found dead aboard ship at center of ‘Captain Phillips’ saga

Two former Navy SEALs working as security contractors aboard the Maersk Alabama were found dead Tuesday aboard the container ship, a day after it was docked near an island northeast of Madagascar, according to the Trident Group, the security firm that employed the men.
The company said families of the two contractors have been notified and requested that their names not be released.
A spokesman from the shipping line only confirmed that two people had been found dead, citing the ongoing investigation.
The Maersk Alabama was featured in the movie 'Captain Phillips,' which was based on a pirate hijacking off the coast of Somalia in 2009. Phillips' ordeal galvanized the attention of the U.S. public to the dangers of operating merchant ships in the Horn of Africa, one of the busiest and most precarious sea lanes in the world.
To be sure, only seven months after the Phillips' saga, Somali pirates attacked the ship again but were repelled by gunfire and a high-decibel noise device on the container ship.
The Trident Group was established in April 2000 by U.S. Navy Special Operations Personnel, according to its website.
The Maersk Alabama had been docked in Victoria, Seychelles, which is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
The Associated Press contributed to this report

Reconciliation Should Happen But Not On A Tyrant’s Terms And Conditions.

By Josette Hoarau

So Albert Rene has finally looked up his dictionary and has learnt a new word – reconciliation. After so many years of hardline dictatorship with acts aping the behavior of notorious dictators like Mugabe, Kim Il Sung, Gaddafi etc., one must question the timing of this call by an ailing hard man in the twilight of his years. Reconciliation - it sounds great! So should we all jump up, rush and reach out to the dictator and again let him dictate the pace of change in our country?

Firstly, I would be very interested to hear what Albert Rene’s definition of reconciliation is. In my opinion reconciliation means more than just a senile old dictator uttering some words over the radio or even sitting at a table so that we can reach over, listen to a shallow insincere apology, shake hands, then we all go back home and we live happily ever after with the current status quo maintained.

When Rene executed the plans of his coup in 1976, he knew exactly what he was doing. He moved quickly to consolidate absolute power and assume the role tantamount to that of a feudal lord over the country. He controlled all the politics, the media and the army but in particular his goal was to plunder the economy of the country for his own benefit. His family and in particular his stepsons assumed crucial roles in this new order. His other sycophants were also well rewarded. However this dictatorship was never to be accepted by many free-spirited Seychellois and invariably many fought back to restore the freedom and democracy that existed prior to 5th June 1976. Those brave hearts that fought back were killed, exiled or made to disappear never to be seen. After years of oppression and having hijacked all the resources of our country, Rene, his family and sycophants have become extremely wealthy. Their ill-gotten gains have since been siphoned off into “legitimate business” not only in Seychelles but also beyond our shores and today they still control the economic and business activities of our islands.

 Gerard Hoarau murdered on 29 November 1985
In our quest for reconciliation those facts should not be forgotten. Reconciliation cannot simply be the act of sitting around a table so that Rene can proclaim a limp and general “sorry” and then everyone goes home. It must be a process where he, his henchmen and his sycophants who have caused harm come forward, enumerate and confess to all of their crimes in public. They should, like it was done in South Africa, look into the eyes of the families of their victims, and apologize with sincerity and contrite hearts. They should then go further. Those who have acquired wealth through fraud, corruption and abuse of political power etcetera should atone for their economic crimes by redistributing their ill-gotten gains back to the rightful people or the state from which they stole it. Only such an act can reflect a genuine remorse for what they have done. Anything less would be nothing but a cheap and fraudulent gimmick.

Let us not forget that it is Rene and his clique that have been the root cause and beneficiaries of the political and economic crimes that have occurred in Seychelles since they usurped absolute power on the 5th of June 1976. It is they who should be reconciling with the majority. Let them begin by making their “mea culpas” and then perhaps the victims can pronounce their “absolvos”.

Reconciliation is vital for the wellbeing of our country and it can happen and it can lead to healing provided the process is genuine, fair and equitable to all parties especially the victims.

Mearsk Alabama Docks In Seychelles For Suspected Double Murder!

Mearsk Alabama, the famous cargo ship subject to Somalia Pirate attacks in 2010 has docked in Seychelles
after Two (2) security details were found dead in their cabins.
The Mearsk Alabama was made famous by Captain Philips heroic courage as he faced pirates along the Somalia coast in 2010, and was rescued by a dramatic USA Navy Seal intervention.
Stay tuned to this blog for the latest breaking News on the death of the security detail on Mearsk Alabama.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Where Is Seychelles Back firing Under James Michel

James Michel showing his love for hats

In my last article I laid a credible and solid base establishing that our leader, President James Michel, lacks adequate formal education to run a country well and as a leader for all his People.
This message is not intended to be funny, or rude. Today, we all know the value of education, in life business, politics, social life cannot be dismissed. More so, we all know the value of unity in a micro state, and the consequence of deep divisions.
Mr. Michel’s poor performance on the economy and political reforms, sex trafficking, money laundering speak for themselves. Seychelles cannot stay on the wrong track of history much longer.
Time To Wake Up
 In Seychelles, we have taken this for granted for too long. It is time the Seychellois people wake up to deal with their sorrows, failures, and curse, because they are ready to place a non-educated person at the helm of the Nation, and run snails ( Bann koupa) in the National Assembly to slowly just raise their hands, to fill their pockets. (I am speaking figuratively of course, the MNA’s are not really snails, they are people, that may act like snails in dispensation of their duties to the People ).
The message of course, is a dead serious message: we need well educated people to move our country forward, last week, as James Michel showed us some old guns, pistols, from the good old days, and the recent State House Facebook page dressed in Blood  Red, or Burgundy, only demonstrates a not educated man at the helm, grotesquely lacking in Savoir Vivre, and Savoir Faire.
Turn The Tide of Failure
 Our failing economy year on year and the systematic displacement of Seychellois, day by day, under his rule, shows the systematic failure in leadership of one man up to now. We must turn the tide that vows to drown Seychellois under James Michel. For us to wake up one day, to the hope of a better Seychelles, we must all unite in thought and spirit, to turn this tide brought upon us by Mr. James Michel and the failed legacy of France Albert Rene.
Council of Ministers To Be Run Like A Corporation
Do you remember, on the occasion of a Cabinet reshuffle Three (3) years ago, Mr. Michel announced on SBC:” Cabinet will from now on, be run like a corporation (“Seychelles Incorporated” he called it) and we will review Cabinet performance on SBC quarterly basis”.
What happen? Quarterly reports, and recommendations were to be made, and the People were to be kept abreast, what happen, three years later, where are the Reports for “Seychelles Incorporated”?
Nothing. No Reports. Seychelles Incorporated only looks to be incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus, with James Michel and Guy Adam as shareholders.

Same-o Same-o Three (3) years on. Everything happening in Seychelles has now to pass through Lise Bastienne’s “hanker-chief”.  Afif a professional, is now giving us lessons on the Radio and starting a plane operation to compete with Air Seychelles. Back Fire!
There are no quarterly reports to the People, it was all nice words and cow stuff all along, in classic James Michel teleprompter style laid out in 28 size fonts.
Education Mr. President, teaches you one thing your words do not have: “discipline in action”, not just discipline in goose step parades and marches with guns for a day, that remind your people….one day, you may use them on your people,……….again!
In spite of Mr. Michel failing us on this grand promise, let us take a peep for ourselves.
President James Michel- take notes,then take some sensible action with the Council of Ministers to stop wasting our money, please, Sir, Msye Prezidan.
Look at the performance of the Ministers for a moment.

Minister of Employment- Alexander, she took SBC to Raffles to film the GM of a Five star hotel that has invested $450 Million in Seychelles, (James Michel allowed most of that money to go straight into Vijays account, and Seychellois benefit nothing from the project- Back Fire!), live, to say, hire more Seychellois before the Nation. Is this how the Minister of Employment deals with labor issues?
If so, tell Minister Alexander to come visit me, and film what I have to see to her and air it on SBC in full. Then we will see if she still keeps her job.
So far she has taken the labor problem in its collection and turned it into a labor crisis. Yet her salary has increased from SCR. 40,000.00 to Scr 63,000.00 by June 2014. Is this a joke or the games of a leader that lacks education? How can we increase ministerial salaries when our people are living a bare bones existence because you bankrupt the Nation, and we went under IMF Administration?
We are employing 14,000 GOP, responsible for SCR 1.2 Billion per year in capital flight from Seychelles. When Alexander took over, we employed 12,000 GOP, an increase of 2,000. Today, even truck drivers and bus drivers, are on GOP, not just mechanics. Mr. President, even without any formal education, you do not see this is a problem? You do not know how to solve this problem? Back Fire!
I do, but I will leave this for another article.

Minister of Agriculture-Peter Sinon
Sinon is a Golden Boy of PL- SPPF who has basically followed in line of his great mother Rita Sinon , and his great Father, Guy Sinon, as a Minister. Guy Sinon had to say “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, to get a job as Minister. Peter Sinon, his Son, says nothing practically, aside from taking farmers by the hand and sending them on a circus merry go round until farming in Seychelles has practically shut down.
His efforts at making farming a success has been just the opposite, because in farming, talk is cheap, yet PL sent a talker chatter box to the farmers, relying on the legacy of his mother and father, to keep their attention.
 Where is the accountability Mr. President? Or are you allowing Peter Sinon, with Johnnie Walker run circles around you on Ministry of Agriculture Budget? You know what they say Mr. President: you get what you pay for in corporate business. You overpay a Minister, he will over consume Johnnie Walker and yes, walk circles around you.  
At the end of the day under James Michel, we are importing fruits and vegetables from Sri Lanka, from 0 kilo to 20 tons a month, which will wipe out every farmer, and we are now importing chickens from Brazil, which will wipe out every chicken farmer, even those that fly the SPPF flag on their chicken coop to get a little concession from you, which does not seem to help.
Tip Mr. President: since Peter Sinon made planting fruits and vegetables not viable, did you know many farmers are now planting cannabis to replace their profits that Sri Lanka takes from them?   Give Scully some local advise: to plant cannabis, you need fertilizer, follow the cows and arrest them.
The People lose out when the leadership is out smarted.
Back fire!

What happen to Blue Economy?
We had oil tankers, were promised/guaranteed to be a new sector of the economy. After Ephelia Hotel, Port Glaud opened, soft lease in hand with 100 Million Euro Loan plus from MCB backed by Government of Seychelles owned land, Guy Adam resigned, the tankers went bust, and we do not have a single cargo ship to run the Indian Ocean routes, so cargo rates go up for Seychelles, or a single purse seiner to multiply the net benefit to Seychelles per ton of Blue Gold (Tuna) as you call it.
So…..Someone else makes a huge profit off our Blue Gold. Sounds like a bad movie Mr. President, indeed, it is. You are the lead actor in it all, from what I can see.
How did you drag Seychelles so far off course from where she had to be today, Mr. President?

Remember your own words in 2006: “Seselwa Tenir….Pa…Large’, Nou Pre Pou Arrive Kot Nou Destin”. That was on the implied promise of oil being discovered the following week and Blue Economy being exploited in a smart manner. What happen, Sir Mr. President, what happen?
Mr. President, just look back today, and see what you dragged Seychellois through since those fine words in 2006. All because your Ministers who you tasked with serious work, out smarted you.

Minister Sinon, Mr. Rondolf Payet (EX SFA Boss), Dr./Minister/Sir/ Mr. Rolf Payet ( Brother of EX SFA BOSS), yourself, your whole gang has failed fisheries so miserably, that today, Fishermen are not fishing, they are trafficking drugs on the high seas and being chased down by hired mercenary Sergeant Ex Guardia Reserve Part Time Nail Scully. You need body guards to attend to you when you go speak to the fishermen. Another Back Fire of mega proportions, Mr. President.
How did it get so bad under your leadership?
The People lose out when Leadership is outsmarted, it is as simple as that, is it not.. Sir, Mr. President?
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[To Be Continued]
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!