"More Merry Go Round In Michel Administration"

Seychelles Tourism Board CEO resigns.

(eTN) - A press release yesterday late afternoon from the Office of Seychelles President James Alix Michel, confirmed that the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), Mrs. Elsia Grandcourt, will retire from STB on June 30 of this year. Elsia, who served as CEO since March 1 of last year, previously served as Deputy CEO under Alain St.Ange, before taking over as Chief Executive when Mr. St.Ange was appointed as Minister of Tourism and Culture.
The relevant part of the statement from the Office of the President in Mahe reads as follows:

“Following the resignation of Mrs. Elsia Grandcourt from the post of CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, the President has appointed Ms. Sherin Naiken, formerly Principal Secretary for Tourism, as the new CEO of STB. Mrs. Grandcourt has been nominated for a high-level post in an international organization.”
The announcement was part of a more comprehensive statement of new appointments and changes, which included the creation of a Department of Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation, which President Michel had mentioned in his recent State of the Nation address.
For now it is a fond farewell to Elsia Grandcourt, with whom this correspondent worked closely over the past years in her respective capacities and a warm welcome to Sherin Naiken, who will take charge on July 1.


  1. She RESIGNED!
    The hell with James Michel and PL, I am moving on.

  2. Michel making fast change to save his ass,Michel there are same shit like you and sell out just a new faces to continue stealing Seselwa benefit and bringing foreigners.

    This new recuit are not multimillioner now in a few years times you will hear million have lost in their deparments.I bett!

  3. Ms Grandcourt was dedicated ,experienced professional in her field ,though the barriers put in her way by PP thugs who wanted things to be done their way ,she managed to stay herself.We thanks Her from her dedication for the Tourism indsutry and the jobs she has done for the country though all those barriers by PP.

    We wish her all th best in her new endeavour.

    WWe also hope the newly named CEO would delivered and represent the industry as Ms. Grandcourt did.I also happy to see that Seychellois are representing their country etc.. instead of foreigners ad hope all foreigners are rapidly replace by professional Seychellois for it would be much better than having foreigners pcoketing our taxpayers money do to nothing.

    Jeanne D'Arc


  5. Can somebody give us the profile of Sherin Naiken? There are more than what meet the eyes with this Merry-go-round.

  6. She will replace Alain St. Ange. That is her job.

  7. In his rediculous and commonplace speech on the occasion of the Independence day Dr Michel told Seychellois that we are "RICHER".For the Butcher when people must prostitute to make end meets mean wealth in adandon.For The butcher when crimes increase,theft sky -rockets is because we are rich.That our Health system and education in delapidation for the crooked little monkey it means Seychellois are rich.

    That we banrupted,and must now beg the world making us the biggest beggars of Africa for the crooked liitle monkey it is wealth in adanbon.

    We not rich monkey ,but püorrer than before Indepedence.Prostitution always exist,but there were no prostitution to that level monkey,ditot to crimes.

    When The Brits handed over Seychelles to Mancham the Brit left billion in capital ,37 years forced communism we have only 350 million doalrs as Capital(gifted by Khalifa)and Zero kilo Gold reserve monkey.
    We rich ,why do we need Khalifa,Chinese,Indain the whole world to feed us monkey?Why you cannot provide enough boats to our SCG to apprehend Chinese,Iranian,Twainese,Thalandese adn other ofreign fisdhing boats robbing our Fish monkey?
    We rich,Why the new Hostipal gifted by Chinese there is no equippememnt( in it monkey?We rich-where is the wealth that make you cprcalaimed we rich monkey.

    You know what the only rich are those in the PP and collaborators who were among the poorest in our society who by Coup ,theft,robery have made themsleves rich.Francis Savy never work but he had millions to built five star Hotel,FAR millions to buy Mnago farm in Australia(we could ask why at least not invest the stealing wealth in Seychelles and give at least Seychellis jobs?),The Butcher wears ROLEX,can pay for BOTOX injection etc..etc..

    You would have to explain how you become rich monkeys before justice.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. The Butcher reshuffled his failed governemnt what does that means change.improvement?No the same shit.In the last 37 years we have since thousands of governemnt reshuffled by PP,regardless of how many time the change ,rearranged nothing change.In a dictatorship it is not the men and woemn that decide but the Dictator in Chief who dictate and over ruled policies thus new faces in governemnt is nothing than part of the show to distract Seychellois from the real issues such as PP involvemnt in Sex Slave and trafifcking of Human being,state organized crimes,corruption,sell out,colonization and islamization of our land by Arb primitve despot Khalfia etc...What Seychellois need is not new indoctrianted faces of Pp communsists but DEMOCRACY,free and fair election,a ggood governance,accountability as President Obama is talking about on his visit in Africa.

    Seychellois need a governemnt of the people,by the people and for the people not a Thugtocracy for thugs and by thugs.

    President Obama did warn those handful of Dictaotrs like theButcher by saying USA will work with those who want democracy,repect Huamn right,promote deemocracy,good govenance,etc.. not thugs like PP and he also warn them that his ogvernemnt would help,shoulders those "Oppostion,juornalists,Ngos etc.. in their fight against tyranny and Terrorist gruops who do not want demcoracy,Freedom,repect human rights etc...

    jeanne D'Arc


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