Thursday, 23 May 2013

"Out of Time Emirates Project Being Reconsidered By PL" Ministers Pierre Laporte (Finance, Trade&Investment), Rolph Payet (Environment&Energy), Alain St.Ange (Tourism&Culture), and Christian Lionnet (Land Use&Habitat) met this morning with Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline and Group&Vice President of Dubai, and his Emirates delegation Mr. Timothy Clark, the President of Emirates, and Mr. Marc Bennett, the Divisional SVP, Leisure Division of Emirates.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and his delegation are in Seychelles on a working visit to discuss the Emirates Hotel project at Cap Ternay.

Emirates had presented a hotel project in 2006 which consisted of 453 hotel rooms and villas, a marina, and a number of water bungalows. Despite experiencing delays, they communicated their desire to play a long-term part in the tourism development of Seychelles and to continue the project.

Following discussions with the government which took place in the last few weeks, Emirates agreed to reduce the hotel size and to remove the plans for water bungalows.

Today's meeting saw Emirates present their scaled-down resort which now has a maximum of 183 rooms for the Cap Ternay property. The four Seychellois Ministers presented their respective Ministry's guidelines to ensure the sustainable development of the property, in line with environmental and land-use policy.

The new concept will be submitted to the Cabinet, and if approved, it will need the approval of all the agencies concerned and other due processes including Environmental Impact Assessment.

Monday, 20 May 2013


The people of Seychelles and environmental friends of Seychelles are up in an overnight national uproar over the clandestine announcement by the PL regime that three large hotels and private marina projects are underway.
All three of the projects are in zone A environmental zones established by the Minister of Environment Dr Rolph Payet himself with the intention of protecting for generations.
"Zone A" environmental areas means that the area is highly sensitive and paramount to the eco system in the area, in these cases, we are referring to tropical costal marshes that provide life to coastal creatures and bird life that in turn keep the ocean healthy.


Two of three projects are being built and advanced by Shiekh Khalifa Bin Nayan Al Zayed the great powerful high profile ruler of the UAE who is hell bent on making Seychelles part of his royal court and Seychelles 90% Muslim and 10% Christian, before he retires. Seychelles is currently 90% Christians and 10% other denomination.
This obsession has become more apparent as he has chain and poodle the President of Seychelles, Mr James Alix Michel, into giving him everything he wants from tax free status on construction materials to build a mega palace that would make Bukingham Palace in London look like a horse barn and the White House In Washington D.C. look like a skating ring, all in tiny little Seychelles.
Shiekh Khalifa bails Mr Michel out from his bad ideas and then Mr Michel is indebted to Sheikh Khalifa beyond what the public can imagine. In return, Mr Michel approves blantant offensive projects, irrespective of the consequences to the environment or the people of Seychelles. It is indeed a vicious cycle Mr Michel is threading on.


One project is situated at Grand Police Bay, provides for a Marina to secure Shiekh Khalifa's floatila of private mega yachts. This project calls not just for draining of the marsh, but also for the destruction of a coastal beach head to house his mega yachts which can cost up to $200 million or even more. When one is the ninth largest oil producer in the world, one can buy yachts, presidents, and yes, even countries according to the PL Communist folklore that is developing in Seychelles these days as they court Khalifa in an endless love affair, that involves even windmills run by a electric generator.
Ironically, Dr. Payet, a international Noble leaurette honorable mention candidate for his doctorate on Coastal Erosion is right at the forefront of advancing these projects to meet the demands of his president, who is stuck on a rats threadmill to please Mr Khalifa. With that, Dr. Payet has placed political expendiency above the quest of knowledge and science. He has violated his oath as a Doctor of the Environment specializing in Coastal Erosion.


We call on the university Dr.Payet received his doctorate to revoke with prejudice since he used Government of Seychelles funds from the national budget to conduct his research on coastal erosion contrary to the National Assembly approving this expenditure.
Additionally, he is now in conflict with his Oath to further knowledge and the betterment of mankind by approving and being the main voice of these mad projects for the PL rouge regime.
In his defence, Dr. Payet, now a Minister of Enviornment tells us that 51% of Seychelles terrestrial area is under reserve, this figure is higher than New Zealand. Well Dr. Payet, why don't you tell us that most of this area is Praslin and Silhouette and not Mahe Island or other surrounding islands. What about the destruction of entire islands like Coetivy, used to create prawn farms, then proposed as a mega site for a PRC military base in the Indian Ocean? Was this preserving the environment or was PL making the Indian Ocean a Nuclear zone?

It seems this Government plays the environmental card to raise funds.Then it revokes the card when Shiekh Khalifa is willing to pay more funds to destroy what it was protecting in the first place.
Dr. Payet must resign if he does not stop or revoke this project.


The PL are advancing more projects but yet Mahe does not have any adequate infrastructure to cope with existing demand. Is that just plain stupid or is it really smart PL?
No roads, a current trip by car across tiny Victoria can take 45 minutes, the same time it takes from San Jose to San Francisco about 80 miles apart.
Sewage lines are bursting in front of Eden Island, because the pumps are literally "full of shit".
Water is being distributed by trucks since PUC does not have adequate pumps and adequate water catchment and stocking infrastructure.Where are the new dams that the EU are willing to fund to alleviate our year on year misery?
Electricity load shedding is common, everyday, throughout Seychelles.
Unemployment rate is 3% is made of 4,000 drug addicts who cannot work. In education, we are undergoing an all time breakdown and collapse, and pupils coming out with certificates, cannot read what is in their hands when they turn up to a job interview; they submit to you a paper full of "D's" "F's" and you ask them did you do well in this subject, they reply: Yes, very well. What employer in his right mind will hire someone that lies or cannot read their own report card? Where is the human resources department in the Ministry of Employment?
Instead of visiting five star hotels for a meal and attention with camera in hand, why don't the Minister of Employment start creating job training programs, apprenticeship programs, that the students need and the existing industries need. Get to work, instead of reading A4 fancy speeches that only show, you are still learning English like most of our students who have come out of PL's virtual education program.
How many more houses will we have to build to cater for foreign labour?
Where will we get the land to house them?
Where will we get the water to bathe them?
Where will we get the electricity to light the night for them?
Yes, do not forget the same Seychellois, PL sell outs, who cannot face the challenges of a Nation like real men and women of ability!

Pathetic bunch!

I call on all Freedom Loving Seychellois, and all friends of Nature, of the environment around the world to help us fight back the greed that big rich Shiekh Khalifa has landed on our tiny shores.
We Seychellois have dignity and we love our paradise, and we do not want to see it destroyed. The Preamble of our Constitution mandates us to fight the destruction of our environment.
Take your money and go build a beach in your dessert, build a new atmosphere to cool it down, plant some trees in your ugly Abu Dhabi, spend your money turning camels into horses.

We are not for sale. Those that are for sale, can tend to your camels.

Take them with you.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

You may contact the Author on 00248 250 3990 or email on:


Seychelles: Stop the Cap Ternay & Grand Police hotel project developments

  1. Petition by
This petition will be delivered to:
State House President James Michel, Minister of Environment and Energy Dr. Rolf Payet and
Minister of Tourism and Culture Mr. Alain St. Ange.

Two pristine coastal environments in Mahé have been earmarked for large tourism developments. Both Cap Ternay and Police Bay are planned to be turned into multi-million dollar properties with hundreds of hotel rooms. These two much-loved areas, which are always ranked highly in tourism publications such as Lonely Planet, will be irreversibly damaged in the process.
The Government of Seychelles says that it is proudly committed to conservation and protecting the natural environment. Allowing these developments to go ahead will not only be detrimental to those ideals, but to the areas in question, which serve as important marshlands, support our ecosystem and are part of our national heritage. The two hotel projects should be stopped immediately to protect these sites.

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Government of Seychelles to halt the two hotel development projects planned for Cap Ternay and Police Bay. In the past, Seychelles has been very vocal in the international arena on topics such as climate change and coastal erosion, and it is surely time to stand up for those ideals at home. We submit this plea for a complete ban for the following reasons:
1) These two areas are undeniably part of the Seychelles national heritage.
2) To build privately-owned hotels on them will deprive Seychellois and tourists alike of their natural beauty.
3) The planned hotel projects contradict the Government’s stance on conservation.
4) It is detrimental to the image of Seychelles, which prides itself on having a largely unspoilt environment.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Seychelles cells: The Somali pirates 'jailed in paradise'

There are more than 1,000 convicted Somali pirates in prisons around the world. Some of them end up in a UN-funded jail on the tiny island nation of Seychelles.
The Indian shopkeepers along the beach have never heard of the prison at Montagne Posee, but a villager tells me to drive above a deep ravine full of banana trees.
As the sea becomes a distant horizon and the road winds steeply, I stop to ask for directions from two men in yellow dungarees shovelling sand. As soon as the man with the shovel turns I can see that he is a prisoner.
He asks first for cigarettes, then for money, and then he says: "Just give me anything, I have nothing, I am from Somalia."
This is the pirates' prison, hidden high in the hills.

 Hundreds of metres below, between two shimmering white beaches, upmarket tourists are paying up to £3,000 ($4,500) a night to stay in their thatched villas.
They know nothing about this prison wing, opened three years ago by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.
Here, 66 Somalis are awaiting trial for piracy or, if already convicted, await deportation to serve their sentences back home.
Early the next morning I am in Victoria, the islands' capital, to witness an astonishing sight that is about to disappear forever.
In the heart of town is the beautiful black and white Creole courthouse.
Outside, lolling on benches are groups of handcuffed prisoners.
It is a sun-kissed Dickensian scene that I cannot imagine anywhere else.
Six Somalis, in flip flops and chained in pairs, are brought into the tiny court where a judge and nine lawyers clad in black and wearing wigs barely give them a glance.

These six were arrested last August hundreds of miles north - nearer Yemen than Seychelles.
They are accused of attempting to board a merchant ship and were captured by the Dutch navy with help from a Spanish helicopter.

Charles Brown is a barrister from Cumbria and one of two UK Criminal Prosecution Service lawyers who have been seconded to the attorney general's office in Seychelles to help prosecute pirates.
He says that they can look pretty shell-shocked when they first arrive in these lush islands, but describes the Somalis as a "cheerful and reasonably intelligent lot". Brown needs to prove that these six were attacking a ship for private gain or that they were caught operating a pirate vessel.

Somali suspects are rarely found with guns although sometimes helicopters spot them throwing things overboard. They have been found with "pirate paraphernalia" - things like grappling hooks.
Most Somali prisoners though claim to be either economic migrants or simple fishermen, although, as Brown points out, their captured boats rarely have refrigeration or even fishing nets.
At one point so many pirates were being caught that they were being dumped back on to the beaches of Somalia.
But these days, with intensive patrolling of the Indian Ocean, more are being convicted.
Here in Seychelles, another 17 were recently flown home to a UN-funded jail in the relatively secure region of Puntland in Somalia, to serve sentences that mostly range between 10 and 20 years - 59 have already been tried and sent back.

Alan Cole, who works on the UN's Counter Piracy Programme, tells me that most Somalis are happy to be sent home to escape the prison diet of rice and tuna.
But he cites the story of one Somali who opted to stay on - to finish studying for a certificate in English.
He has received more formal education in one year in a Seychellois jail than in 20 years in Somalia.
Charles Brown believes that the war on piracy is succeeding, thanks to the efforts of navies and the close monitoring of boats leaving the Somali coast.

No armed merchant ship has ever been boarded and many now have a secure room or citadel to which crews can retreat while still operating their ships. And British investment in the courts is helping.
Something of a building boom is under way in Seychelles at present, with Russian and Arab money contributing to some worrying developments.
Pristine forest and beaches are being built upon. The prison at Montagne Posee is not the only fortress overlooking the former slaver colony.
There are now ugly giant palaces built by the rulers of the UAE dominating the skyline over Victoria.
The old Creole courthouse - where justice is literally "seen to be done" - is to become a museum, and the court will move to a vast new Chinese-built property on the edge of town.
Meanwhile, as the astonishingly rich newcomers from the Gulf look down on their outsized boats in the harbour and the very rich tourists relax in their gated hotels, the Somali pirates are honing their gardening and footballing skills behind their very own walls.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Welcome to the May edition of the tourism industry newsletter.
I again need to reiterate that the feedback is really appreciated. We can only improve on the publication that is really your mouthpiece with all these positive feedback we are getting.  Please feel free to use our newsletter for that purpose also.
May sees us riding the wave still as far as visitor arrival numbers go. In the present state of world economies, this is positive news. And as serious industry players we say thank you to the authorities for maintaining the visibility of our islands in the four corners of the world. Today’s success is based on how visible we are, and remain as a destination. Seychelles has managed this well and the STB continues to capitalize on the press to compensate for lack of advertising budget.  This has been possible through personal contacts and by their Friends of Seychelles Press Club.
Hong Kong has come and we are all glued to the weekly arrival figures to see the increases from China. Get yourselves a copy of the Official Statistics, and like me scrutinize these weekly arrival figures. Would three direct flights to Paris be more profitable for Seychelles instead of three flights to Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi? This answer you can discuss amongst your colleagues. We need the Ministers of Transport, Mr Morgan and the Minister of Tourism, Mr St.Ange to be on their knees imploring airlines to look at Seychelles for a direct NON STOP flight from Europe. The same is for Captain Savy and Mr Gilbert Faure of the SCAA. The sooner this is done the better we shall fare as a tourism destination.
This needs to be done before the opening of the Savoy at Beau Vallon and ahead of the Kashoghi land development and the Nouvelle Vallee Hotel. These are three Beau Vallon / Bel Ombre Hotels that will be opening one after the other then we shall have the former Qatar Development at Anse a La Mouche and the Emirates development at Cap Ternay. If that is not cause for the Ministers to be on their knees begging airlines to start direct NON STOP flights from Europe to Seychelles, then the small home grown hoteliers will be dying a natural death with their small hotels and all their creole charm that goes with it. It is clear that unless the Minister of Finance and even the President himself enter this discussion, we are set to remain stuck with traffic through the Middle East Hubs and in so doing offering longer travelling times to Seychelles with a stop many of our tourists just do not want when Mauritius next door is offering direct NON STOP overnight flights.

The time has come for Seychelles to relook at the management of its environment. This remains one of the attractions we all sell with pride, but have we not lost focus? The state of Victoria is discussed everywhere. Just look at the state of the drains running through Victoria and the rats that come with them. The broken bottles on most beaches is today causing problems and echoing the statement that our beaches are just not safe anymore. Not safe because of the increasing number of thefts on or around the beaches, and now not safe because our visitors on Mahe and Praslin are getting injured by broken bottles, and some of these injuries resulting with tourists checking out of our hotels and flying out from Seychelles. This situation has been getting worse year after year and today our environment we all used to pride ourselves about, is fast deteriorating.   Independence House used to be a part of town where many tourists would sit as they waited for the time to move to the jetty to go to Praslin, or to the Marine Charter for an excursion. This area is virtually a no sit area because you may well receive a ‘poo’ from the colony of resident pigeons. The Minister of Environment, Prof Payet should take urgent action on the explosion of rats and pigeons in Victoria and also dogs rampant everywhere.
Marketing of Seychelles is so important for every single Seychellois. Marketing brings us tourists, but are we approaching it through coordinated approach? We have heard of a new office in Brazil and a new Manager for London. We have requested for the appointment of a Director for Marketing, and even proposed an acceptable candidate, but this appointment is yet to materialize as the year is running away with us.
Our self-imposed industry challenges are still with us. Our Association is getting more and more pressure from hotels, large and small who just cannot find acceptable local staff to fill all their vacancies. We have changed a system that worked and replaced it with a bureaucratic procedure going against all rules of ease of doing business. Last week we met the Industry players on Praslin and La Digue and this topic was aired with anger, this we understand and we cannot blame anyone fighting to save their property’s approach to professionalism as competition intensifies here and in the region for the same clients.  We beg the Minister for Employment, to attend some of these public meetings in the future and hear the anger of small Seychellois entrepreneurs.
As for the Minister of Planning and Land Use, we are worried that the Seychelles we know will be no more. His Ministry has been labeled as being responsible for scarring our countryside with everything unneeded and constructions that are out of place. Mountain sides and hill tops, beach side properties and even mangrove areas all being hit. Encouraging Seychellois to be involved in their tourism industry should be top of the priority list. When we hear the Minister for Tourism say that Seychellois should claim back their industry for the consolidation of our country’s tourism industry for the long term, we cannot help but say, please speak to your colleague Minister St. Ange!
Voila the state of our tourism industry as we get close to mid-2013. Everything can change for the better if the Ministers can think Seychelles first instead of Ministries, first.
Enjoy the read,
Louis D’Offay
Chairman SHTA

Sunday, 12 May 2013

SFP announces that JP Isaac is no longer SG of SFP as of Last week. We thank Mr. Isaac for the positive contributions he made to the party when he did, and we wish him well in his future efforts. The office of Secretary General is now occupied by the Leader of the Party Christopher Gill.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

"More Gulf Based Hotels In Seychelles"

May 9 (Reuters) - The number of tourists visiting the Seychelles rose a better than expected 15 percent in the first four months of 2013, the Republic's tourism minister said on Thursday, thanks to an influx of holidaymakers from Asia and a pick-up in visitors from some parts of Europe.
The country now expects 2013 tourist numbers to be 10 percent higher than last year, when it recorded 208,000 visitors to the Indian Ocean archipelago, having previously predicted a rise of just 3 percent.

Tourism directly and indirectly accounts for more than 60 percent of the national economy, which was worth $1.01 billion in terms of gross domestic product in 2011, according to the World Bank.
"Europe remains the biggest tourism market for us," Minister of Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange told Reuters.
"After a gloomy year last year for the French, British and Italians this year (visitors from) France and Britain surpassed that of 2011. Italy is still a lot lower, but Germany is zooming ahead," he said.
Meanwhile increasing visitor numbers from China, India and the Middle East have also helped ease the impact of Europe's economic woes on the Seychelles, St Ange said.
The archipelago has faced economic problems of its own. A 2008 balance of payments crisis led it to default on a Eurobond interest payment and teeter near bankruptcy before the government brought in a raft of reforms to liberalise the once heavily state-controlled economy.
This will see three new hotels open in the next two years, including one built by Dubai-based airline Emirates, St Ange said. The other two are being developed by Gulf-based companies, but he declined to provide further details.
"We don't allow wild growth, because every new bed demands new air access," he said.
The national carrier Air Seychelles, part-owned by Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways, has launched flights to Hong Kong and may extend its network to mainland China, but the country mainly looks to foreign airlines to increase connections.
"Air Seychelles runs on a cautious approach," St Ange said. "It is today a small airline that came from a very difficult period and is now making money. They don't want to go into any loss-making routes." (Reporting by Matt Smith; Editing by Greg Mahlich)

"IMF Gives Five Million Dollars More to Keep Seychelles on Track"

VICTORIA, Mahé, May 9, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today completed the seventh review of Seychelles’ economic performance under a program supported by the Extended Fund Facility (EFF).1 Completion of the review permits the immediate disbursement of SDR 3.3 million (about US$5.0 million), bringing total disbursements under the four-year arrangement to SDR 23.1 million (about US$34.9 million). At the same meeting, the Executive Board also concluded the 2013 Article IV Consultation with Seychelles, details of which will be published in due course in a Public Information Notice.
The Executive Board approved a three-year EFF arrangement for Seychelles in December 2009 in an amount equivalent to SDR 19.8 million (then about US$31.1 million—see Press Release No. 09/472). The arrangement was extended by one year in December 2012 to support the country’s economic reform program, with an augmentation of access of SDR 6.6 million (about US$10.0 million)—equivalent to 60.6 percent of Seychelles’ quota.
Following the Executive Board’s discussion of Seychelles, Ms. Nemat Shafik, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair, made the following statement:
“The authorities have made important strides toward improving financial discipline at the central government level. To ensure fiscal sustainability, it will be critical to strengthen the oversight and financial position of parastatals and to make further progress in public financial management. For the medium term, the government is rightly targeting a primary fiscal surplus of around 5 percent of GDP in order to reach the goal of reducing public debt to 50 percent of GDP by 2018. The debt restructuring is largely completed, and caution should be exercised when contracting new external debt.
“On monetary policy, durably removing excess liquidity is the needed first step toward strengthening the monetary transmission mechanism, and will require a transparent and credible mechanism to cover the fiscal cost of sterilization. A further increase in the reserve coverage would provide a stronger buffer against shocks.
“Structural reforms should aim to deepen markets and to foster inclusive and broad-based growth. Recent improvements in the business climate are welcome. Stronger efforts towards broadening access to credit, enhancing infrastructure, addressing data weaknesses, and reducing skills mismatches in the labor market would further facilitate private sector development.”
 1 Assistance under the EFF can be provided to help countries facing serious medium-term balance of payments problems because of structural weaknesses that require time to address. Assistance under the EFF features longer program engagement—to help countries implement medium-term structural reforms—and a longer repayment period. (See Details on Seychelles’ current arrangement are available at

Monday, 6 May 2013


After james Michel took over from Albert Rene as President of Seychelles in a classic Communist pass the stick play, much like China does with its Central Commitee leadership, Mr Michel quickly, without a though double Seychelles external debt over night in two years, doubling the debt near 30 years of Rene Socialist economic program
During this two year spend free careless era, Michel went about telling his ministers to "think big" act boldly. He told them to be smart, and work hard borrowing for Seychelles. In fact they borrowed every where they could. If a "mor-pyon" was lending, SPPF under James Michel would borrow. He did every trick in the book. He borrowed debt from Commercial Banks locally and abroad. He floated bonds with now defunct Lehman Brothers,he sold Seychelles Government shares of IOT to cover his escapades. You name it, Michel did it. On one occasion, he arrived from abroad, after visiting Pope John Paul at the Vatican and he announced in an outright lie to all the people of Seychelles on SBC, "i would like to announce to the people of Seychelles, we have paid off all our debts". In fact the Seychelles roller coaster of nine years of debts around our neck, was about to begin under James Michel, "Mr Borrowing President."
To celebrate this nine years of failure, Michel has used Nation, to release a State House Newsletter in colour of course, to declare a transformation after nine years. He claims we have no food shortages today. Really? Does Mr Michel know there are people in Seychelles that go hungary without food at night, while he calls his garage to ask the driver if the Rolls Royce is washed, dusted and polished? Has Mr Michel in nine years ever implemented any serious drug rehab program for the 4,000 drug addicts of hard drugs in Seychelles? Has Mr Michel noted that in nine years, the average salary has gone up only by 3% in one year, and that was last year? Does he know that inflation has been steady at 6-7% per annum? So that means in nine years under Mr Michel the cost of living has risen by 60%-3%=57% for the average Seychellois salary earner, while escobars import SCR. 50 million in drugs run after run, only to be released on bail because they are relations to Mr Michel?

Is this the great transformation by a man who was gifted with a Doctorate by the efforts of another man's negotiation labor, who in turn was gifted a ministerial post as a reward? Is this a real transformation or just lipstick smudged over a dying corps to keep it looking good while it starts to stinks?

What Mr Michel's little news letter does not tell us that Seychelles has been given a few years of grace on our debts. We have not begun to repay our debts. IMF is now running the country and regulating closely the finances of the Government and Seychelles under James Michel is now under IMF administration, a thing that Mr Rene said : "never happen as long as he is alive." Well Mr Rene, it has happen, so what are you going to do about it now?

After the disater at Anse Aux Pins and Au Cap took place, SCR. 38 million was raised to help victims. The PL said they would give out this money to help the victims. In no time what did we hear? PL is giving out loan to these victims and charging them interest on the loan monies of which were given without loan interest provisions. This is theft of the unfortunate.It is adding insult to injury and plight of decent people whose only crime was to live under a Communist regime.

In these past nine years we have seen piracy in Seychelles become a reality today. When the first piracy attack took place on the Indian Ocean Explorer, Mr Michel said to us on a You Tube broadcast from Japan that "there is an element of mercenaries trying to take our country in these attacks." That's Michel for you, sensationalize anything to his advantage, make it bigger than life, try to get everyone to chip in some money, guns ammo, to increase the stockpile and ongoing small arms build up in Seychelles, then sell the arms like the MALO ARMS deal to a buyer, and start all over again, right? People of Seychelles need better than that. I alert the international community to this situation. While Seychelles has been cooperative and a willing player on the fight against piracy, we need to ask where are all the weapons and donations. Proper accounting of these must take place, and money and arms to a rouge regime in the Indian Ocean must stop.
We do not even have soldiers to carry arms. The defence forces are paramilitary Police that carry back packs with a regular police uniform, and a coast guard uniform, all in one back pack.
Wake up folks in the internatonal community. Seychelles is small, it is run by big time communists, who are amongst the richest people in the world. They are humble shy pigmies they want you to believe they are.

The situation at Air Seychelles has turn into a bad situation into a now a grand fiasco for the country.Interisland services is the worse it has ever been. Staffing moral is at its worse than ever, worse than under David Savy. The staff hate Cramer Ball. While they had issues with David Savy, they never took their emotions to the level it is at now. Savy would have made a great leader at Air Seychelles if he worked for the country and not his pocket. Keep an eye on SCAA fat accounts while he is there and watch for prolific purchases of tents and banners out of Mauritius.
The most profitable flight for Air Seychelles has been South Africa and Mauritius leg for years. Mr Ball himself  has hijacked the Mauritius leg using an Ethihad Arbus 320 with 120 passengers. He has raised the ticket prices to clip Seychellois shoppers who must go to Mauritius to shop to make ends meet, since though there are things to buy in Seychelles, those things are now priced out of reach of Seychellois facing 57% inflation in nine years.
In flight, there are about eight Etihad staff and one single Seychellois steward. It is a pitiful sight and worse experience you can imagine seeing Air Seychelles steardess get roughed about by Etihad staff. The Charm of the creole spirit is gone 100%. The smiles are history, a mere relic in our memories now. The Joie De Vivre that is so Seychelloise is "dans les passer." Mr Ball will not have an idea what i am saying of course, but our visitors do.
Air Seychelles has been consigned to fly to Hong Kong on a code share with Etihad. the deal with the devilhas resulted in nothing really for the poor little bankrupt Seychelles under Janes Michel, but everything for Etihad to get access to one of the largest and most important airport in the world. After nine years, Air Seychelles has been converted into a doormat for Etihad. Thank you Mr Michel, don't blame Minister Morgan. He was just following your orders, today at least, everyone knows. Minister Morgan, everyone should also know about the two large plots at Marie Jeanne Estaten hacked by crook or hook, i am not sure. Give it back! Is that what they taught you at SNP? If so, It is wrong. I hear St Ange wants a plot next to you, is that true? If so, ask Lionnet to save one for "opportunist leader of no-pozysyon" Pierre.

The Health system today is collapsing. Mr Michel has failed to implement the necessary health management measures to ensure that the health sysyem works and works well. The minister is a political appointment without credentials in health or any other except for politics and baka zone administration and a few other odd jobs.
The Principal Secretary came from the public bus system. Sje tried her best but running health is not a matter for someone experienced in changing tyres and ball bearing and stocking Tata buses brake pads. Health, Mr Michel is an area foe health professionals.
The ssoner you take politics out of health, the better off the country will be. Placing a "yoyo"man (name withheld to protect the guity) to run health is not a good idea either. Get serious, and get a decent serious professional in health management in place. You have been around, use them, instead of losing them.

This year is the year infrastructure is collapsing in Seychelles. Michel knows it. He gets the reports, but he leaves this little/big detail out of his nine year newsletter.

PUC generators on Praslin are now catching fire regularly and tourists are asking hotels for refunds everyday. This is making it impossible for any hotel to refer to it as either 4 or 5 star. We now have only 3 and 2 star hotels in Seychelles again like in one party state years.
On Mahe it is not better. To add insult to injury, PUC is now regularly polluting the environment on Mahe, destroying the natural beauty of Cerf Island and St Anne Island. Oil spills are becoming a routine. Sewage excrement spills are now routine at the Providence pump station, this is after nine years of Michel.

It gets worse. Water is the most basic thing man needs and we have more water shortages today than we did nine years ago under Michel.
Where are the dams Mr Michel? Where are the pumps? How can North Mahe have any water shortage in 2013? Yet, that does not stop Michel from approving more huge scale projects in spite of rates being under 50%, it is a tantamount to giving poison to your investor to die a suicidal death, a little like JIM JONES SENARIO in Guyana, Central America at about the time Michel did the coup in 1977.

Nine years under Michel, if you do not wake up early in the morning drink a double strength expresso have some oatmeal, and prepare yourself for a 15 hour day work out with a smile is living hell and guaranteed failure.
Beer buying is already partially banned, and unconstitutional. Are there any drinkers out there that will like to challenge Michel on this? Or are my the only voice left? The problem is not the buying of beer Michel, the problem is that under you, our people are losing the will to live a good and decent life.
After nine years, Michel has sapped the courage and will to fight, will to live in many Seychellois......even the will to believe in a better tomorrow.
What more can Michel take from us? Our dignity, perhaps, it is the last item left on the menu MAMMOO!
Seychellois put your heart into change, before it is too late for you, Michel's dream is crumbling everyday, change your perspective, his failure will be our success for change!

Wake up!




Wednesday, 1 May 2013


This past week, the President Mr James Michel, and a plethora of staff, cameras, make-up artists, props made their way, nearly to Mauritius, but stopped to Coetivy Island a massive flat coralline outcrop in the Indian Ocean.


Coetivy Island is famous for France Albert Rene Giant King Prawn and Tiger Prawns. The island was dug out with massive bull dozers, earth moving equipment in the 1980's to make way for the largest prawn farm in the Indian Ocean, 500 miles from any port of call. No kidding. The SPPF regime invested hundreds of million of US Dollars in this project. Every year Rene would say that we only need a few more concrete ponds to break the loss barrier and head into profit and make the Seychelles prawn industry situated over 500 miles from Port Louis Mauritius and 500 miles from Port Victoria, the most profitable industry in the Seychelles surpassing the hard investment Fishing Industry and yes, even surpassing the luxury tourist destination industry. France Albert Rene banked his socialist revolution on a project that cost hundreds of millions to build, required foreign workers, and yes, no kidding, it was placed 500 miles from nowhere. Naturally, as the God's wake up before all of us, and before Rene, the project flopped, and remains a blackened cloud, on Rene's intellectual prowess. It was a failure. He is a failure, but he still carries an AK-47 to enforce his will.

                             Lunch at the Coëtivy prawn farm with Mukesh Valabhji, Eshantha
                            Peiris (manager), Hussein Karimji (visiting from London) June 30, 2003.


In 2008, the Nation published a large development project for Coetivy Island to build 5,000 hotel rooms, 10,000 executive home houses, staff houses, towns and interestingly enough, two large runways to take landings by 747's.
At about this time, the Seychelles Government announced that they were leasing for 99 years this island to SIVA, a famous Indian Investor, cum Ambassador at Large, who regularly visited China in his private jet en route from Seychelles.
Soon after the military personel from the PRC paid numerous visits to Coetivy Island, dredgers visited the island and surveyed the area for seep water dredging possibilities.
We did not hear anything from PL about Coetivy for a long time.


Only last year, we heard that IDC under the tutelage of Glenny Savy, would be taking over the "management" of Coetivy Island. IDC mandate is to run and maintain the islands belonging to Seychelles, it does not have the corporate authority to run islands belonging to other entities. Did SIVA relinquish Coetivy Island to the Government of Seychelles? Or is IDC offering a cover up operation while the PRC allow the dust to settle over the Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) expansionist ambitions?


In the time IDC took over the islands, a penal colony was set up with some army personel in place on the island. from time to time, IDC has transferred prisoners to Coetivy and they have been planting coconut husk circles, salting fish, farming, collecting coconuts, wearing firemen uniforms as the props set out on SBC.

In the prop session, the President said he was proud of the work IDC done and the work of the prisoners. he did not metion the 400 million Dollars SPPF wasted on Coetivy doing a magnificent remarkable king prawn farm in the middle of nowhere.
To give the people another cloud of smoke to pounder over aside from the little penal colony, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Transportation, Mr Joel Morgan, said to us that they are now planning on making Coetivy a Tourism destination in Seychelles. Additionally, the President reviewed the old prawn hatchery building that Mr Savy said, with a little renovations he can place, 160 penal colony prisoners there.

I have one question for PL if i can ask: "Why would tourist want to travel to a former prawn farm, and existing penal colony, clouded as plans for a military base get drawn up?"
Answer: Tourist from China will travel to Coetivy Island for holiday and installation of the PRC military base. They will use Air Seychelles flight from Hong Kong and Shanghai to be set up later, which was cancelled earlier, at the request of Etihad. Naturally, Mr President had to please Shiekh Kalifa for the moment.
Our men who have been imprisoned, will need to learn more than husk coconuts and salt fish to survive in the Seychelles of today when they are released PL.
If Seychelles uses Coetivy as a military base for PRC, the Indian Ocean Rim will be in a real mess. What does PL think India will do to us? What does PL think the USA, the largest power in the region will do to us?