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A New Year On The Horizon But Same Old Crap From James Michel.

Over 60% of  the financial help to Seychelles as seen on this chart goes to repay old debt. Only 5% spent on education, 2% on economic infrastructure and services and  4% on health.

Official development assistance has been criticised by several economists for being an inappropriate way of helping poor countries.

Aid leads to a chronic dependency on donors. Because poor countries are dependent on donor handouts they fail to prioritise the generation of domestic resources. This creates a chronic dependency on aid, stifles creativity and undermines the dignity of a country.

A country, used to receiving official development assistance, may be perpetually bound to depend on handouts.

Let's also ask ourselves another question. Just how did Seychelles become so seriously dependent on handouts?

Yes, of course poor governance, poor leadership and corruption contributed to this.

An entire nation and system that is focused on solutions to their problems that rely on external monetary assistance is a mindset that stifles ingenuity.

People cannot achieve self-determination, if their most basic human right is controlled and determined by others.

A New Year on the horizon but same old crap from James Michel.

"Cable and Wireless Seychelles Sale Goes Flop!"

LONDON (Alliance News) - Communications business Cable & Wireless Communications PLC Monday said that it has agreed with Bahrain-based telecommunications company Batelco, to unwind its shareholding in Compagnie Monegasque de Communication SAM.
Earlier this month, C&W Communications said that it was considering options for its Seychelles business after the sale to Batelco Group fell through because it did not receive the necessary approvals.
It had completed a deal to sell the majority of its operations within its Monaco & Islands division, including in the Maldives, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, South Atlantic, Diego Garcia and the Seychelles, for USD580 million on a cash and debt free basis earlier in the year. It had delayed the sale of the Seychelles in August, setting a new December deadline, because it had not received regulatory approval.
Cable & Wireless Communications said that it now has re-paid Batelco the USD100 million it paid for the Islands division disposal, and Batelco has re-transferred the 25% shareholding in Compagnie Monegasque de Communication SAM to Cable & Wireless.
The group said that all options arrangements between the two parties in relation to Compagnie Monegasque de Communication SAM have been terminated.
Shares in the company were up 2.1% Monday afternoon at 57.45 pence per share.

By Rowena Harris-Doughty; rowenaharrisdoughty@alliancenews.com; @rharrisdoughty


"St. Ange Shines At WTO But No Luster In Tourism Results In Seychelles"

Dec 08, 2013
The Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism & Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange has beed named by the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) to sit on the World Tourism Leader’s Summit. The subject of the Summit is World Tourism- New Initiatives and this will be taking place during the 2014 ITB Berlin.
Other Invited Speakers will include Taleb Rifai, the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Martin Buck, the Vice President of Messe Berlin GmbH, Martin Craigs, the CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Roger Dow, the President of the US Travel Association, Michael Frenzel, the Chairman of WTTC, and Casimir Platzer, the President of the IH&RA. Tourism Ministers from Kenya, Indonesia, Egypt and Malaysia are also expected to sit on the invited panel of speakers.
PATWA is the leading travel writers organization representing members from all over the world. The aim of PATWA is to promote professional development of Travel Writing and Travel Communication, which will make invaluable contribution in the promotion of tourism. PATWA supports the fundamental objectives and efforts for tourism and at the same time maintains adherence to the fundamental principles of the UNESCO, United Nation and of the World Tourism Organization. PATWA is an affiliate member of UNWTO and is supported by World Travel Forum.
Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles said after hearing of the confirmation that he was on the panel of speakers at this coming World Tourism Leader's Summit that
hie was honoured to have been invited by PATWA to be on the panel of speakers at the World Tourism Leader's Summit to discuss New Initiatives for World Tourism. "This shows that the work and the strategy today in place by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and by its Seychelles Tourism Board is being recognised across the world. Being part of the panel of speakers at this important summit taking place at ITB, the German Tourism Trade Fair will also help keep Seychelles, as a tourism destination visible and it will also ensure that we remain relevant as a destination" Minister St.Ange said.
Germany, the home of ITB, the world biggest Tourism Trade Fair, remains a tourism market showing huge growth. "Visitor arrival numbers from Germany is increasing with double digit figures. Being seen and being heard during ITB in Berlin remains so important for us as a tourism destination" the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said.
Seychelles has been having a successful tourism industry ever since the island's Government initiated a public private partnership that overseas the industry's policy decision process. Only last week Seychelles hosted the TOP TEN South African Tour Operators for the group Beachcomber South Africa and at a dinner at the Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort the winner of the Top Award said in the presence of Minister St.Ange, Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and a representative of Air Seychelles that the Seychelles Offices in South Africa are an example to other destinations. "They are seen, they are active and they have raised the profile of Seychelles as a tourism destination. They are everywhere carrying out workshops and training for Tour Operators and Travel Agents" the 2013 Number 1 Beachcomber Tour Operator said
"Here again it shows that our strategy, as a Tourism Board, is working for Seychelles" Minister Alain St.Ange said


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ethiopian Airlines pulls out of the Seychelles

With Ethiopian Airlines pulling out the Seychelles is no longer served by any Star Alliance Airline.
After starting up with much fanfare last year have news now emerged that Ethiopian Airlines will halt their flights to Mahe from March 2014 onwards after apparently failing to make a significant impact vis a vis traffic carried to the archipelago compared to their own forecasts and expectations.
The airline was flying 4 times a week between Addis Ababa and Mahe’s International Airport and the flights are no longer visible after March 2014 in any of the common reservation systems, a clear indicator that the flights have been ‘offed’.
The Seychelles, one of the world’s most sought after destinations’, literally sells itself according to other airlines and yet has Ethiopian failed to capitalize on the appeal of the destination and its global standing. Inside information from Addis Ababa speaks of internal discussions, some apparently contentious, over the airline’s decision to pull out of the Seychelles, not only on the line of the potential fallout for the airline but also for the political dimension this decision could have. The Seychelles are a member of long and good standing in the African Union, which is headquartered in Addis Ababa and the archipelago’s tourism minister Alain St. Ange is currently one of Africa’s representatives on the UNWTO Executive Committee.
ET departs from the Seychelles amid regrets by the archipelago’s tourism sector, many of whom from a quick survey taken were not yet aware of the decision. Members of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association, the main private sector platform where the main actors of the archipelago’s tourism industry come together, prefer to have a wider range of options to fly to Mahe from around the world, over and above home boys Air Seychelles which flies in partnership with Etihad, global giant Emirates which flies 12 times a week from Dubai to Mahe and Kenya Airways which connects presently 4 times a week out of Nairobi.
ET joins Qatar Airways, which withdrew from the Seychelles route a few months ago, the departure of the latter considered a greater loss for the archipelago’s tourism industry due to the global appeal QR has established as a five star airline. ‘If true, and I have no reason to doubt you after being spot on with past information about airlines coming or going, it will be a bit of a blow for us.
Emirates will for two months in 2014 fly only one flight per day because the Dubai airport runways are being resurfaced and traffic will need to be reduced. They have not yet said if they will bring in a larger aircraft to cater for the 5 flights each week which for those two months will be cancelled. Ethiopian brought in traffic from not just their global network but also from Africa and we now rely on Air Seychelles to bring traffic from South Africa and of course Kenya Airways.
KQ (Kenya Airways) now flies 4 times a week and there is some hope they may eventually add more flights and one day go daily. I think the use of their smaller Embraer jets will be a factor to make this possible.
However, there have been suggestions that Ethiopian did not market the Seychelles as resolutely as they could or should have done. STB [The Seychelles Tourism Board] works with all the airlines coming here and often has intervened on their behalf over the cost of ground handling at our airport.
That was a major factor for the Italian airline Panorama when they pulled out last year. It think there is a need to remove obstacles of any kind so that we can attract more air traffic and the ministries concerned, tourism and transport, should regularly sit and talk with Air Seychelles of how to encourage flights and keep the cost of handling within comparative ranges of other destinations like Mauritius or Reunion.
The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) goes into key markets with airlines to promote the islands and have dedicated significant resources over the years to bring in agents fam trips, media trips and even airline marketing staff to showcase our attractions. If an airline like Ethiopian would have come to us in the private sector we would have helped wherever and however we could but now that the decision seems official, there is perhaps not much left to be done but hope they change their mind in the future and return to Mahe again’ commented one source, however not ready to go on record.
Another regular source from Victoria, when told, lamented the loss of connections from the African mainland, where a significant rise in passenger numbers was recorded since Ethiopian started to fly to Mahe alongside Kenya Airways, saying: ‘Visitors from Africa, though some stay in very posh hotels, often opt for guest houses, self catering and apartments. These visitors support our indigenous Seychellois businesses and when Ethiopian leaves there is less choice for many to come here. I think Ethiopian has the most destinations in Africa but once they leave it will be left to Kenya Airways to cater for that traffic. Maybe they can add more flights to Mahe and provide the seats we now seem to lose from Africa’.
Understandably were no official comments available from any government offices or from STB in view of the extended holiday period and the current weekend.
Only recently did Air Austral announce the resumption of flights between Reunion and the Seychelles, from 23rd of June next year, with initially two frequencies, offering additional connectivity, and Air Seychelles has a few weeks ago also announced a significant increase in flights, including the resumption of direct flights to and from Paris, though via Abu Dhabi.
By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Africa Correspondent | Dec 29, 2013  

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Zuma's builder pleads guilty, proclaims innocence

The word "innocent" never makes an actual appearance, but is strongly implied in Thandeka Nene's version of what happened in the Seychelles in the past month.
Nene is best known for earning nearly R80-million through her company Bonelena from state-funded construction at President Jacob Zuma's homestead at Nkandla.
"We wish to state that there was absolutely no merit to the allegation against Mrs Nene hence she was allowed to return to South Africa," lawyer Phyllis Jailall from Durban firm Jailall, Yusuph & Associates said this week.
Jailall was not available to confirm that she acted on behalf of Nene when the Mail & Guardian first reported that Nene had been arrested and was being held in the Seychelles, accused of trying to perpetrate fraud worth around R7-billion.
But with Nene back in South Africa, her lawyers lashed out against the charges, saying Nene had been wrongfully detained in the first place, and insinuating that racism may have been at the heart of her arrest.
"We have reason to believe that the attempt to besmirch Mrs Nene’s reputation was a political manoeuvre and was spearheaded by the investigating officer in Seychelles who is a former white South African citizen now living in the Seychelles," Jailall said.
'Connected purely by association'
South African Frank Dutton, who helped form the Scorpions, was appointed to head an elite crime-fighting unit in the Seychelles in 2011 and is said to have been at least peripherally involved in the case.
He received one of South Africa's highest honours, the Order of the Baobab, in 2012 partly for exposing apartheid third force activities.
A former member of the Special Investigating Unit, which operates by Presidential decree, was also involved in Nene's prosecution.
Neither of the officers have been willing to discuss events, citing confidentiality agreements in their contracts of employment.
Nene's lawyers said she had been "connected purely by association only" with the transaction that saw her arrested.
Guilty plea
But records of court proceedings against her show that Nene was allowed to return to South Africa only after pleading guilty on two charges of fraud, and was then "promptly removed from the jurisdiction of Seychelles" by court order.
The supreme court of the Seychelles found as mitigating factors that Nene had pleaded guilty, was a first-time offender and had not benefited from the attempted fraud; the attempt to pass a €500-million fake bank draft had been detected before any transactions could be lodged against the funds.
Nene was given the choice between eight months in prison and a fine just shy of R50 000.
The state was given 30 days in which to appeal the verdict.
Contrary to Nene's statement, the court found that a third accused, Sierra Leone national Chernor Musa Kabia, had been minimally involved in what the judgment terms "the scheme", but makes no such finding on Nene, who was the first defendant.
Jailall asked "that the media respect Mrs Nene and her family's privacy during this time as she would like to put this ordeal behind her".


Nkandla builder pays fine In Seychelles For Fraud

Durban - President Jacob Zuma’s controversial Nkandla homestead builder, Thandeka Nene - who was bust on allegations of fraud in the Seychelles just before Christmas - is back in South Africa, a free woman.
Her Durban-based lawyer, Phyllis Jailall, confirmed on Friday that the glamorous Nene paid a fine of 50 000 rupees (about R43 464) after her last court appearance in the Seychelles last Friday. She arrived back in South Africa on Monday in time to spend the festive season with her family.
Nene’s company Bonelena Construction obtained contracts valued at up to R78.2m for government-funded upgrades to the Zuma’s Nkandla complex. However, the company faced liquidation for owing R175 000 for vehicle rentals.
A month later, her company was bailed out by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) with a R30m loan.
'False' document
Jailall, of Jailall, Yusuph and Associates, said the Seychelles fine was not an admission of guilt, but was paid for being in possession of a “false” document - a bank draft cheque. The lawyer said so far the document had not been proven to be false.
Jailall said her client was not directly linked to the case, but her potential business associates were.
The Mail & Guardian had reported earlier this month that the wealthy Nene, who built her empire on government construction tenders, was arrested with two others - one said to be a South African and the other from Sierra Leone.
They were charged with bank fraud. According to the Mail & Guardian, the trio allegedly approached a Seychelles bank to open a new account.
The account was to be funded by millions held in an offshore account in HSBC Bank. The scam was apparently revealed when HSBC informed the Seychelles bank.
Jailall told Weekend Witness that Nene’s co-accused had paid the same fines. She refused to divulge their names as they were not her clients.
However, she did add that Nene was happy to be home and that she was not ready to speak to the media.
Nene’s family and church have also gone to ground. Nene’s sister, Cindy Ngubane, who lives in Pietermaritzburg, cut the call when told it was a reporter on the line.
Key members of her church, Power of God Assemblies, of which she is the senior pastor, were also not prepared to talk to the media.
Nene, who is often seen draped in designer wear and has a penchant for mansions and flashy cars, started her life as a pastor’s daughter.
Her father founded the Power of God Assemblies, which boasts more than a 100 branches today. After he died in 1998, her mother took over as leader and today Nene continues the work.
Born and matriculated in Durban, Nene obtained a teaching diploma and taught for 10 years at the Edendale Technical High School in Pietermaritzburg. While teaching, she studied electrical engineering, did her Bachelor of Education Honours and studied project management.
She resigned from teaching in 2005 to open her own company - Bonelena.
Nene told The Witness in an earlier interview that she started by building toilets and classrooms in rural areas, and moved on to build schools, hospitals, a railway station, courts and prisons.
The well-connected entrepreneur was soon getting contracts from a host of government departments. She moved in the social circles of the political and economic elite, and is said to be friends with the Zuma family.
Nene lives in Umhlanga with her husband, Skumbuzo, and her three children. He is also involved in business and is also a senior pastor in the Power of God Assemblies

Monday, 23 December 2013

Will Air Austral Come Back To Seychelles?

Dec 23, 2013
The CEO of the airline of La Reunion, Mr Marie-Joseph Male last Sunday morning met with Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture in the presence of President Didier Robert, the President of the Regional Council of La Reunion, Mr Pascal Viroleau, the CEO of IRT (Ile Reunion Tourisme) and other Senior Management of Air Austral.
The meeting that took place at the Head Quarters of Air Austral at St.Denis Roland Garros Airport was for Air Austral to continue on discussions to restart their twice weekly service between La Reunion and the Seychelles.
"The number of tourists coming from La Reunion has dropped since the decision by Air Austral to discontinue its service to Seychelles. The connection via Mauritius is not working and the cost is exorbitant" said Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles.
The economic situation to restart the air service it today seen as being more favourable with the number of passengers expected to grow because of the efforts made on the ground in La Reunion by the Seychelles Tourism Board and also because of the recent approach by President Didier Robert of La Reunion to instigate export of commodities from La Reunion to Seychelles. "Mr Didier Robert accompanied an important group of business men from La Reunion during the 2013 Festival Kreol in Seychelles. Contacts have now been made between them and the Seychellois Business Community and trade between the two sister islands can start as soon as a direct flight is back in service" said Alain St.Ange.
The discussions between Air Austral and the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism also centred on the pushing twin centre holidays from Europe that would see Seychelles and La Reunion featured together in packages. 


Sunday, 22 December 2013

"Five More Years With IMF in Seychelles"

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has  completed the eighth and final review under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Seychelles.  

The completion of the review will  enable a disbursement of SDR 3.3 million (about US$5.1 million), which will bring total disbursements under the arrangement to SDR 26.4 million (about US$ 40.7 million).
The EFF was approved in December 2009 for an amount of SDR 19.8 million (see Press Release No. 09/472) and was extended by one year in 2012, with an augmentation of access of SDR 6.6 million (about US$10.0 million).

Strong policies have fostered economic growth, brightening Seychelles’ near-term outlook. A robust rise in tourism earnings in 2013 supported growth, as well as a reduction in the current account deficit as a share of GDP.

The exchange rate strengthened slightly, at the same time as the central bank accumulated more international reserves than expected. Inflation decelerated below 5 percent, and the government is on track to achieve its 5 percent of GDP primary surplus target, as a shortfall in tax revenue and grants has been offset by lower-than-anticipated capital expenditure.

All performance criteria under the EFF for end-June 2013 were met, as were the third quarter indicative targets. The measures in the structural benchmarks were also all completed, although there were short delays compared to initial plans for technical reasons.

The authorities’ macroeconomic policy framework for 2014 provides a solid basis to continue to reinforce external and fiscal sustainability. The authorities remain on track with their objective to reduce public debt below 50 percent of GDP by 2018, while increasing allocations to address social needs.
Monetary policy will continue to aim to stabilize inflation at low levels and to accumulate international reserves, and the authorities and staff agreed on the need to strengthen the monetary policy framework to improve the transmission mechanism.

Structural reforms aim to extend improvements in financial discipline to the broader public sector, including through rebalancing utility prices to reduce implicit subsidies and through better oversight of parastatals, which staff stressed was key to avoiding potential future losses and ensuring better focus on their core mandates. Financial sector reforms seek to increase access to credit.

With the completion of this review, the EFF arrangement comes to an end. The program’s key objective of placing the economy firmly on the path to external and fiscal sustainability has been achieved, based on the successful implementation of the debt restructuring, robust fiscal consolidation, and the resumption of growth.
Public debt has been brought down from 124 percent of GDP at end-2009 to an estimated 71 percent at the end of 2013, reflecting an average primary surplus of over 6 percent of GDP and growth of 3½ percent.
Inflation has fallen below 5 percent. External reserves, a vital buffer for such an open economy, have improved from just over 2 months of imports at the start of the program to over 3½ months at the end of 2013.

While substantial progress has been achieved under the current Extended Fund Facility (EFF), the economy faces continuing vulnerabilities from still high debt levels, low reserve coverage, and an unfinished reform process. The authorities indicated their intention to request a successor arrangement with the IMF to consolidate and extend the progress made during this EFF. Discussions on a possible successor arrangement will continue early next year.
Source  IMF

Friday, 20 December 2013

President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla homestead builder Thandeka Nene is being held in the Seychelles for attempted fraud.

She had negotiated her way out of tight situations before. But on a hot and cloudy afternoon in late November, the Seychelles police pounced. By that night Thandeka Nene – President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla homestead builder, mansion owner, lover of expensive cars and the finer things in life generally – was behind bars and seemingly out of options, accused of being a member "of an international fraud syndicate".
Nene and two others (one thought to be South African and the other from Sierra Leone) now face charges of attempting an enormous, barefaced and surprisingly unsophisticated bank fraud that could, if they are convicted on charges that include forgery, earn them long jail terms.
Police in the Seychelles say the syndicate approached BMI Bank on the islands to open new bank accounts that would be funded by what they said was €500-million in available funds held by HSBC Bank.
This, apparently, came as a surprise to HSBC, which informed its Seychelles counterpart that "the documents were false".
Arrests followed soon after, with a specialised fraud unit of the islands' police force also seizing "a variety of documents as well as laptops and other IT equipment" for forensic investigation.
According to a source with knowledge of the attempted transaction, it was a "reasonably crude attempt" at a common type of fraud, relying on a forged banker's draft. These drafts are routinely sent to the issuing bank for certification and, at an institution such as HSBC, the verification is fast.
What the seized documents revealed and what Nene and her co-accused were intending are not clear. Government authorities in the Seychelles would not comment on the matter and the country's police force said it would not disclose anything but the arrest report, which has few details. They would not even confirm the identities of those arrested.
Appeared in court
"Our policy is that we do not release any identity of any suspects who are being tried unless they are convicted," the police spokesperson, Jean Toussaint, told the Mail & Guardian.
However, sources on the island confirm that Nene was one of those who appeared in court on the charges and that proceedings are still under way.
"Thandeka Nene will appear before a judge tomorrow, Friday December 20, along with two other persons," a judicial source told an AFP reporter in the Seychelles who was following up on information provided by the M&G on Thursday.
The South African high commission responsible for the Seychelles but based in Mauritius referred all questions to the department of international relations and co-operation in Pretoria. The department would only say it had provided standard consular services to South African nationals charged in the Seychelles.
Lawyers who have previously represented Nene in South Africa said they no longer have dealings with her, and the firm believed to be representing her currently would not confirm or deny that it was acting for her or speak to the M&G.
Lawyers acting for the defence in hearings in the Seychelles could not be reached.
Neither the chief public prosecutor of the Seychelles nor its attorney general, who is responsible for criminal prosecutions, responded to requests for comment on the matter.

Fraud attempt
The Seychelles mission to South Africa referred questions to the country's foreign affairs ministry, which also did not respond.
BMI Bank, which was targeted in the alleged fraud attempt, said it could not speak about the matter without clearance from its managing director, who was not available.
HSBC in London did not respond to questions.
This is not the first time that Nene's conduct has been questioned, documents relating to the upgrading of Zuma's homestead reveal.
Nene's company, Bonelena Construction, of which she is the sole listed shareholder, held contracts valued up to R78.2-million for government-funded upgrades to the Nkandla complex in recent years. But her relationship with the department of public works, which was responsible for the project, has not always been easy.
Referring to Nene's conduct regarding Nkandla during tense negotiations, a senior department official, Gerard Damsta, asked: "Can it be labelled as fraudulent?" in an internal email seeking legal advice in September 2012.
"What recourse does it [the department] have under these circumstances?"
Damsta's concern was that the department had, after cancelling Bonelena’s contract due to missed deadlines, agreed to pay the company about R7-million.

Final liquidation
At the time, the company had been placed in final liquidation, something Nene did not disclose. In effect, Nene may have had neither the authority to demand the money nor to negotiate with a debtor, but she appears to have done so.
At the time, the department did not press charges; it had already backed down on the ultimately failed attempt to cancel the large contracts after being pointedly warned that legal action could expose the entire project to public scrutiny.
After the supposed cancellation, which Nene refused to accept, she wrote to Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi. At the time Bonelena had not paid its own suppliers, and they, Nene told the minister, had threatened "to approach the media".
The company, Nene said, would "not be held liable for any resultant reports that may surface as a result".
A little over a month later, Bone­lena and the department reached an agreement.
The company was further helped out by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), which came to its rescue with a R10-million loan – on top of the R20-million it had already granted the company.
Despite the unusual circumstances, the IDC has said its decision to grant it the bailout was in no way influenced by politics.

It's not the Eighties, when a get-out-of-jail card cost millions
Today, a diplomatic deal could be struck and South Africans convicted of crimes in the Seychelles could serve prison sentences closer to home, say those familiar with the handling of South Africans convicted of crimes in Africa.
But in the 1980s, the same could only be achieved with cold hard cash; specifically, about R3-million a person.
On November 25 1981, a gun battle broke out in the arrivals hall of Mahé airport, which is still the main entry point into the Seychelles. By the time details started to emerge, such as that one of the two dead was a South African soldier from an elite unit, and that a group of “mercenaries” had tried to overthrow the government, group leader "Mad" Mike Hoare and 42 others had already landed in Durban on a hijacked plane.
Hoare had been resident in South Africa for some time before the attempted coup.
Twenty-five of the "mercenaries" were active or reserve members of the South African Defence Force (SADF). A United Nations inquiry found that the SADF had supplied the group with weapons.
South Africa had been openly opposed to the socialist government in the Seychelles. During the group's trial, the government invoked security legislation to prevent some testimony from being given. Hoare openly and consistently said the operation had had the blessing of the South African government.
Yet it took another 16 years before something closer to the truth emerged.
In its final report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) said it could not conclusively find that the government had planned or ordered the coup attempt, but found that South African involvement was sufficient to hold the likes of the then prime minister, PW Botha, accountable.
During TRC proceedings, retired foreign affairs minister Pik Botha confirmed what had long been suspected: the South African government had paid the Seychelles about R20-million for the return of six coup plotters who had been captured.

Former SA cops work in Seychelles
The police force that arrested Thandeka Nene and two others on charges of fraud has for several years employed one of South Africa’s most storied investigators.
In October 2011, the police in the Seychelles announced it had appointed South African Frank Dutton to create and head up a division tasked with serious crime, which it described as an “elite crime fighting unit”.
Dutton remains in senior management in the force, and is believed to have been involved at least peripherally in the arrest of Nene and her co-accused. However, contacted this week he would not speak to the Mail & Guardian and referred all questions to official channels, citing the confidentiality requirements of his job.
At least one other former South African is also employed to police the Seychelles.
Dutton was partially responsible for the establishment of the now-defunct Scorpions. Over the years he has investigated former defence minister Magnus Malan and exposed third-force involvement in instances such as the Trust Feed massacre. He was a key investigator for the Goldstone Commission, where he was credited for the prosecution of Eugene de Kock, and was also part of the panel that reviewed the case against Jackie Selebi.
Dutton also worked on high-profile investigations for the United Nations.
In 2012, President Jacob Zuma named him a Supreme Counsellor of the Order of the Baobab during the presentation of national orders, "for his exceptional contribution to and achievement in his investigative work as a dedicated and loyal policeman, for exposing the apartheid government's 'third force', for his role in working for peace in KwaZulu-Natal, his international work in investigating and exposing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Bosnia‚ Kosovo and Darfur and assisting in establishing the causes of violence in East Timor and Sudan".


Seychelles Communist Salary Explosion-BOOM! BOOM!

Vice President Danny Faure, took to the front lines before a teeth less gutless, National Assembly, to present a new pay scale ladder for the Public Sector and all government employees, civil servants and politicians alike on the heels of Christmas.

Ladders and Scales
 Mr. Faure announced a new system of ladders and scales to raise salaries. He defended the inclusion of political appointments posts, and elected posts to the civil service scale on the grounds that they too deal with high profile issues, pressures, physical and mental. He said that politicians too, need a certain level of caliber and qualification to do the job at hand and that should be reflected in the salary pay scales. To add insult to injury, to depoliticize the raising of political salaries once and for all, he said now that this is a law, the law changes in pay scales will be done by regulations in the future, so PL can avoid the SBC camera’s on the issue and the Public will likely not have a idea, what is happening to our super politicians.

New Salaries Proposed
From what Mr. proposed, this is what it appears we are now looking at subject to final details being announced:
1.     MNA will go from Scr. 14,000.00 per month to SCR 30,000.00 per month;
2.     Deputy Speaker from 18,000.00 per month to Scr. 53,000.00 per month;
3.     Speaker, Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business will go from Scr. 40,000.00 to 63,000.00 per month;
4.     Ministers will go from 40,000.00 per month to Scr. 63,000.00 per month per ministry;
5.     Vice President will just go to Scr. 83,000.00 per month;
6.     President will go to Scr. 93,000.00 per month .

New Public Orders Act Worse than The Old One
In the same sitting, the Public Orders Act was debated and approved to prevent the Public from protesting this outrageous salary increase.
People of Seychelles, open your eyes, we have not started to pay a cent of SPPF PL debt and they have raised salaries twice for themselves. The people get the crumbs.
Political service to a country, should not be treated as civil service.
Unite to break the scourge of Communism upon Seychelles for your children, to have a future.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Christmas Message To All Freedom Loving Seychellois 2013

As Christmas draws near, we should all be in a festive mood. But many Seychellois are facing the struggles and pains of Five (5) years of IMF economic management of the SPPF PL economy. It is their economy, they bankrupted Seychelles, they ushered in the era of Black Market, they called IMF, and they raise their salaries 38% in 2008 and added a pension for life for Ministers and MNA’s alike, the People did not do all that.
When the People of Seychelles suffered to the bone core between 2008-2013, in economic reform, the politicians had the easiest life doing little, but earning a lot. The people were called by Michel to over work and get under paid. He even ran adverts calling on us all to “Leve Debourye” . What makes PL think we have not been working under their failure all these years?
The People of Seychelles must open their eyes to this great betrayal of raises and blame game. Why? Because they will do it again.

Majority Suffers For Christmas Small Minority Enjoys It!
As suffering looms on the horizon, politicians will raise their salaries to make the difficult road easier to navigate for themselves.
Because I have been at the forefront of exposing politician largess and abuse of public funds through their legislative prerogative, and power to enact laws, this year, I have been informed by Le Seychellois, that Father Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan has sued me for calling him a “Priest Millionaire”. Of course, he is a millionaire just on pensions he voted himself along with SPPF. When you add the pensions he managed with SPPF just for himself, he is a millionaire. Because Truth is an absolute defense to any Libel claim, I do not see what his point. Worse then that, he is a Public Figure, availing himself of Public scrutiny. His only option is to rebuttal an allegation, not sue because of it. But I can counter sue for the same of course, given that the action is frivolous and vexatious.  

SCR.1  Million Gift This Christmas?
But the People of Seychelles must know, that I face this SCR. 1 Million claim because I raised this sensitive issue of salaries and pensions. Why would a Priest sue me for SCR. 1 Million when he could just explain that he is not a millionaire in rebuttal?
Can you see Nelson Mandela suing Botha because he raised a pension issue? Silly is it not? It shows you how far we will have to walk for Freedom in Seychelles with opposition people acting so childish and utterly immature.
Though Le Seychellois paper defamed me heavily last two weeks, I have not bothered to file a suit, Seychelles has more serious problems that must be addressed daily.
I ask Mr. Ramkalawan to do the right thing, and withdraw this plaint, before he makes a ass out of himself, which I can already see happening and more wood is added to his fire of division created all by himself. Shameful indeed, when one thinks this is a priest.

Don’t Forget The Children This Christmas!
This Christmas the children of Seychelles, will not have a First Lady to attend to them. She is gone. She has collected her exit ticket and has had enough of the state responsibilities. What will happen to Jojo, the cartoon character created to amuse children? As the structures of state crumble, the private sector will have to step up to assist the children.
In Seychelles, we do not have the best Fathers and Mothers always. There is a culture of pushing our children to the sidelines. Drugs, heroin, cocaine is ripping the social fabric of the Seychelles, because government intervened too late to face the reality of drugs in Seychelles.
Our children are our success. We cannot succeed as a society unless we put energy and effort endlessly into our children. They are the measure of our success. Invest in them, give them your time, your love, affection, and make Christmas special for them. Cut a tree, make decorations, find some lights if you can, cook together, talk together, spend time with your children, hold their hands, hug them, kiss them, give them the love children deserve.
People of Seychelles, stop treating our children as something a little higher than a dog.
Men take your responsibility and care for your children, stop walking away from them.
Ladies, when the load is heavy, don’t trade in your kids for a little money, they are not things, they are very special people and above all, they are a gift from God. Treat them that way this Christmas!

Salary Increases and Devaluation of Seychelles Rupee
This budget speech, we heard the Minister of finance tell us about a salary increase within 7.6 % of the national budget. Be weary when salaries are increases in an underperforming economy. It leads to devaluation of the national currency and more suffering.
Seychelles economy is puttering at a meager 2%. GOP costs the country SCR. 1 .2 Billion. This means SCR 1.2 Billion is lost in the economy every year because we do not have qualified and available workers. It becomes capital flight. The economy needs to be doing 6-8% to re pay debts .
Higher salaries will increase revenue in pocket, but it may decrease economic activity further and take us back to -5%. PL is playing with fire because it has failed to address economic performance before knocking up salaries.
The effect in 2014 will be further devaluation of the Seychelles Rupee.

Pay Raises Tied To Devaluation
Every time politicians raise salaries like the MNA’s proposed to go from 14,000.00 per month to 30,000.00 per month, devaluation was around the corner. They are also financing a early campaign by putting 15,000.00 in each MNA pocket extra. Take their money, but send them packing, they are fakes.
Save yourselves People of Seychelles, save your patrimony. Take your money out of the bank and invest in land while you can. You will safeguard your wealth, safe guard your patrimony for your children in 2014.

Merry Christmas All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Sesel Pou Seselwa !

Breaking News

It is believed that a new fake profile named John Pool is Wavel Ramkalawan.
We ask that Mr. Ramkalawan clear this matter up and cease the use of fake profiles on facebook and cease the practice in his party the SNP.
Most recently, this fake profile used a picture of Mr. Ramkalawan as he rest on a hospital bed October 4th, 2006.
The picture it is believed, is intended to solicit sympathies in favor of Mr. Ramkalawan, to fool people into forgetting about the 38% salary increase he voted for in 2007 and the pension for life he and SNP voted for along in legislative conspiracy with the SPPF.
Mr. Ramkalawan touches near Scr. 40,000.00 per month for the rest of his life.
The October 4th incident, was settled and he received about 173,000.00 rupees as settlement according to press releases at the time.
If this settlement was so cheap for October 4th, why use the photos today in 2013 after Ramkalawan and company have walked away with millions of rupees in Pension?