Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers, Pretty K had become a prey because of her beauty just like my other  sister Cato Ver who finally disappeared because many saw her as a threat to their person. The message is when you live in a glass house never throw stones’, and more importantly never STAND with someone who only knows how to throw stones and to belittle everyone when he wants. Pretty K can move on as did Cato Ver and leave her place to others who are also human rights activists, but you, and all those who are so associated will always now be under the microscope because you must receive what you dish out ‘par action, par association ou par omission’. I am just the Ugly B and have nothing to lose, so I speak my mind freely. My Lady, Members of the Jury, I rest my case.

Recently a young Seychellois girl of only 13 years old showed National Assembly Members how to speak and what it is to be a responsible MNA. That was the lesson given to highly paid individuals by 13 year old Shayanne Hoareau. Today many i…

Money talks, bullshit walks

The millionaire priest of the Anglican Church in Seychelles has shown everybody that money is far more important to him than cheap talk; the kind of talk they do in the National Assembly regularly. Last week, Wavel himself said in the National Assembly that the national carrier of the U.A.E (Etihad) should go and leave Air Seychelles for us to manage. This was cheap talk coming from a man who is aspiring to be president one day. Wavel knows full well that it was the Arabs’ money from the U.A.E that has kept Air Seychelles in the air since 2012 until today. The fact re
Money talks, bullshit walks mains that when business needs to get done, talk all you want, but  liquid cash is what makes things happen, hence the saying “money talks, bullshit walks”.

The Leader of Opposition is an old campaigner and he has bagged in many millions over the years. However, he is prepared to play politics with the jobs of many people  employed by Air Seychelles and with the future of our country. We all k…

Jean Francois Ferrari has dropped the challenge

Many people expected JFF to take up the challenge of James Michel to repeat his attacks outside the National Assembly. It is now three weeks since the incident but Ferrari has not followed through with his allegations in a public place, outside the National Assembly where he is not protected by parliamentary immunity. The former President had said that he would sue the National Assembly Member for Mont Fleuri to prove his allegations against his character. Several people had hoped that Ferrari had proof of what he had said against the former President in the National Assembly.

This incident has exposed to which extent some people in the National Assembly are abusing their legislative privileges. Over the last year many people have suffered abuse and insults coming from members of the National Assembly, several had sent letter to the Speaker, but he discarded most and refused to act to protect the people who came under attack. This situation has greatly affected the credibility of this…

The End of Ramka

Seychelles is hearing much news or fracas coming from the corridors in the House from China. Bye-bye Ramka is being echoed loud and clear. It is being said that this is finally the endgame for the man who has led the Seychelles Opposition in one way or another ever since the return of democracy (1991 - 2017). Too long some are saying, he is being referred to as the Mugabe of Seychelles.

The Seychelles Opposition has some certainty in what to expect we are being told. Patrick
Pillay, the current Speaker of the National Assembly, MNA Ferrari, and the likes are able and waiting. The end of Ramka is an event as momentous, in its own way as the opposition looks to a better chance in the coming elections. Ramka’s long tenure as Leader of the Opposition shaped every facet of the Seychelles Opposition. He created an entire approach in his own dysfunctional image. Just as we now divide Seychelles into pre and post independence, we will also speak of before and after the fall of Ramka as distin…

Joanna Nicette is a highly frustrated woman

The lady editor of Lavwa Lalyans is frustrated to the point of insanity. During the live press interview at State House last week the lady made an attack on President Faure that was totally uncalled for, considering that she is the editor of a newspaper that is the mouthpiece of Patrick Pillay of Lalyans Seselwa.

The lady editor told President Faure that he speaks as if he has just joined the government, when in actual fact he had been minister, vice-president and now president – insinuating that Faure should get the hell out of State House.

We are not in the business of defending Danny Faure, however, if Aunty Joanna would want to apply this formulae to the President, she must be mindful of the fact that she represent a political party and she is a former editor of ‘The People’ newspaper that have contributed to our present circumstances. In that case whatever rule she wants to apply on Danny Faure now must also be applied to her, Patrick Pillay, Simone De Comarmond, Noellie Alexan…


This week we saw the Opposition leader the honorable Wavel Ramkalawan established a “Double Standard” when it comes to the way certain workers are treated in Seychelles.

Firstly, he bombarded Ambassador Claude Morel on how his office treats the present Ambassadors of Seychelles and even went as far as agreeing that “despite Seychelles being in the 40% poverty rate… Seychelles has indeed upgraded its standard of living. Thus we need to make sure how we treat our public officials with prestigious positions”.

Yet, when it was time for the Secretary of State Dr. Patrick Herminie to present his budget in which he showed the exact tolerance for his staff, especially the CEO’s our honorable LOTO asked Dr. Herminie if he would consider cutting the salary of the CEO’s in order to inject more money into the programs of the Agency.

Honorable LOTO even went as far as trying to ridicule the intelligent doctor, by stating, “We know that the beautiful answers you are giving is because you are try…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers,

How our country can pay lip service to those who sweat to make ends meet is rather amazing. Opposition MNAs walked with the Nurses in their Victoria Protest March when they were asking for a raise of 60% in their salary. This demand was then not repeated by the same MNAs in the National Assembly when they delivered their long speeches in reply to the proposed budget. National Assembly Members spoke about Nurses and other Hospital workers but they seemed unable or were unwilling to say that the Nurses are asking for a 60% increase. This lack or real interest for Nurses is part of the healing process we understand. Back door arrangements and concessions at the detriment of working Health professionals. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

MNA Jean Francois Ferrari is prepared to forgo his National Assembly immunity to show former President James Michel he meant every word he said. This is the most welcomed statement made this year by any MNA. But this st…