The Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly has finally revealed his dirty hands.  In a remark he states that the 2018 budget needs to be analyzed for its effects upon the cost of living!

Nothing could be further from the truth and coming from the Leader of the Opposition shows it to be a two-faced lie.  As Leader of the Opposition, Wavel Ramkalawan has decided on co-habitation which is an illegal union for power in Seychelles.  This has meant that his role of holding the Executive under President Danny Faure accountable has been set aside. This letting down Seychellois attitude has been on display numerous times by Wavel Ramkalawan.

Recently he publicly stated in a local newspaper that he is not in a power-sharing arrangement with President Faure.  What does co-habitation mean in the mind of Wavel Ramkalawan?  It is akin to saying I am not gay, my boyfriend is!

Another blow to democracy was delivered when the District Council officials are to be nominated. The nomination …

James Michel tussles with Jean Francois Ferrari

The former President of Seychelles has now decided that “enough is enough” he said; for one whole year he has endured insults and accusations from the LDS majority in the National Assembly. “Designed to smear my character and destroy my image”, Michel added. It is obvious that both Ramkalawan and Ferrari have it in for the former president; their grudges and venomous attitude stems from the fact that Michel amended the law after the 2012 National Assembly Elections that provided both Wavel and Ferrari with early retirement pension. The changes in the law meant that they could no longer access the early pension; Wavel was getting SR45, 000 and JFF SR20, 000. Jean Francois had to go work in a shop at Premier Building as a sales assistant and Wavel intensified his activities in the construction industry, with much help coming from his friend at IDC. They have never forgotten or forgiven Michel. They are now out to get him ‘by hook or by crook’ (by any means whatsoever).

Jean-Francois k…

Wavel surrounded only by suspicion

Anyone who has read the lengthy interview with Wavel Ramkalawan in “Today in Seychelles” dated 30th October, 2017, must surely have understood one thing. There is presently a wave of suspicion surrounding the political activities of Wavel Ramkalawan. He is the man who in the past championed the cause of the opposition through his own party (SNP), and is now a leading figure in the (LDS) coalition.

Criticisms are today not coming from his political rivals or opponents, but from his own supporters.  Hardcore sympathizers simply no longer trust him and are wondering where exactly he is taking them and kind of game he is up to. Such expressions of mistrust have appeared even on “Facebook”, where angry supporters have lashed out at him and some of his MNAs over the present political status quo which they consider to be very different to what they were promised during the campaign for the National Assembly Elections in 2016.

In the big interview last week with Wavel Ramkalawan, the journal…

Patrick Pillay and Clifford Andre are liars

The two liars came on SBC television this week and they appeared in newspapers to propagate their lies about the Anti-Victimisation Committee’s success. The truth of the matter is that they haven’t even been able to shift through half of the complaints that have been registered with the office of the committee. Many people have contacted this newspaper to say that Patrick Pillay with Clifford Andre and the rest on the committee are watering down and whitewashing their cases. This is so because there are many cases registered against top people in the LDS, to whom they want to provide protection. There are many people who are not satisfied with the way that the Anti-Victimisation Committee has handled their cases.

The real story behind the pretty picture that Patrick Pillay and Clifford Andre are trying to paint is totally different. It is one where people are frustrated, annoyed and are feeling deceived by the two cowboys formerly from the SPPF. The Anti-Victimisation Committee is no…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

As a student of law this week is a very sad week for me and my colleagues in the legal circle because the concept of law and order has not trickled down to those at the bottom of our modern society; I mean the not so educated. We were liberated by Mr. Albert Rene who has made it possible for me and “chou-chou” to be together without raising eyebrows like it was in the sixties. Mr. Rene gave us our identity and he used his big stick well on us.

All the talking for a whole year in the National Assembly has done nothing to bring in more civilization to our people; students are still beating up on teachers and teachers are still beating students. This is what we call taking the law into our hands. This is what some are saying is OK…. but is it really?

No one is listening to anybody anymore. The SBC television aired a whole television programme on Monday night about the importance of the tourism industry to our economy. All the speakers said that we have to look after the goose so that mo…

SEYCHELLES: Judicial Independence and Accountability

The undersigned organisations are gravely concerned about recent reports of events affecting the judiciary in the Seychelles. The developments in Seychelles have the potential to affect the actual and perceived independence of the court.

Multiple international guidelines and best practice standards highlight the crucial importance of the independence of the judiciary. The Latimer House Principles recognised that “an independent, impartial, honest and competent judiciary is integral to upholding the rule of law, engendering public confidence and dispensing justice.”  This principle is reiterated in section 119 (2) of the Constitution of Seychelles which guarantees the independence of the judiciary and makes it subject only to the Constitution and laws of the country. In addition article 1 of the Seychelles Code of Judicial Conduct, states that an independent judiciary is indispensable to the proper administration of justice. An important prerequisite to ensuring independence is a cred…

Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Today I start with the Big Interview by Wavel Ramkalawan where he states and I quote “support the current power sharing system because it is part of a healing process”. What is healing many are asking and insinuating that it could be his personal ego? Because he is now too far from reality. People are suffering more than ever before. The country has come to a sudden hazy stop and Ramkalawan call this a healing process. The Stevedore Workers stopped work and Ferrari left them to the Workers UNION. Nurses came on to the road to seek better conditions, Fishing boat owners came out too and this is healing for Ramkalawan; just because he is doing ok for himself. People are suffering and nothing has changed for the working men and women since the last elections. Life is harder than before and this is healing for Ramkalawan. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Many at the Simon Esparon funeral were angry when they saw CAA Members arrive. They are being blamed for the stat…